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Saturday, December 10, 2022

GLOBALISM’S GOD COMPLEX: Fake News on Steroids

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GLOBALISM’S GOD COMPLEX: Fake News on Steroids

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After months of fake news about how Volodymyr Zelenskyy is giving the Russians a sound thumping in Ukraine, it turns out that Vladimir Putin didn't get the memo.

Putin may be a dictator, but he is not a fool, and he just tripled down. Suddenly the purveyors of fake news have changed their tune, and they are calling for negotiations for peace in Ukraine.


So this latest current thing is being exposed, but that does not mean there won’t be another. The lunatics in Davos are meeting in January 2023 to once again to plot the next crisis.

In this episode of the Remnant Underground, Michael Matt discusses a  strategy that, if it were to gain momentum, could cripple the globalists’ ability to lock us down over again.

Plus, in England, they have already initiated pilot programs whereby residents will not be allowed to move about freely in their own city, apart from by bicycle and on foot. Looks like the electronic vehicle campaign is also fake news, designed to coax us into turning our automobiles over to Big Brother in exchange for a mythical Greener planet.

As Michael points out, they don’t actually believe that EV’s will do much of anything to save the planet. So, what's really going on here?

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Last modified on Monday, December 12, 2022
Michael J. Matt | Editor

Michael J. Matt has been an editor of The Remnant since 1990. Since 1994, he has been the newspaper's editor. A graduate of Christendom College, Michael Matt has written hundreds of articles on the state of the Church and the modern world. He is the host of The Remnant Underground and Remnant TV's The Remnant Forum. He's been U.S. Coordinator for Notre Dame de Chrétienté in Paris--the organization responsible for the Pentecost Pilgrimage to Chartres, France--since 2000.  Mr. Matt has led the U.S. contingent on the Pilgrimage to Chartres for the last 24 years. He is a lecturer for the Roman Forum's Summer Symposium in Gardone Riviera, Italy. He is the author of Christian Fables, Legends of Christmas and Gods of Wasteland (Fifty Years of Rock ‘n’ Roll) and regularly delivers addresses and conferences to Catholic groups about the Mass, home-schooling, and the culture question. Together with his wife, Carol Lynn and their seven children, Mr. Matt currently resides in St. Paul, Minnesota.