New RTV: Michael Matt on King Charles, Pope Francis, Bishop Schneider

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In my new Remnant Underground, I make the case that there is only force on earth capable of stopping the demonic Great Reset.

I am referring, of course, to authentic Christianity.

The Great Reset is first, foremost, and fundamentally antichristian, because it seeks to bury the old world order of Christ and Christianity beneath a new world order of Man and Technology.

The real crisis today, however, is that Christianity has become so badly battered, fragmented, and infiltrated that it lacks the strength necessary even to defend itself, much less withstand the Globalist builders of a New Order.

So, what are Christians dutybound before God to do in this dire situation?

First off, if this Great Reset is to be stopped dead in its cloven hoof prints, it is going to require a good deal more of us than Bible reading and making joyful noises unto the Lord. It is going to require an organized and universal proclamation of the social Kingship of Jesus Christ.

Why do you think Klaus Schwab and the WEF expend so much effort recruiting Francis and his representatives to join their green and transhumanist revolution? It is because the organized old order of Christendom – if it ever were to be revived – would efficiently dispatch with the Great Reset in a very short period of time. 

The Globalists need to make sure that never happens, thus their feverish push to coopt the last vestiges of organized Christianity. Thus Francis's frantic efforts to crush the Latin Mass -- the touchstone of Christian civilization for nearly two thousand years.

The Christophobes simply cannot pull this off without Francis, which is why the Christian “clans” must unite against the diabolical Davos/Vatican Pact.

We are all called to resist Francis, in other words. In fact, even if you are not Catholic, you must still resist the Globalist agenda of Pope Francis.

So you'll be happy to note that, this week in Kazakhstan, the world witnessed an example of that resistance on steroids.

During the runup to the pope’s visit to Kazakhstan for the “7th Annual Congress of Leaders of World and Traditional Religions”, Bishop Athanasius Schneider of Kazakhstan warned the world of the danger of such meetings, telling the media that there is "only one true religion, founded by God Himself, but commanded to all men, to religions, to believe and accept His Son Jesus Christ the only savior.”

Surely, even non-Catholics can appreciate the significance of Schneider’s public but charitable warning (broadcast to the world by Reuters and the Associated Press) on the eve of the Pope’s visit to Kazakhstan.

Bishop Schneider also warned that “such global events” might be exploited by “the political elites” (the WEF?) for “their own purposes” because such events “signal that Catholicism is one Faith among others, with equal legitimacy” — which is “not correct because there is only one true religion” (the Catholic Church) and “only one Savior” (Jesus Christ).

So much for “equity and inclusion,” the twin dogmas of the Great Reset!

In my latest video, I point out that the bishop is here acting in the spirit of St. Paul in Galatians 2:11, when he “resisted Peter to his face because Peter was blameworthy" --  an honorable act that stands in stark contrast to dishonorably condemning Peter behind his back.

I would encourage you to hear the entire case as laid out here, and let me know what you think. It is pretty essential that we get this right.

God bless Bishop Schneider, let us pray for the conversion of Pope Francis and, until that happens, for God's sake, resist Francis to his face.

In Christo Rege,
Michael J. Matt

P.S. Also in this video, King Great Reset III, AKA King Charles III, buries the Magna Carta and launches the Terra Carta, as he and his allies in Davos gear up for Agenda 2030.


TERRA CARTA: Kazakhstan and the New World Religion

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