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Catholic Action

Michael J. Matt | Editor

While most countries in Europe seem to be giving in to a slow demographic decline, Hungary is fighting back with some of the world's most generous pronatalism policies—mostly thanks to pro-family PM, Viktor Orbán.

From Russian Insider:

The basis of Hungarian government today, says:

Hungary shall protect the institution of marriage as the union of a man and a woman… and the family as the basis of the nation’s survival. Hungary shall encourage the commitment to have children. The protection of families shall be regulated by a cardinal Act.

Since 2010, when Prime Minister Orbán’s government took office, Hungary’s demographic policy has shown real resultsby 2017, abortion numbers had dropped by more than a third, from 40,449 to 28,500, divorces saw a marked decline (from 23,873 in 2010 to 18,600 in 2017), and the number of marriages had risen by some 42 percent.

The government is seeking to find out, inter alia, whether the people agree that the problem of Hungary’s declining population should not be remedied with immigration, but with more intensive family support measures; whether the people agree that the new family support programmes will continue to remain tied to employment; and whether young married couples should be given support with the initial phases of their independent married lives.

Alarmingly fertility remains below replacement level but perhaps -- most likely in fact -- the full effect of the reform will take more time and full benefits will be reaped only after years or decades more.

REMNANT COMMENT: The pro-family winds of change are certainly blowing across Europe, now that the nation-killing consequences of International Planned Parenthood's agenda have been fully realized. 

Now, wouldn't it be great if the neo-Catholic establishment would experience a similar awakening and begin to reexamine its long-standing fixation on natural planned parenthood—so-called NFP? 

Yes, I realize that Natural Family Planning isn't intrinsically evil as is, say, artificial contraception. But, nevertheless, when you have the entire Church of Accompaniment orchestrating a world-wide push to curb fertility in Catholic families that are otherwise open to life, you’ve got to wonder whose side they're really on, especially now with Pope Francis teaming up with Jeffrey Sachs and the whole "sustainable development" crowd.

If we’re brutally honest with ourselves, we've got to admit that diocesan training programs mandating every young Catholic couple be thoroughly indoctrinated in the art of preventing conception with machine-like precision is, at the end of the day, a bit suspicious. At the very least we've got to admit that it runs the risk of encouraging our own little Catholic contraceptive mentality. Right? I mean, how could it not? 

If I can get personal for a moment, I'm pretty sure I'm not the only man who is grateful no NFP experts got into his head back when he was young, foolish and newlywed. If someone had told me to wait until I was ready, mature and financially stable before becoming a "responsible parent", I’d likely still be coming up with excuses.

As it was, when my wife and I were married in 1996 our first child showed up nine months later.  A couple years after that, we had three under three. And, by the way, we didn’t have two pennies to rub together at the time. Somehow, God provided. 

And we weren’t heroes. That’s just the way it was. When I was a kid, every family in our neighborhood had 9, 10, 12 children. Catholic couples were literally wide open to life, with the mentality being "however many children God sends us is how many children we'll have." I had eight siblings. Growing up was so much fun that it never even occurred to me to deprive my own kids of that truly awesome childhood. 

Not so much anymore, right?

So, what happened? Somewhere along the line Catholics got it into their heads that less is more, that “responsible parenthood” means a larger house, more reliable cars and much smaller families.  

In most dioceses in America today, for example, the mandatory pre-Cana classes include expert instruction on how to delay conception i.e., how to take advantage of the pleasure of the marital act without necessarily dealing with the drooling, pooping, crying little consequences. Having already equalized the ends of marriage, they've come pretty close to inverting them, arguing that the unitive (and concupiscence-controlling) ends of marriage trump procreation and the education of children.

In fairness, it must also be said that many couples use NFP to conceive when there is some difficulty in that regard.  And for this reason, a blanket condemnation of NFP is absurd. It certainly has its place.  

The trouble is, many Catholic couples use NFP, not out of some necessity but, rather, indefinitely and merely to ensure they have only a couple of kids. And the real heartbreak of this is that we're talking about the "good guys" here. These are the cream-of-the-crop Catholics who've kept the Faith enough to want to live in compliance with the Church's moral laws that, if rarely stressed from the pulpits, are nevertheless still in the books. They’re conscientious Catholics, in other words, who've been sort of brainwashed by the Church of Accompaniment into embracing a de facto contraceptive mentality.  

If the over-zealous champions of NFP were to instead encourage Catholic couples to have "as many children as God sends" once again, we'd no doubt see a significant increase in the pre-conciliar large Catholic family about which Pope Pius XII wrote so beautifully and which once made up the backbone of the Catholic Church as self-reliant, self-sufficient, enemies of the nanny state.

I know, mine is a pipe dream. Too much water has gone under the bridge to walk this one back. Still, it's true that most Latin Mass-going traditional Catholics haven’t paid much attention to NFP over the past twenty-five years, preferring instead to just have a bunch of kids and live their lives without the "romance" of charts, graphs and thermometers.  

Maybe now that Francis has ripped the mask of innocence off the Revolution of Vatican II as a whole--and more and more neo-Catholics are coming to realize they've been had (liturgically and doctrinally)—maybe now is a good time to charitably and gently put the topic of "Catholic contraception" back on the table.

Long live the large pre-conciliar Catholic family! 


Proving once again that many good men are sick and tired of being incarcerated in Gulag Novus Ordo, diocesan priest-writer for NCRegister, Msgr. Charles Pope, sounds like something right out of the pages of The Remnant in his report on the USCCB meeting. Here’s a chance for us to see the scandal through the eyes of a loyal priest and a good man, and one who’s obviously had enough of Pope Francis:

Lamentably, the vote to encourage the Holy See to release all documents related to former Cardinal McCarrick’s alleged misconduct did not pass. The debate seemed to center on canonical issues and even wordsmithing. Nonetheless, the fact that more than 80 bishops were willing to issue even a mild-mannered insistence to Rome shows that many are finding a voice that is willing to confront when and where necessary.

The greatest disappointment was Pope Francis’ decision to suppress any vote or action on the abuse scandals by the U.S. bishops. Some bishops remarked that this decision indicates that Rome is serious about reform—a gratuitous claim.

To most Catholics, the Pope’s actions and seeming resistance place the ownership of the scandal squarely in his court; he has increasingly become the face of the scandal.

Every faithful Catholic—and certainly every priest—has an instinct to support the Pope and our bishops, but this worldwide scandal has forced many of us to speak out.

usccb meeting

I pray that the bishops who spoke out so courageously at the USCCB meeting will continue to do so and will also direct clear and forceful appeals to Rome and to the Holy Father. Demands for a full and credible investigation and a canonical trial of former Cardinal McCarrick are not out of place or unreasonable. Bishops are not acolytes of the Pope and their dioceses are not mere franchises of the Diocese of Rome.

I know of no one from any sector of the Church who is not heartbroken about this, while also angry and insistent upon reform. This is not a storm created in the “blogosphere.” Every day I am approached by parishioners and contacted by people from all over: young adults in our Bible study and pre-Cana programs, older Catholics in our Sodality and Knights of Columbus, catechists, staff members, long-time Catholics, recent converts, attendees at Sunday Mass, daily communicants, and those frequenting Eucharistic Adoration. They are all concerned; they are on the receiving end of questions themselves from family and friends: “What’s wrong with your Church?” They are dismayed; they are deeply concerned for the Church they still love. These are the people still in our pews, who did not leave during the cultural downslide and have supported the Church through thick and thin. These are the people who look to us. No clergyman should demonize them; they have been too good to us for us to write them off as some fringe element. They are good Catholics and are looking to us for clear teaching, for some return of the love and loyalty they have shown us through the most difficult decades of the cultural and sexual revolutions. They have been exceedingly patient with us. This is no time to be dismissive; this is a time to listen and work together with God’s good people for reform and a new springtime of faith in the Church and in the world. Somebody say, “Amen!”

REMNANT COMMENT: It's over. Pope Francis's legacy is papal mud.

So, what now? 

As men such as Msgr. Pope begin to see straight through the Francis agenda, the entire Modernist revolution in the Church skates further out onto thin ice. Why?  Because Francis is all about that revolution; he’s its poster boy, in fact—and the more people become weary of Francis the more they're actually becoming weary of it.

Singlehandedly, this ambitious and arrogant man is waking the Church to the real fruits of the Second Vatican Council which, essentially, are what Msgr. Pope is talking about here. He's not saying it in so many words, of course, but what Msgr. Pope is anathematizing is essentially the great big demonic spirit of Vatican II, which happens to animate just about every waking thought and action of the current pontiff.  

Francis has jumped the shark. He's said too much, moved too fast and lacks the personality and imagination to keep the DCV2 airborne. He certainly doesn't have the charisma of Pope John Paul and, let’s face it, he was not blessed with the intellect of Benedict XVI. He can’t even count on the cover of novelty that was afforded to Paul VI, poor guy. He’s alone in his corner, in other words, having alienated most Catholics who still bother with it all.

There's nothing new and fresh about Pope Francis; so naturally, the Revolution he represents is growing old, moldy and stale. Even the neo-Catholics realize that Francis's toupee is slipping, along with the Council's fig leaf of orthodoxy. 

Where does it go from here? God only knows. The Council and its legion will surely not go gently into the night.

But at the very least we can thank God for Francis, the main impetus for Neo-Catholics everywhere becoming what Traditional Catholics have always been: folks who want their Church back, their Mass back and their identity back. Catholics, in other words, who want to be Catholic again. 

God bless Msgr. Pope. I hope he is pope someday. 


Dear Friends:

Among the many highlights of this new Print/E-edition of The Remnant--including Chorbishop Anthony Spinosa's blockbuster CIC2019 address, "Putting On The Armor of God"--we're pleased to present Theresa Moreau's "They Kept the Faith: The Yann Billot Story."

When Pope Francis’s Vatican “regularized” the schismatic ‘Catholic’ Church in China last month, Cardinal Joseph Zen—bishop emeritus of Hong Kong who spent his life resisting the totalitarian Communist regime in China—called the deal a “surrender” and “an incredible betrayal.” Cardinal Zen said of the Vatican’s Chinese initiative: “They’re giving the flock to the wolves.”

As part of The Remnant’s decades-long attempt to stand in solidarity with our persecuted brothers and sisters in the Catholic underground Church in China, we’re pleased to present yet another look back at the heroes who kept the Faith in China—and whose heroic stand Pope Francis has now betrayed. 

Here's what some of them looked like:


I hope you'll take a look at the rest of our new preview HERE. 

Vincent Chiarello's review of Father John O'Malley's book, by the way, "Trent: What Went on at the Council" is itself worth the price of admission. It's one of the most intriguing behind-the-scenes snapshots, if you will, of the great Council of Trent I've ever read. 

Lots of good stuff, rounded out by a most amusing The Last Word, wherein Father Celatus fantasizes about what he'd do if he were pope for a day.  Here's a pictorial hint:


God bless, and thanks for your continued support of The Remnant. 

In Christo Rege,
Michael J. Matt
Editor, The Remnant 

Even before the close of the Synod on Young Interpretive Dancers and the utterly inexplicable Vatican co-opting of the USCCB meeting, Monsignor Bux, a Vatican theologian and a former consultor to the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, was already calling foul. Ed Pentin, on his own website, highlights a recent interview:

In a forceful interview with Italian Vaticanist Aldo Maria Valli, Msgr. Nicola Bux has warned that the current pontificate is issuing statements that are generating “heresies, schisms, and controversies of various kinds” and that the Holy Father should issue a profession of faith to restore unity in the Church.

In the interview, published Oct. 13 but overlooked due to the Youth Synod taking place in Rome last month, the theologian consultor to the Congregation for the Causes of Saints said “heretical statements” on marriage, the moral life and reception of the sacraments are now “at the center of a vast debate which is becoming more and more passionate by the day.”

“If this [Papal profession of Faith] doesn’t happen,” he warned, “the apostasy will deepen and the de facto schism will widen.”

Msgr. Bux feels the situation has become especially urgent after the Pope changed the Catechism in August to declare the death penalty “inadmissible.” The change contradicts the Tridentine and St. Pius X Catechisms, the theologian asserted, the latter of which taught that the legitimacy of capital punishment was in “full conformity with Divine Revelation.”

He also pointed out that the tendency of this pontificate to be silent in the face of criticism, or refuse to engage the charges of heresy or apostasy, bring to mind St. Pius X’s warning in his 1907 encyclical Pascendi dominici gregis: That never “clearly confessing one’s own heresy” is “typical behaviour of the modernists, because in this way they can hide themselves within the Church.”

 REMNANT COMMENT: Gee, I wonder why this man seems to have such a keen and priestly sensus catholicus. . . . Maybe this has something to do with it...bux 2

Missing since Monday, the body of Raffaella Maria Stroik, a dancer for the St. Louis Ballet and daughter of Catholic architect, Duncan Stroik, was found in Mark Twain Lake this morning. 

Remnant readers may know of Duncan Stroik through his architectural work, notably the chapel at Thomas Aquinas College. He has also been a guest lecturer at the Roman Forum's Summer Symposium. 

Circumstances surrounding her death are largely unknown at this time, but please, in your charity, join the Archdiocese of St. Louis in prayer for the repose of Raffaella's soul, and for the comfort of Christ and Our Lady to see the Stroik family through this incomprehensible tragedy. 


usccbWherever he is, Cardinal Wuerl’s definitely applauding this Vatican mafia move.

US Bishops were told by the Vatican today to suspend taking any action to address the sexual abuse scandals that have been rocking the Church over the past year.

Cardinal Daniel DiNardo, president of the USCCB and archbishop of Galveston-Houston, Texas, announced at the Conference’s national annual meeting this morning that the United States bishops’ expected vote on a new code of conduct for bishops would be postponed for several months.

Our country voted a few more women into power last Tuesday, and something called Nuns on the Bus is real excited about this.

Linda Bordoni for Vatican News reported:

The real outstanding result is that after this vote, the future for women in US politics is looking brighter and stronger.

As Sister Simone Campbell, leader of the “Nuns on the Bus” Network Lobby for Catholic Social Justice explained to Sr. Bernadette Reis, 118 women will serve in the 116th Congress, bringing the share of women legislators to at least 22 percent.

Sister Simone admits she is “really excited!”.  She says she has been following mainly at the Federal level and explains that as per the members Congress, “in our House Representatives there are going to be over 100 women in the House which is a historic high” elected from both parties.

It is also exciting, she says, that approximately 40% of those women are women of colour: “For the first time we are going to have 2 Native Americans representatives in Congress. It’s shocking it never happened” as well as  2 Muslim women.

“It’s clear that the bus helped! We can’t claim credit for all of it” she says.


REMNANT COMMENT: Um, why is Sister on the Bus all excited? Shouldn’t we be past the point where it matters whether or not it’s a woman who rocks the pantsuit? If women are so liberated and equal and all that, why does it still get our gal pals all excited when a sister wins an election? Seems a bit sexist to me.  

But I have a bigger concern. I realize that "Nuns on a Bus" are about as culturally relevant as a collection of vintage mood rings, but somebody please tell me these girls aren't driving their own bus around town. Because that could actually be a serious problem.

nuns on bus

Cardinal Burke has been quite vocal recently in defense of Archbishop Viganò.

LifeSiteNews reports: “The evils he had denounced are of the most serious nature,” said Cardinal Burke, and if true, then “he was obliged in conscience” to release the information as he did.

“The law of God in these matters is higher than, for example, the pontifical secret,” Burke said.

And in a recent interview with The Wanderer: “We ought to take very seriously all that he has said,” Cardinal Burke stated, as Vigano has said he has evidence to back his claims. “To do otherwise is to be negligent.”

REMNANT COMMENT: While there are some voices of discontent on the Internet sounding off against Cardinal Burke for not doing/saying enough, The Remnant is not numbered among them. While it is almost fashionable these days to take issue with any number of the bizarre utterances and actions of the most delusional pope in history, Cardinal Burke spoke up against Francis at a moment when precious few laymen (and no prelates at all) could muster the intestinal fortitude to say anything at all. He did so with measured restraint and palpable concern for the overall good of the Church.

Since then much has changed. For one thing, two of the four "dubia cardinals" are now dead, and the third is advanced in years. For Cardinal Burke to proceed on his own with the "formal correction" may well seem just Quixotic enough to play into Francis's hands. Solo swinging at windmills is always amusing but rarely poses a serious threat.

And so, the Cardinal continues to fight the good fight in another this most recent case by offering public support for a man many consider Pontificate Enemy Number One. I suspect for a man in his position--with millions watching his every move--this takes more courage than most Monday morning curial quarterbacks can even imagine.

So, let’s slow down, pray and reflect where further impatience with and even criticism of Cardinal Burke is concerned.  He has not gone gently into the night. His opinions on these matters are known to all; his unanswered (by Francis) objections still stand; and his continued measured resistance is of primary concern to liberal prelates from here to Casa Santa Marta. Whether he sought out the distinction or not, he is the de facto leader of hierarchical resistance against Francis. 

Just for a moment, let us consider what the situation under Francis might be right now had Raymond Cardinal Burke never taken the historic action that he did. Can you hear the crickets? As it is, the man changed everything and, because he truly is humble, we may never know the full extent of the role he played in Archbishop Vigano’s decision to stand and resist Peter to his face. 

I pray for them both and thank God for His mercy—the mercy of not leaving us abandoned sheep without a single shepherd to watch over the Church. In Vigano and Burke (and others now following their lead) we can have confidence that we are not alone.

We call upon all of the princes of the Church who are not complicit in the sex abuse and cover-up scandal to do as Cardinal Burke has done and stand with Viganò. 

V is Vigano GOOD 2

On Sunday, November 4, 2018 Bishop James Conley led a Eucharistic procession around the Nebraska state capitol in Lincoln that is now being hailed as the largest one of its kind in the country this year. 

Approximately 2,500 faithful braved the cold and wind to join in the public manifestation of faith in the Real Presence of Jesus Christ in the Sacrament of the Altar.

Remnant readers will immediately notice the throngs of faithful actually kneeling on the ground in front of the monstrance, the traditional prayers, traditional vestments, altar boys (not girls), and various other aspects which marked it with a distinctively traditionalist flavor. 

How did this come to be? 

Well, for one thing Bishop Conley is no stranger to showing support for tradition and Catholic restoration initiatives, having personally offered the Traditional Latin Mass himself and even ordained deacons and priests for the Fraternity of St. Peter whose seminary of Our Lady of Guadalupe is located in nearby Denton, Nebraska. 

Watch this two-minute video recap of this public demonstration of faith and see if you can't pick out the telltale signs of some pretty frequent exposure down in Lincoln to the traditionalist priests of the FSSP:

Does this magnificent public demonstration of confidence in and devotion to the Real Presence of Christ in the Eucharist have anything to do with the wellspring of grace that's been operating in Nebraska for the past several decades?


Well, what do you think!

fssp ordinations conleyThank you, Bishop Conley!  May God bless you. 

Way to go, Brazil! For electing a president with the campaign slogan: “Brazil before everything, and God above all.”

Yes, this actually happened in 2018! The backlash against the left has gained such momentum that Jair Bolsanaro, the outspoken, rough-around-the-edges theocrat who has been called a misogynist, homophobe, and racist—who was stabbed in the gut during his campaign by a far-left activist—won the presidential election with over 55% of the vote.  

Bolsonaro won against leftist candidate Fernando Haddad with a market-friendly, tough-on-crime platform that resonated with a population disillusioned with political corruption and increasing insecurity.

During his campaign he promised: “We cannot continue flirting with socialism, communism, populism and leftist extremism … We are going to change the destiny of Brazil.”

He also suggests literally smacking some sense into a son who is beginning to act “sort of gay”.

Little wonder why the far-Left in the U.S. are on the violent warpath against President Donald J. Trump and his supporters.  His nationalist populism is contagious and, like him or not, President Trump has proven to the world that patriotic and Godly people can still profoundly impact elections. 

And, let's face it, the far-Left is clearly out of ideas. Their hackneyed socialism has grown tired and transparently self-serving. Their slogans are just that—slogans. They're racist, Christophobic, angry and desperate and, as such, can do little to push their destructive agenda beyond inciting mob violence and resorting to the strong-arm tactics of bullying and intimidation. 

God bless President Bolsanaro! Perhaps now and at long last, Christ the Redeemer—one of the largest statues of Christ in the world—will begin again to remind the people of Brazil of whence they’ve come and to where they must return.

This video of workers repairing Christ the Redeemer (after it was recently struck by lightning) in Rio shows how truly awesome the statue is and how profound the faith of the pre-conciliar Catholics of Brazil must have been to erect such a monument of fidelity to Christ.  May He rule again in the hearts and minds of the people of Brazil.  

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