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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

April 20, 2015

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Michael J. Matt From the Editor’s Desk: SSPX Recognized in Argentina: Good News! I have confidence that Bishop Fellay and his team will soon determine to drop their cautious attitude in favor of rising up and roaring like lions at Francis, ordering him in the name of Christ the King to cease and desist his systematic dismantling of what is left of the human element of the Catholic Church.

Lead on, Bishop Fellay! We’re right behind you.

Patrick Archbold Dead Cat Bounce The Remnant’s newest columnist writes:
The Church has been thoroughly infiltrated and infested with progressives from top to bottom. Their quiescence during the early years of the Benedictine pontificate did not signify that they knew they were defeated, quite the opposite in fact. It was merely a tactic of the moment by a nefarious group of modernists that had been playing the long game since some fifty years before Joseph Ratzinger was even born.”

(BOOM! Welcome aboard, Mr. Archbold.)

bad pope

Hilary White
Another Month of Papal Signaling:
More castigating of those who uphold Church teaching. The art of recognising papal signals is becoming more crucial for those watching the ongoing and ever-deepening conflict in the Catholic Church and deciphering this enigmatic pontificate.  So, let's review.... 

Eric Frankovitch A Palm Sunday Procession for the History Books:The SSPX is in Pittsburgh and the bishop has noticed. He does not like it one little bit. The more active and the more Catholic action the parishioners of St. James exhibit, the more the failure of the Novus Ordo (the Mass of the Effeminate) is highlighted.

Timothy Cullen Arrivederci Roma: “Home”, it would seem, has left home! It is not we who have left what was the spiritual home of the West and of others who took refuge in the Church, but rather that the Church has “moved on” leaving many seemingly abandoned children in her wake.

Jesse Russell, Ph.D. The Mind and Art of Pope Francis: En la Biblioteca de Papa Francisco.
One work that His Holiness says we would find, well-worn after four readings, is Alessandro Manzoni’s The Betrothed. What can we glean from this?

Michael J. Matt  Vatican unexpectedly end crackdown on U.S. Nuns on a Bus.  Wouldn't you know it--the Vatican has wrapped up its investigation TWO.YEARS.AHEAD.OF. CHEDULE,  and found the good sisters to be in compliance with Church teaching and ready to rock 'n' roll.

Peter B. Kelly The Known Light – Did Our Lady of Fatima’s “unknown light” in the sky already manifest itself, or is it yet to come? Catholics must put aside the mistaken belief that God has already punished the world for its many crimes many decades ago when everything about our Catholic Church was so much stronger than it is today.

Nigel Beaumont 240 Years Without a Priest: How Catholicism Survived in Japan

John Salza: Salza vs. Akin: PART II “Nine Things Jimmy Doesn’t Know About Fatima”

Brian McCall
On Bishop Richard Williamson’s Episcopal Consecration: Then and Now

1988 v. 2015: Where do you come down on this one? 

Father Ladis Cizik Traditional Latin Mass 101… The Structure of the Holy Sacrifice: The Mass of the Catechumens 

Father Celatus The Last Word… Crashing the ‘Spirit V2’. “Hello, folks, from the flight deck this is your co-pilot speaking, Francis the Humble. I’m not sure where Captain Arrogant went, but I’ll be taking it from here. Just sit back and relax.” 

The Remnant Speaks:

Mr. Geo Responds

From Japan: Suggested Catholic Action Well Worth Considering

Just Barely Hanging On

Protestant Protestants

Stipends for Traditional Masses 

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