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Why is Francis Requiring Vaccination Passports at Papal Masses? 


Dear Friends: So, here we go again. Mask up and calm down.

Taking his marching orders from Davos, Joe Biden has already announced his intention to form a national health agency that would partner with the National Security Agency to use technology to prevent crime and future pandemics before they happen.

Follow the Science Fiction!

IN MY NEW VIDEO, we’ve got some new footage of the January 6 “insurrection” that you won’t believe!

Also, the cancellation of Christianity and Patriotism is in full swing. Look no further than the Olympics, where disrespecting the flag is hailed as “courageous”, and all the children of the world were forced to sing John Lennon’s “Imagine”.

No religion, no countries, no heaven, no God.  Imagine the New World Order! No countries at the Olympics? The irony is wasted on these clowns.

Check out my new video, Unmerciful Globalist. (The Olympics “Imagine” footage is beyond disturbing.)

No countries? That’s working out great so far, especially down at the US Southern Border.

No religion? The streets of America are killing fields ever since the Left cancelled God. Most people don’t even go to Minneapolis anymore, not since they started imagining “no hell below us” and brought it right up into the streets of downtown.

And the most distressing part of what’s happening to our world right now is the lack of any serious moral guidance. People are confused, angry, frightened. But in the middle of it all, along comes Pope Francis with just one message for the world: Do whatever the globalists tell you!

If you want to attend the Pope’s Mass in Slovakia next month, for example, you’ll need the Green Pass to get in. Francis couldn’t possibly be more in the bag with the Great Rest.

So, in this new video I do two things:

1) Take the gloves off, once and for all, where this globalist pope is concerned. He’s become a threat even to the physical wellbeing of our children, so say nothing of their souls.
2) Reach out to non-Catholic patriots, bishops, and non-traditional Catholics. The enemies of God and Country are declaring war on all of us, and we need to get smart.

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In Christo Rege,
Michael J. Matt 


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