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Hilary White

Why do the ungodly hate believers so much? Because anyone who asserts that there was a Man who came back from the dead, and that following and obeying Him will lead us out of the grave, is a rebuke to them.

Sometimes the Bible is useful for more than just incensing at Mass.

In his homily on Ps. 63 that is set as the reading for the second Nocturn of Matins for Good Friday, St. Augustine tells us the reason the Pharisees and leaders of the Temple hated Jesus and wanted him dead.

A while back I did a thing on my own mean and nasty blog about how the whole Missionaries of Mercy thing is a sham and a publicity stunt.

"If you just took the word of the official propaganda of the regime … you would imagine pretty easily that there must be lots and lots of these fancy sins, and that until Perp Francers priests mostly just molested teenagers and extorted money out of little old widows in exchange for imaginary indulgences.

Many years ago, I had a young friend who owned a car. It was a Japanese compact that was pretty fuel-efficient for its day (the early 80s) and served the needs of a city dwelling teenager quite well. One day, after I had come back from a trip across the Georgia Strait to Vancouver, I was talking with my friend about the Big City’s growing smog problem. The newspapers said it was because of a sudden explosive growth of the number of cars, privately owned automobiles, on the city’s streets. When I mentioned this to my friend, and suggested that he might not want to be a contributor to this problem he shrugged.
Abortionist, Emma “La Bicicletta” Bonino, among Italy’s “greats” ... Pope Francis

In 2010, after I had lived in Italy about two years and had begun to understand the byzantine complexities of this country’s politics, Emma Bonino decided to run for the office of governor of the region of Lazio. Once I found out what kind of person she was, I was seized with the urge to buy a crate of spray paint and go around Rome writing, “10,000 bambini assassinati non abbastanza per Emma ‘la Bicicletta’ Bonino,” on all her posters. “10,000 murdered babies not enough for Emma ‘the bicycle’ Bonino.” I thought of it every time I got off the train at St. Peter’s station in Rome where her face was plastered on nearly every surface. Somehow, I was disuaded from this course of action, and now I wish I had done it. Instead I wrote a few articles about her, and what she stood for, by way of an introduction to English speaking pro-life readers.
“For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but wanting to have their ears tickled, they will accumulate for themselves teachers in accordance to their own desires, and will turn away their ears from the truth and will turn aside to myths…” 2 Timothy 4:3

In the late 90s, just before I left Vancouver and West Coast secular leftism forever, I had a conversation with a friend who told me to watch carefully the progression of this new thing that was coming; World Wide Web, and what it was going to do to our civilisation. This was 1995, and he predicted that it would be a bigger game-changer than Gutenberg’s press, bigger than the steam engine, bigger than the telephone, even than television. And he was right.
War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Piety is impious. Christians are unchristian.  

Once again, as though we had nothing better to do, the traditional Catholic internet world is aghast! appalled! outraged! at something Pope Francis has said. Must be Tuesday.

 At first I thought, are we still doing this? Then I read the excerpt of the homily from his daily Mass at Casa Santa Martha: “Christians who obstinately maintain ‘it’s always been done this way,' this is the path, this is the street—they sin: the sin of divination.”

 Ah… I see…
Some time ago, one of my readers sent me a plaintive note, saying, essentially, that she thought Pope Francis is an antipope because he is leading the Church, apparently deliberately, into schism. She didn’t know what to make of his statements anymore, either about the Faith or about politics, or his willingness to publicly contradict or misrepresent the traditional teachings of the Faith, scripture or even himself, as he regularly does. She thought – and it’s easy to see how one might – that a pope who really is pope wouldn’t do these things.
Norway offering sex ed for Islamic migrants

I must admit I laughed yesterday to read an article from the New York Times saying that Norwegian “refugee” officials had, rather tentatively and with many apologies, launched “training sessions” for their Islamic migrants in European standards of sexual behaviour. This was admitted to be an effort to try to teach them “right from wrong.” Cynic that I am, my first thought was, “Do you know?”

I suppose it requires the point of view of a traditionally-minded Catholic to see the bizarre irony of the morally bankrupt European secularists preaching their deranged version of sexual morality to Muslims. It’s like watching a contest to see which set of norms are more degrading and dehumanizing.
I’m late, come sempre. In fact, I’m starting to think that if I were to show up to Mass on time, the monks would all fall off their benches in shock. I know my neighbour Massimo certainly would, but probably just to be dramatic and rub it in. Br. Gregory made his final vows today. I’m a terrible homebody, and hate leaving the house and almost didn’t go this morning. The one thought that pried me off the sofa and into my shoes was the thought, “Are you a part of this community or not?”

The Basilica church is packed and there is a large contingent of Franciscans in choir as well as an assortment of local prelates and visitors. People are standing in the back and they’ve put out the folding chairs along the side aisle. The Asperges is finished, and I park my wheelie shopping cart carrying my computer in the alcove in the back of the church next to St. Benedict’s statue. I know I have nothing to worry about. This is Norcia. I gave up locking my bike a few months after I got here.

Remnant Editor's Note: I was spending a few quite hours after Mass today editing some articles for The Remnant's last issue of 2015 (delayed by the holiday weekend, but to be mailed on Monday), when suddenly something rather startling happened.  Halfway through Hilary White's latest, I became convinced I was reading one of the more important articles I've read in some months and felt compelled to share a taste of it here.  Why? Because, clearly, our society is being systematically driven mad and at an accelerated rate of speed. The question Hilary is asking is this: What part does the Internet play in expediting our societal madness?

Here's Hilary:

Today I want to swing the camera outwards to the wide world and ask what do we see has been the effect on our civilisation of the nearly total take-over of our institutions by the online culture and internet technology. What is it doing to our cultures? What effect has instant global communication had on geopolitics? What about the gruesome spectre of Islamic jihad?

Christians and others are worried, and rightly, about the internet’s content. Quite apart from the porn, there is serious concern that the material we are being fed is nonsense; trite, shallow and banal “think pieces” on pop culture trivia and the doings of celebrities. There is a running joke on social media: “What would they think of us in the Middle Ages if we told them, ‘I have in my pocket a device which gives me access to all the accumulated knowledge of mankind. And I use it to look at cat videos.’”

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