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Hilary White

cvlmlt39 gran ospedaliere albrecht freiherr von boeselagerDisgraced Chancellor Albrecht von Boeselager of the Sovereign Military Order of the Knights of Malta

Over the Christmas weekend, as the Catholic world was otherwise occupied, the Francismachine made a move against the Sovereign Military Order of the Knights of Malta that seems to have perplexed many observers. The Holy See announced it would launch a “commission” to investigate the firing of one of the Knights’ leaders, sacked recently after it was revealed he had been allowing the distribution of condoms in Myanmar. In various venues, we saw Catholics responding with much confusion to the announcement and it quickly became clear that most Catholics don’t have a good handle on what, exactly, the Knights of Malta are or why Bergoglio may have overstepped his lawful prerogatives.

Let’s talk about Germany for a few minutes, and see if we can get a little perspective, shall we? People are talking about the national guilt complex for the Nazi period that is being heavily exploited by the left, and is, let’s face it, the entire justification for the current German collective national suicide. Simply put, children are taught in Germany that theirs is a country that deserves to die.

Leftist politicians openly call anyone a “Nazi” who


(Nope, not making it up.)

8574983317 0ba27cfb37Is Amoris Laetitia and the Orthodox: What's the Connection?

Did you know that Amoris Laetitia is really about rewriting Catholic Trinitarian dogma? Did you know that with it, Pope Francis has freed us, not only from the “canonical regulations of man,” but from our Biblical concept of God as Father? And that we no longer have to concern ourselves with moral restraints or even behavioural preferences imposed by this “heavenly father”? Did you know that the Church no longer teaches that there is any divinely authored moral law at all?

RaymondBurkeCardinalsLeaveGeneralCongregations Cp2kBPIWBfl

Cardinals  Daniel Di Nardo and Raymond Burke leave the Paul VI Hall, March 7, 2013, Vatican City. (Source: Getty Images Europe)     

Well! What an exciting week it’s been! All the Catholic bloggy world is in a froth over the Dubia of the Four Cardinals and the pope’s non-response. It has taken me the best part of a week to complete this because events kept changing so fast I couldn’t keep up. But it seems we are in another little lull.

Francis is thought to have refused to meet with his own cardinals at the consistory this weekend in order to avoid being confronted personally in a venue where it would be impossible to avoid answering the question whether he is or is not a Catholic. A pope hiding from his own cardinals in order to avoid being called out on heresy – oh, sorry, on “errors” – is something I’m not sure the Catholic Church has ever seen in all her long and strange history.

7982342 3x2 700x467

The 13th-Century Basilica of St. Benedict in Norcia destroyed, leaving standing only its great facade.

"We are now the remnant of the Church. We have no leadership worth the name. We cannot go where they are going, since they are going to perdition. As awful, as unbearable as it seems, we have only that one duty left; to carry on, by ourselves if necessary." - Hilary White

You may have heard that we were struck again with big earthquakes late last month. I think there was something about it in the news before your election. I’m currently writing from a train in northern Italy where I’ve more or less been wandering the countryside looking for a new place to live while they figure out whether my house in Norcia is going to keep standing up. Things are a little strange at the moment, but I think no stranger than they are in the life of the Church in general. At the moment, my personal life closely resembles the larger situation of uncertainty, turmoil and upheaval, so it is hard to complain of an opportunity to suffer exactly as Christ is now suffering in His Mystical Body.

Pope Francis and the Italian March to the Radical Party
20150331cnsto0005 800x500

One of the most important tasks of journalists is to learn to read “signals” in politics, and this week, the Italian Conference of Catholic Bishops (CEI) has sent up an unusually clear one. CEI has demonstrated that they not only have little interest in the spiritual nature of their role, but has this week officially thrown its collective lot in with the country’s most toxic anti-Catholics of the extreme far left.

The other day, someone out there in blogland asked a question that has been in my own mind for nearly three years. In essence, the question was, “How can a pope be a schismatic? If schism means refusal of submission to Peter, how can a pope be in schism from himself?” This logically leads to the next question: if Bergoglio is a heretic, and we are obliged to resist him, how then are we not, by definition, the schismatics?

People feel they are caught in an impossible dilemma; if the pope preaches heresy as though it were Catholic truth (and no bishop condemns this and calls him to account) are we not obliged to obey him? If not, then how are we not in open rebellion against the pope? But how can we who love Christ and wish to obey His commandments, follow this pope in his many brazen rebellions – his “manifest heresies” – against divinely authored truth?

Italian Priest: 'Contemplative nuns, seek the face of God while you can'

The ancient Christian occupation of full-time contemplation of God, the voluntary withdrawal from the world and its temporal concerns, the self-immolation and immersion in the life of prayer, may soon be effectively suppressed by the current occupiers of the Holy See, the men determined in all spheres of Catholic life to force conformity with the Vatican II secularist trends. The document issued recently by the Congregation for Religious, re-writes much of the canonical norms for women’s contemplative communities, and will centralize control over the monastic life.

An Italian priest has expressed the fears of many that the aim is to force the few maverick traditional or tradition-minded nuns to comply with the New Paradigm of Francischurch. Monasteries, that have traditionally been granted broad autonomy, will come under central.

We are probably all familiar by now with the very sensible Ann Barnhardt Maxim: your desire for political office is ipso facto proof that you are not qualified to hold any political office.

Given our current diseased political class and climate of not only irrationality but anti-rationality it is very difficult to argue against this. I don't know much about American politics (it was never my beat, even when I was writing about politics for a living) but it seems that the disease that is so evident in the current American election cycle is the same that we can see in every political jurisdiction in the western world (and most of Asia).

The stench of Marxist putrefaction is exactly the same, no matter where you are, whether it is Washington, Brusels, London, Rome or little Valletta. The source was Gramsci, Alinksy, Frankfurt School, Soros... etc... We all know by now. (And if we don't just go ahead and Google those terms and get yourself up to speed.)

The take-over has been almost total, both in the parliaments and in every other venue of public life (most certainly and especially the Church). The Long March Through the Institutions has been a smash success, they have almost completed their task of turning the whole world into one titanic re-education camp. So, well done all.

Well, sure… yes of course, the radical secularization of Europe is bad, but not as bad as being a gnostic-pelagian!…and failing to “accompany” sinners to help them “gradually” give up their sins… maybe… some day…

So says Pope Francis in his carefully prepared dialogue with the Polish bishops during World Youth Day.

The Vatican has released the official transcript (whether it has been doctored at the last moment no one has yet said) of his friendly, scripted public chat in the cathedral of Krakow, July 27th.

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