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Monday, May 18, 2015

April 30/May 15, 2015

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Publication Notice  This special double issue of The Remnant is dated April 30/May15, 2015, and is currently in the mail. You can read the new issue online right away by subscribing to THE REMNANT E-EDITION.   Only about 10% of our articles ever appear online. Please Subscribe to The Remnant 

Michael J. Matt From the Editor’s Desk: Pilgrimage to Chartres—A Farewell. Father Nicholas Gruner, RIP. Plus, the Rise of CINOs—Catholics in Name Only—and the fall of Neo-Catholics.

Mother Eve and young Cain (this is
before he went ape on his brother Abel)
Christopher A. Ferrara The Neo-Catholic Planet of the Apes: How the bankrupt theory of evolution is overthrowing the Genesis account of the Fall, with the help of neo-Catholic enablers. According to the Neo-Catholic view, rejecting the theory of evolution is “denialism,” whereas rejecting the entire traditional understanding of the Genesis account based on the claims of evolutionists merely raises a “problem” to be “mulled over” by theologians. Behold the Neo-Catholic mentality at work.

This is a BOMB-shell! If you still believe that Adam and Eve were real people, not only do you need to read this one but spread it far and wide! This is a declaration of war on the unscientific, unsophisticated, Bible-bashing rot of Mr. Darwin and his Neo-Catholic friends.

Robert K. Dahl Our Freemason President’s Glorious Legacy: First to Use Weapons of Mass Destruction. Remnant columnist and World War II vet examines the legacy of Harry S. Truman in light of the current nuclear arms race going on in the Middle East.

Josef Cardinal Mindszenty In Mary’s Month of May: The Face of the Heavenly Mother (At the end of the day recourse to Our Lady is all that matters…and thus the last hope of the world.) 

William Price Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and the Catholic Traditionalist: Ever wonder why some people complain about traditionalists being “grouchy”, “uncharitable”, and “mean”? This combat veteran of Vietnam and traditional Catholic is here to tell you why. Fascinating!

Jesse Russell, Ph.D. Evangelical Catholicism: A Neo-Catholic Manifesto:
What makes neocon Catholicism different from the left is that its proponents claim that they are presenting the real, unblemished conservative tradition of the Church while, at the same time, radically modifying it.

The best takedown of the insufferable George Weigel yet!

Timothy J. Cullen Ordering Our Own House First. We have met the enemy and he is us.

Patrick Archbold Debating the Relevant Issues… The SSPX and the Hermeneutic of Continuity  The truth is not served by referring to the SSPX as heretical and thus obviously in schism, for to do so is to embrace a hermeneutic of rupture.

Father Ladis J. Cizik Lives of the Saints: Saint Fidelis of Sigmaringen: Martyred for Saving Protestants

Brian M. McCall The Empire Strikes Back The Romans never tried to make Christians give up their God. They simply had to place Him on the same footing as the other world religions and prove they had done so by offering a grain of incense to some other god. The price of freedom of religion was participation in the public Religion of Ecumenism.   Sound familiar?

A brilliant comparison of the pagan Roman Empire and America.

Hilary White In Praise of Hate   There are no fewer than 139 separate uses in the Bible of the words “hate” and “hatred,” and a good many of these are examples of God hating bad things and requiring of us that we do the same, on pain of sin.

Patrick McKinley Brennan “He knows very well what he is doing.” Archbishop Victor Manuel Fernandez, the theologian widely acknowledged to have been the lead ghostwriter of Pope Francis’s much-praised apostolic exhortation Evangelii Gaudium, recently gave an interview that is remarkable for the crudity of its categories, the tendentiousness of its contentions, and, above all, what it portends for the silent lambs

al gore
Elizabeth Yore  An Inconvenient Truth...

“I could become a Catholic because of this Pope. He is that inspiring to me.” – Al Gore 

God help us!

Father Celatus The Last Word…

Mother Earth Eclipses Mother Church—Even for Holy Father

The Remnant Speaks Expect Sacrilege When Pope Comes to US (Contact Archbishop Chaput); A Convert and now fearful of the Pope; The Dead Cat Bounce; Islam

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