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Michael J. Matt | Editor

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Michael J. Matt I'm With Jimmy Fallon On This One. The new Tonight Show host, born and raised Catholic, has some interesting insights on the New Mass and the way things are going in the Church of Vatican II.....To read this article please subscribe to The Remnant

Christopher A. Ferrara Latest from Socci: The Papal Games. While Pope Francis seems uncomfortable with the idea that he is Pope Francis, the former Cardinal Ratzinger seems uncomfortable with the idea that he is no longer Pope.  What is going on here?  Plus, John Allen said what about a new theory from Antonio Socci? ....To read this article please subscribe to The Remnant

Fr. Winfrid Herbst Heresy: Scourge of Christ Our King A short, devotional history...To read this article please subscribe to The Remnant

Brian McCall The Easy Way Out: Avoiding the Trap of Sedevacantism...To read this article please subscribe to The Remnant

Vincent Chiarello A Remnant Book Review: Shadowplay, by Clare Asquith. Was the Bard a secret Catholic, communicating in code to his Catholic audiences? The mystery unfolds....To read this article please subscribe to The Remnant

Kenneth M. Weinig  Catholic Vignettes: On 'Catholic Christians' and Other Debatable Points....To read this article please subscribe to The Remnant  

Hamish Fraser  Prayer for the Pope, Restoration of Catholic Order and World Peace.....To read this article please subscribe to The Remnant

Nate Metzger The Hermeneutic of Continuity, or Adventures in Bluffing: The citing of the hermeneutic of continuity is not an explanation at all; it's just a gratuitous assertion....To read this article please subscribe to The Remnant

Chris Jackson Straining at Gnats, Swallowing Camels: The letter vs. the spirit of the law…To read this article please subscribe to The Remnant

Timothy Cullen Praying the Hours:  Among the greatest treasures of medieval European art are the "Book of Hours," the illuminated manuscripts that served as devotional aids for laymen praying the Canonical Hours...To read this article please subscribe to The Remnant

Peter Wilders Modernism = Darwinism Roberto de Mattei, the Italian historian who is very much respected in Catholic intellectual circles, sees evolution as the Church's Number One threat. Why?...To read this article please subscribe to The Remnant

Father Celatus The Last Word: The Super Ba'al Halftime Show…To read this article please subscribe to The Remnant

Lives of the Saints St. Jane of Chantal....To read this article please subscribe to The Remnant

The Remnant Speaks Fr. Michael Rodriguez on True Unity in Traditional Catholicism; Lay Cardinals in History?  Viva the Amish! ; It's Only Rock 'n' Roll and I like it! The Remnant on the Beach; Pilgrim Seeking Partners...To read this article please subscribe to The Remnant

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  • MERCY MISUNDERSTOOD: Modernist Notions of Confession

    Did Pope Francis get the Church's teaching on Confession wrong? Sunday Sermons from South St. Paul tackles the question. Plus, did the Risen Christ appear to Mary first? Why did He not admonish the Apostles in the Upper Room for abandoning Him on Calvary? What can we learn about Doubting Thomas, mercy and the establishment of Sacred Tradition?

    Posted on: Sunday, April 15, 2018
  • Homeschooling- The Pro-Family Counterrevolution

    A new film production company demonstrates yet another aspect of the massive cultural influence of the homeschool movement. "In a world at war with the family, there is nothing more pro-family than the Catholic homeschool." - Michael J. Matt

    Posted on: Thursday, May 14, 2015
  • Live Blacks Matter Too: Who's Behind America's Race War?

    New from Remnant TV...

    Following an officer involved shooting in Charlotte, North Carolina yesterday a mob of angry protestors began attacking police officers and vehicles in the middle of a freeway.  

    So how's that New World Order working out so far?   So, do you feel safe...ANYWHERE? What's going on? How did it all get so completely out of control? Is this really about racism, or is it orchestrated social engineering designed to usher in the police state on the backs of pre-planned race riots? 

    Michael J. Matt is back down in the Remnant Underground.

    Posted on: Wednesday, September 21, 2016
  • Episode 11 - Cardinal Dolan's 'Bravo' Pacifies the Press Gang

    On national TV, Cardinal Dolan was tested on his fidelity to the Church's moral teaching. He didn't so well. But when they come for you with the same question how will you answer? Are you ready to lose everything?

    Posted on: Monday, March 17, 2014
  • THE REMNANT UNDERGROUND: Cardinal Kasper's Compassion for Adulterers
    Cardinal News: Burke banished, Wuerl wins, Kasper caves (on public adultery). Meanwhile, the 'Godmother of Punk" and Sister Cristina get invited by the Pope to come and perform at the Vatican. In heaven's name, what is going on in Rome!

    Posted on: Wednesday, November 26, 2014
  • NEW RELEASE: Faithlessness The Terrible Price of Communion in the Hand

    Another sacrilegious scandal at a big papal pep really--this time in Manila. Why is the Vicar treated like God, while God is treated like a bag of Doritos? What part does the institutionalized abuse of Communion in the hand play in this ongoing outrage?

    Posted on: Friday, January 30, 2015
  • Hillary's Pope- Francis and the Democrat Connection
    This RTV Short is a slightly edited version of a video that appeared over the weekend. We're imbedding this video in an explosive new article by Elizabeth Yore, "Behind the Bronze Doors: Soros Radicals collude with Vatican" posted today at RemnantNewspaper.com
    Posted on: Monday, October 24, 2016
  • LAKE GARDA INTERVIEW: On Bishops, Popes and Religious Liberty
    Michael Matt interviews the former president of Una Voce International--English barrister, Lt. Colonel James Bogle on the situation in the Church under Pope Francis, silent bishops, religious liberty, racism and Catholic culture. What built Europe? Why are so many people from all over the world fascinated by Europe? What brings tourists flocking to Europe's greatest attractions? Two words: Catholic Church! This is a preview of the RT documentary on the Roman Forum in Italy, to be released later this month.
    Posted on: Thursday, August 3, 2017
  • Sunday Sermons -- Measuring Modernism: From Pius X to Mother Teresa
    New From Remnant TV...
    mother t
    Sunday Sermons: Father speaks about Modernism's impact on the Church. Beginning with St. Pius X's war against the "rats and rodents" infesting the Church, he concludes with a few words on Mother Teresa and how Modernism impacted even this holy and courageous woman.
    Posted on: Monday, September 5, 2016
  • "And Lead Us Not Into Temptation": A Lenten Reflection

    SUNDAY SERMONS OF SOUTH SAINT PAUL. First Father makes it clear--"We will not be changing the words of the Our Father...not here, not in this parish." Then he offers a beautiful reflection on Lent and Christ's forty days in the desert and the efforts of Satan to tempt Christ as he tempted Adam. Did Satan realize that Christ was God?

    Posted on: Saturday, March 10, 2018
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