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Leaving politics and conspiracy out of it for a moment, families need to make sure their little ones are protected from apprehension overload. We will come together as a Christian community and we will get through this. Let’s make sure that our children know that tonight when they go to sleep.  

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TODAY, THE WORLD is being hit with a tsunami of bad news, non-stop, shaking up every level of our past sense of security, and sending us all in a whirlwind of uncertainty and unparalleled fears. Just last month, the economy had been better than ever, the stock market’s numbers were through the roof, businesses were reporting impressive gains and stability: a comfortable financial oasis for those living in America! But suddenly, blindsiding us all, the paradigm has changed—a microscopic enemy like a virus morphed into astronomical global changes and harm. For many, what took three years or more to attain was gone in three months or three days. Others lived month to month asking, how will I pay all my bills next bill cycle? This month’s primary stressor is: will I live long enough to have to pay next month’s bills?

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