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Michael J. Matt Our Hearts Are Breaking, Holy Father: I don’t see humility. I see a transparent putdown of all the popes back to Peter, and I wonder: Why are they doing this to our Church, to our Holy Father? Is it because they have uncrowned our King that they now feel compelled to officially uncrown His vicar?


Article of the Week!  The Remnant to Launch a Petition to Stop the Synod on the Family

Christopher A. Ferrara Stop the Synod! First they came for the Roman Rite, which they destroyed. Then they came for the Church Militant, which they disarmed and surrendered to the spirit of the age. Now, at the Synod will be coming for the moral law itself under the guise of a search for “pastoral solutions” to “challenges facing the family”. Please, God, stop the Synod!



Robert Siscoe The Intrinsic and Extrinsic Value of the Mass. Why all valid Masses are not equal. Finally, the real reason the valid New Mass is so dangerous.



Lives of the Saints St. Francis de Paola



The Real Life Series 29 Years in Laogai: The Father Koo Story. Remembering what they did and are still doing to our Catholic brothers in China



Louis J. Tofari Religious Liberty for All…Except Satanists? Are you praying for more religious liberty in America? Be careful what you pray for.



Timothy J. Cullen The World Is Too Much With Us: The Catholic is called to obey the Faith, but not necessarily the Church in the face of error. Who is to determine whether or not the institutional Church is in error?



Chris Jackson How Catholic Resistance Saved the Church (and how it can do it again) PART III



Derek Leaberry John Ford’s Catholic Vision: Pappy, as he was known to his friends, directed well over 100 films in a career that began in the Silent Era of film in 1917 and ended in 1966, a span of almost a half-century. Born a Catholic in Portland, Maine in 1894, was John Ford a director of films with Catholic themes? Did Pappy Ford have a Catholic vision?



Vincent Chiarello Just How Eternal is the Eternal City? The impending Muslim takeover of Rome



Coming Events The latest on a major meeting of Traditional Catholic minds, coming to the East Coast in September. The Remnant, CFN, Rorate Caeli, The Angelus, Harvest the Truth, The Roman Forum, American Catholic Lawyers—all together on one stage, uniting in defence of the old Faith.



Father Celatus The Last Word: On Monkeys and Modernists


The Remnant Speaks The “Antic” Pope; On Evolution; First-time Pilgrims speak; Harrison Answers Salza

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This is a recent photo of Pope Francis' impromptu visit to a workers’ cafeteria near the Vatican. What is depicted herein does not smack of heresy or even heterodoxy. Some will argue that it’s not scandalous at all, and perhaps they’re right. But if such now-routine departures from papal protocol cause some Catholic hearts to grow heavy with sadness…mine included…are we not entitled to cry out to our own father: Peter, quo vadis?

The awesome papacy of history, with its 2000-year-old legacy of loyal service to Christ our Royal King, is apparently fading away before our very eyes. Gone are the papal crowns, the royal robes, the sedia gestatoria, the kingly trappings we remember so fondly from our youth  --  and in their place stands the increasingly democratized, egalitarian “pope of the people”. It’s as if Pope is being transformed into President, and I wonder: Does any serious, practicing Catholic really want to see that happen? Do you?