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Michael J. Matt | Editor

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St. Andrew

Remnant TV's CATHOLIC SAINTS AND HOLY DAYS pays homage to the great saint and Apostle, St. Andrew.

Each year Remnant readers express a little frustration with your editor for not making known sooner some of the old-world Advent and Christmas traditions that were brought over from Europe by my grandfather and that our family still follow religiously every year. So, this year I'll try to be more timely, so that those who wish to introduce some of the more Catholic Christmas customs can do so.

Since 2016, Christian and pro-life families in Taiwan, with the aid of MassResistance, have been organizing massive demonstrations across the country to raise awareness of the cultural consequences of legalizing same sex “marriage”.

"Christian groups decided to put the issue up for a nationwide vote. Even though Christians make up only 5% of the population in Taiwan, they were able to get the signatures necessary to do put forth three ballot questions: (1) marriage is only between one man and one woman (2) have a “different process” other than the legal system for dealing with same-sex unions; and (3) ban the teaching of homosexuality in public schools.

The LGBT movement also put up two ballot questions: (1) Should the civil code guarantee the rights of same-sex couples to get married? (2) Should “gender equality education covering LGBTI rights” be compulsory in the public schools?

Last Saturday, November 24, 2018, the country voted. All three of the Christian groups’ ballot questions passed. The two LGBT movement’s ballot questions failed. The pro-family movement had won. The mainstream media around the world reacted with shock and anger. At this writing the Taiwan election authorities have not released the exact vote totals – except to say that they percentages were quite substantial.

The Parliament is now going to have to deal with conflicting mandates – the Court’s ruling versus the peoples’ vote. It may force the issue back to the Supreme Court."  Read the rest HERE.


REMNANT COMMENT: God's still in His heaven, and it ain't over til the fat lady sings. 


The Archdiocese of Chicago will experience a dramatic loss of priests, and therefore parishes, in the next 13 years. It's estimated that 180 priests will have retired by then, but only 10 will have taken their place. Fr. Thomas Belanger, the pastor of St. Philip Neri Catholic Church in Chicago, was interviewed on this grim prospect. He expects his own parish will become stronger, because:

“Enlightenment, and also not judging as quickly as we used to, but accepting people where they’re at, but also help them become stronger in their own self-identity and their lives.” 

…Um?  Well, anyway, sit back and have a look at the Springtime of Vatican II, which is just bustin' out all over the Windy City:


Thank you, Father, for illustrating the exact reason we’ve run out of priests to shepherd the “faith communities” of Chicago.

church emptyEnlightenment fills closed churches, not so much with people, but with light!
Isn't that enlightening?

Dear Friends in Christ the King:

Some good news!  As part of our ongoing effort to keep the print edition of The Remnant going to press every two weeks, I’m happy to announce that The Remnant is teaming up with Professor Roberto de Mattei—the highly esteemed historian and President of the Lepanto Foundation in Rome.

You can read Professor de Mattei’s excellent “Church in Crisis: The Final Act of Vatican II” in the new print/e-edition of The Remnant. By the way, the Professor’s work will be available in our print and e-edition only, as an incentive to visitors to our website to also take out a subscription to the newspaper—the financial lifeblood of this apostolate.


Everything truly Catholic but Internet-based will, in the months and years ahead, be subject to more and more governmental regulation. And I have no intention of turning the entire traditional Catholic press over to the Christophobic Gods of Cyberspace.

The Remnant’s print edition must survive!

Editor's Intro: The following Open Letter to Bishop Robert McElroy of San Diego is not an easy read. Some of the viler details have been deleted; others have been retained so as to leave no doubt in the reader's mind as to the truly demonic nature of the Church of Accompaniment.

The author of this Open Letter, Aquinas Walter Richard Sipe, died in August of this year. He was a former Benedictine priest and an expert on the clergy sexual abuse crisis. His was yet another voice crying in the wilderness. Only now, months after his death in the wake of the McCarrick tsunami, is it becoming horrifically clear just how right he was and how heinous is the crime of those who ignored his dire warnings.

Over the course of several decades, he'd conducted an ethnographic study of the sexual behavior of priests pretending to be celibate.  In 1990, he released a report claiming that more than half of the priests studied were involved in current or past sexual relationships. And this man was in a position to know of what he spoke, having taught at major Catholic seminaries and even served as a consultant and expert witness in numerous criminal cases involving the sexual abuse of minors by Catholic priests.

When confronted with new evidence of the length and breadth of the sexual abuse crisis, many critics of the traditional Catholic Church blame celibacy and the non-married state of the clergy—as though every priest is just one lonely evening away from deciding to go on a sexual rampage and start raping little kids. (Could there be any greater insult to single people everywhere?)

These same critics will not accept that for a couple of millennium, well-formed and faithful Catholic priests were quite capable of controling their own passions and even taking vows of lifelong chastity. For these shortsighted critics, incredibly, if modern priests were allowed to marry they’d somehow stop raping the little boys overnight, and the beastly preying on young men would cease to be a problem.

Well, these critics may be interested to know that Sipe’s study shows that celibacy is not now the problem nor was it ever. For a thousand years, priests kept their vows and the children of their parishes were not only perfectly safe but beautifully protected by beloved and faithful pastors. There’s something about the modern Church, the modern Mass, the modern seminary which has transformed the modern priesthood into a "gay profession" and that -- not celibacy -- is the problem.  

Sipe discovered that only about half of American priests are practicing celibacy anyway, and that the seminaries themselves are hotbeds of experimentation with homosexuality. He proved this, and he named names. But his findings were dismissed and covered up, even though one of his most serious charges was leveled against one Theodore “Uncle Ted” McCarrick.

In 2008, Sipe even attempted to bring the crisis he’d unearthed to the attention of the Pope. He published an Open Letter to Pope Benedict XVI, sounding the alarm that the homosexual crisis in the priesthood in the United States was systemic and out of control.  He cited several examples of heinous culprits hailing from the Archdiocese of Washington, for example, St. John's Abbey in Collegeville, Minnesota, and most notably St. Mary's Pontifical Seminary in Baltimore (home to then-Bishop Theodore McCarrick):

“I know the names of at least four priests who have had sexual encounters with Cardinal McCarrick. I have documents and letters that record the firsthand testimony and eyewitness accounts of McCarrick, then archbishop of Newark, New Jersey actually having sex with a priest, and at other times subjecting a priest to unwanted sexual advances."

Again, no action was taken, just as no action would be taken on the Viganò allegations ten years later, nor will any action be taken at February's bishops' meeting with Pope Francis in Rome next year. 

See the pattern? Cover-up after cover-up, followed by shooting messenger after messenger. 

Celibacy is not the problem although, ironically enough, a lack of celibacy certainly is. And it is our contention that this inability of modern priests to live up to their committment to celibacy was brought on by the Revolution of Vatican II, the effeminate New Mass and the emasculated New Priesthood-- the wretched effects and consequences of decades of unchecked doctrinal revolution in the Church.

Active homosexual priests and bishops lost the faith long before they began abusing each other and terrorizing young men. Celibacy, quite obviously, was the last thing on their mind.

Poor Brother Sipe was right, but nobody listened to him.  Even now, Cardinal Blase Cupich--who recently conferred the ‘Spirit of Francis Award’ on Cardinal McCarrick for outstanding service to the Church--was appointed by Francis to help head up the February meeting in Rome to address the sexual abuse crisis prompted by--wait for it--the immoral life of the same predator, Cardinal McCarrick:

Again, you can’t make it up!   The sheep are in the gullets of the wolves, and the shepherds obviously don't give a damn.

All we can do is pray and continue to speak out. God the Supreme Judge of us all will have to take it from here.  Michael J. Matt


A.W.Richard Sipe
2825 Ridgegate Row
La Jolla, CA 92037

July 28, 2016

Bishop McElroy:

I received your note postmarked July 19.


It was clear to me during our last meeting in your office, although cordial, that you had no interest in any further personal contact. It was only after that I sent you a letter copied to my contacts in DC and Rome. 

The new Nuncio, Archbishop Pierre, told my colleague he is interested in the care of and reaction to victims of clergy assault: and I am assured that the Papal Commission for the Prevention of Abuse is also dedicated to this aspect of the crisis.

I will as I was asked, put my observations in the form of a report. Your office made it clear that you have no time in your schedule either now or “in the foreseeable future” to have the meeting that they suggested.

RC sex violation quote

Bishop, I have been at the study and research of the problem of clergy abuse since 1960. In 1986 I wrote to Archbishop Daniel Pilarczyk, president of the USCCB at the time, with my preliminary conclusions. His response was negligible, although he passed the substance onto the USCCB office who gave my figures to a NEWSWEEK reporter. 


We are truly devasted to learn of the passing of the great Bishop Robert C. Morlino at 9:15 in St. Mary's Hospital in Madison, Wisconsin (the Feast of St. John of the Cross).  He was 71 years old.

After having survived a cardiac “event” the day before Thanksgiving, His Excellency took a turn for the worse. In your charity, please storm Heaven for the repose of  the soul of this good and faithful bishop.


Because the Vatican apparently couldn’t care any less about victims of abuse, and would evidently like to enable its criminal priests and bishops to keep right on committing that abuse, Pope Francis appointed Cardinal Blase "Francis Is Latino" Cupich to the organizational committee of the February meeting.





According to Edward Pentin of NCRegister:

Cardinal Blase Cupich of Chicago and Archbishop Charles Scicluna of Malta are among those Pope Francis appointed today to the organizing committee for next February’s meeting of presidents of bishops’ conferences to discuss the protection of minors in the Church.

...Cardinal Cupich said Nov. 20 he believed the meeting will be a “watershed moment in the life of the Church” and that “time and again” the Pope “has shown his resolve to comprehensively address this scourge.” 

The archbishop of Chicago, who, like the Holy Father, has frequently blamed the crisis primarily on “clericalism,” said Francis is “calling for radical reform in the life of the Church, for he understands that this crisis is about the abuse of power and a culture of protection and privilege, which have created a climate of secrecy, without accountability for misdeeds.” 

“All of that has to end, not only in terms of how it risks the safety of children, but also how the abuse of power by certain leaders undermines the Gospel and injures the faith lives of the people the ordained have been sent to serve,” Cardinal Cupich said. 

Diane Montagna of LifeSiteNews added:

The appointment is raising concerns because Cardinal Cupich has notably dismissed Archbishop Viganò’s testimony on the McCarrick abuse cover-up as a mere “rabbit hole” distracting the Church, believes that homosexuality is not a significant contributing factor in the abuse of minors (despite statistics showing otherwise), and has defended the Vatican postponing U.S. bishops from voting on measures to prevent abuse cover-up.

REMNANT COMMENT: As we said the last time. . . 

New from RTV. . . 

Remnant TV's CATHOLIC SAINTS AND HOLY DAYS pays homage to the great saint and co-founder of the order of The Holy Trinity, Saint Felix of Valois

In many ways, St. Felix of Valois reminds us of Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, a great man of God and servant of the Church who founded a new order of priests at the advanced age of 70. 

While most countries in Europe seem to be giving in to a slow demographic decline, Hungary is fighting back with some of the world's most generous pronatalism policies—mostly thanks to pro-family PM, Viktor Orbán.

From Russian Insider:

The basis of Hungarian government today, says:

Hungary shall protect the institution of marriage as the union of a man and a woman… and the family as the basis of the nation’s survival. Hungary shall encourage the commitment to have children. The protection of families shall be regulated by a cardinal Act.

Since 2010, when Prime Minister Orbán’s government took office, Hungary’s demographic policy has shown real resultsby 2017, abortion numbers had dropped by more than a third, from 40,449 to 28,500, divorces saw a marked decline (from 23,873 in 2010 to 18,600 in 2017), and the number of marriages had risen by some 42 percent.

The government is seeking to find out, inter alia, whether the people agree that the problem of Hungary’s declining population should not be remedied with immigration, but with more intensive family support measures; whether the people agree that the new family support programmes will continue to remain tied to employment; and whether young married couples should be given support with the initial phases of their independent married lives.

Alarmingly fertility remains below replacement level but perhaps -- most likely in fact -- the full effect of the reform will take more time and full benefits will be reaped only after years or decades more.

REMNANT COMMENT: The pro-family winds of change are certainly blowing across Europe, now that the nation-killing consequences of International Planned Parenthood's agenda have been fully realized. 

Now, wouldn't it be great if the neo-Catholic establishment would experience a similar awakening and begin to reexamine its long-standing fixation on natural planned parenthood—so-called NFP? 

Yes, I realize that Natural Family Planning isn't intrinsically evil as is, say, artificial contraception. But, nevertheless, when you have the entire Church of Accompaniment orchestrating a world-wide push to curb fertility in Catholic families that are otherwise open to life, you’ve got to wonder whose side they're really on, especially now with Pope Francis teaming up with Jeffrey Sachs and the whole "sustainable development" crowd.

If we’re brutally honest with ourselves, we've got to admit that diocesan training programs mandating every young Catholic couple be thoroughly indoctrinated in the art of preventing conception with machine-like precision is, at the end of the day, a bit suspicious. At the very least we've got to admit that it runs the risk of encouraging our own little Catholic contraceptive mentality. Right? I mean, how could it not? 

If I can get personal for a moment, I'm pretty sure I'm not the only man who is grateful no NFP experts got into his head back when he was young, foolish and newlywed. If someone had told me to wait until I was ready, mature and financially stable before becoming a "responsible parent", I’d likely still be coming up with excuses.

As it was, when my wife and I were married in 1996 our first child showed up nine months later.  A couple years after that, we had three under three. And, by the way, we didn’t have two pennies to rub together at the time. Somehow, God provided. 

And we weren’t heroes. That’s just the way it was. When I was a kid, every family in our neighborhood had 9, 10, 12 children. Catholic couples were literally wide open to life, with the mentality being "however many children God sends us is how many children we'll have." I had eight siblings. Growing up was so much fun that it never even occurred to me to deprive my own kids of that truly awesome childhood. 

Not so much anymore, right?

So, what happened? Somewhere along the line Catholics got it into their heads that less is more, that “responsible parenthood” means a larger house, more reliable cars and much smaller families.  

In most dioceses in America today, for example, the mandatory pre-Cana classes include expert instruction on how to delay conception i.e., how to take advantage of the pleasure of the marital act without necessarily dealing with the drooling, pooping, crying little consequences. Having already equalized the ends of marriage, they've come pretty close to inverting them, arguing that the unitive (and concupiscence-controlling) ends of marriage trump procreation and the education of children.

In fairness, it must also be said that many couples use NFP to conceive when there is some difficulty in that regard.  And for this reason, a blanket condemnation of NFP is absurd. It certainly has its place.  

The trouble is, many Catholic couples use NFP, not out of some necessity but, rather, indefinitely and merely to ensure they have only a couple of kids. And the real heartbreak of this is that we're talking about the "good guys" here. These are the cream-of-the-crop Catholics who've kept the Faith enough to want to live in compliance with the Church's moral laws that, if rarely stressed from the pulpits, are nevertheless still in the books. They’re conscientious Catholics, in other words, who've been sort of brainwashed by the Church of Accompaniment into embracing a de facto contraceptive mentality.  

If the over-zealous champions of NFP were to instead encourage Catholic couples to have "as many children as God sends" once again, we'd no doubt see a significant increase in the pre-conciliar large Catholic family about which Pope Pius XII wrote so beautifully and which once made up the backbone of the Catholic Church as self-reliant, self-sufficient, enemies of the nanny state.

I know, mine is a pipe dream. Too much water has gone under the bridge to walk this one back. Still, it's true that most Latin Mass-going traditional Catholics haven’t paid much attention to NFP over the past twenty-five years, preferring instead to just have a bunch of kids and live their lives without the "romance" of charts, graphs and thermometers.  

Maybe now that Francis has ripped the mask of innocence off the Revolution of Vatican II as a whole--and more and more neo-Catholics are coming to realize they've been had (liturgically and doctrinally)—maybe now is a good time to charitably and gently put the topic of "Catholic contraception" back on the table.

Long live the large pre-conciliar Catholic family! 


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