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Monday, January 13, 2020

IN GOD’S NAME: Viganò Resists Francis to His Face

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IN THIS SUNDAY Sermon from South St. Paul, Father uses the Feast of the Holy Name of Jesus to discuss the importance and the power of the Name of the Son of God.

He explains how St. Peter—the first pope—used that Name to convert thousands in one day. He reminds us that the demons who refuse to speak it are in fact are driven from the possessed by the power of the Name of Jesus.


Finally, Father salutes one of the successors of the apostles—Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò—who like Peter before him is speaking in the Name of Jesus—in the Name of God—to resist the enemies of the traditional Catholic Faith.

From his pulpit, Father reads the latest letter of Archbishop Viganò to Francis from start to finish. Anyone who still thinks Viganò is a “Vatican II guy” needs to watch, listen and prayerfully consider this letter of resistance, which is as powerful as anything the late, great Archbishop Lefebvre ever wrote against the Modernist hierarchy of his day.

May God bless, and Mary protect Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò as well as this brave diocesan priest who courageously and publicly stands with him.

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Last modified on Thursday, January 16, 2020