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Saturday, September 15, 2018

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"These lessons of history should suffice to dispel the pious fable that every Pope is chosen by the Holy Ghost to lead the Church. This theological error, which Bergoglio has exploited to the hilt, is a key element in the related error of papalotry, which elevates the person of the Pope above the office he occupies and makes of him the leader of a personality cult, rather than a custodian and defender of the Deposit of Faith." --Chris Ferrara

Also includes: 

Michael J. Matt: The War to Stop Francis

Father Celatus: Bishops in White  and Now a Red Heifer

Hilary White: Advice for Women considering vocations


Yeah, you're real sorry, aren't you, Guys? Yeah, you're real sorry, aren't you, Guys?

This just in from the Vatican: “The Holy Father Francis, after hearing the Council of Cardinals, decided to convene a meeting with the Presidents of the Bishops Conferences of the Catholic Church on the theme of ‘protection of minors.’”

So, His Holiness needs his Cardinals to tell him it’d be a good idea to maybe address the massive sex abuse crisis in his church? Well, at least there’s something that looks like acknowledgement going on now. So, when does this meeting happen?

 “The summit will take place at the Vatican Feb. 21-24, 2019.”

*flips table*

Are they joking? Next year?!  And here we thought Brother Blasé in Chicago was talking through his red hat. Apparently not:

According to a news post in The Tablet, the Vatican is preparing to issue a response to Vatican nuncio Archbishop Carlo Viganò's explosive dossier of allegations that Pope Francis covered up Archbishop Theodore McCarrick’s sexual abuse of priests and seminarians:

A statement released by the Pope’s council of nine cardinals said it was “aware that in the current debate” of recent weeks the Holy See is about to issue “necessary clarifications”. 

Remnant Comment: As exciting as this news is, we the members of the Catholic press wish to confirm that, acting on the Holy Father’s own advice to us on the back of his airplane, we have indeed “read the document carefully and judged it for ourselves.” He needn't, therefore, "say one word" about it. 

Bishop Walkowiak Bishop Walkowiak

More episcopal support for Viganò, this time from Most Reverend David J. Walkowiak, Bishop of Grand Rapids. In a letter to his faithful dated September 10, 2018, he states:

“The 11-page testimony released by Archbishop Viganò needs to be investigated to the fullest extent. We need to arrive at the truth. Only a thorough investigation will determine whether the claims made by the Archbishop are true. If they are true, action needs to be taken promptly to fix these failures.”

And as the Vigano momentum grows, more of the ugly truth about Papa Bergoglio himself comes out:



V is Vigano GOOD 2

Debris continues to fall from the two-week-old Viganò eruption, and the Vatican is still taking direct hits.

In a letter dated September 6, 2018, to the members of Legatus—an influential organization of business owners and CEOs—founder Thomas Monaghan of Domino’s Pizza fame, publicized the association’s decision to withhold its annual tithe to the Holy See:

“We have also had discussions regarding our (Legatus’) annual tithe to the Holy See, pertaining to how it is being used, and what financial accountability exists within the Vatican for such charitable contributions. The board has begun in dialogue long these lines, and in the meantime has decided to place the Holy See annual tithe in escrow, pending further determination (by the Board). Please certainly pledge our continued devotion to Holy Mother Church, and recognize the tithe has been an important commitment of Legatus since our founding. However, in light of recent revelations and questions, he believe it appropriate to respectfully request clarification regarding the specific use of these funds.” [See full letter below.]

Legatus is under the spiritual direction of Cardinal DiNardo, who said last week that the questions raised by Viganò’s Testimony “deserve answers that are conclusive and based on evidence."

National Catholic Register’s description of Legatus hints at why this is a big deal:

“Members must be Catholics in good standing and an owner, chairman, president or CEO of a business with a minimum of $6.5 million annual revenue and at least 49 employees, or, for a financial service company, with at least 10 employees and $275 million in assets under management. Membership grows through word of mouth, and the only advertisement is with bishops, who must give permission for a chapter to form in their diocese.”


But what about Ave Maria University? How disappointing it must be for AVU founder, Tom Monaghan, to see his dream in the hands of a lifelong Democrat who has joined the shoot-the-messenger crowd down in Naples. A Democrat? Apparently so, if we’re to take President Jim Towey’s own word for it.

By the way, an article in today’s Naples Daily News not only cites The Remnant’s opposition to President Towey’s decision to provide cover for Francis, but also provides the latest update on a growing list of AMU alumni who are not standing for it:

Ave Maria University President Jim Towey’s statement in support of Pope Francis has prompted a swift backlash from several members of the Catholic community, including a group of nearly 70 alumni who signed an open letter asking he make a formal retraction. Towey has since amended his original statement and wrote a follow-up letter apologizing for some of his words, but he maintained his support of Pope Francis…A priest identified as Father John Paul Echert wrote a letter published in The Remnant, a Catholic newspaper, that said he was “utterly astonished and appalled” by Towey’s words.

Hats off to Mr. Monaghan and his Legatus organization for a courageous decision to help defund the Vatican, at least until Archbishop Carlo Viganò’s credible accusations against Pope Francis have been thoroughly investigated and steps taken to reform and restore a Catholic hierarchy in obvious moral and spiritual chaos.

V is Vigano GOOD


Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Pope to Suspend Viganò?

Written by
Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò

Chilling news just in from Roman Correspondent, Roberto de Mattei: Archbishop Viganò may be sanctioned for telling the truth:

Pope Francis is examining this possibility - if it is true, as several sources confirm -  that he has consulted Cardinal Francesco Coccopalmiero, and some other canon-lawyer, to study the possibility of canonical sanctions to inflict on the Archbishop, commencing with sospensione a divinis. If this news is confirmed it would be of extreme gravity, and somewhat surreal, seeing as the “expert” summoned to sanction Monsignor Viganò would be precisely Cardinal Coccopalmiero, who is being accused by the former-Nuncio of the United States, of being part of the “homosexual lobby” lording over the Vatican. It cannot be forgotten in any case, that the Cardinal’s Secretary, Monsignor Luigi Capozzi, is involved in a case of homosexual orgy, in which the position of his superior has still to be clarified.  

… But then, here is the contradiction: the laws of the Church are being invoked to strike, not immoral clergy, but the one who is denouncing the immorality of the clergy - Monsignor Carlo Maria Viganò, who in his Testimony did nothing other than follow the lines of the Church reformers, from St. Peter Damian to St. Bernardino of Siena, the great scourgers of sodomy.

This is all getting just a wee bit too perfect, isn’t it?

I mean, if you're a hater of the Catholic Church, SNL couldn’t spoof it harder than this.  And, quite honestly, the boys in the Vatican can't be this stupid.

Cardinal Blase Cupich, in a word-vomitous effort to rationalize the Pope’s guilt-ridden silence in the face of the Viganò Testimony, made the hilarious blunder of insisting that “talking about the environment” is of greater import than the “rabbit hole” of sex abuse scandal.

In case anyone missed it, we've highlighted the absurdity here: 

At least the Archbishop of Philadelphia gets it: Precisely now—as the scandal of the century explodes in the faces of the Pope and his posse—is not a great time to hold a synod of bishops which focuses on the youth… the irony isn’t even funny; it’s downright gross. Is anyone still handing the Pope babies to kiss these days?

As reported by LifeSiteNews, Archbishop Chaput stated what should be patently obvious: “The bishops would have absolutely no credibility.” Chaput used this reasoning in a letter to Pope Francis in which he called on his superior to cancel the synod and instead spend the resources on a type of retraining program for bishops.

Stop synod banner 2

Yes, it’s not the youth who need the most help right now, it’s the bishops. They’ve veered so far off course that a synod is now required which reminds them of their own sworn duties before God and His children.

And, thank God, a few good prelates would probably agree with him.

Ten bishops and counting have given public support in the last week to Archbishop Viganò’s character and to the credibility of his testimony:

bishop Chaput- Archbishop Charles Chaput of Philadelphia, PA, vouched for the former Nuncio's character, saying he "found his service to be marked by integrity to the church."

Bishop Paprocki- Bishop Thomas J. Paprocki of Springfield, IL, said, “Given the gravity of the content and implications of the former Nuncio’s statement, it is important for all the facts of this situation to be fully reviewed, vetted, and carefully considered.”

Archbishop Aquila- Archbishop Samuel J. Aquila of Denver, CO, cited Cardinal DiNardo in a statement which included: “the questions raised deserve answers that are conclusive and based on evidence. Without those answers, innocent men may be tainted by false accusation and the guilty may be left to repeat sins of the past.”

Cardinal DiNardo- Cardinal DiNardo, the president of the U.S. Bishops Conference (USCCB)

Bishop Strickland- Bishop Joseph Strickland of Tyler, TX, has gone so far as to order all the priests in his diocese to read from the pulpit a statement that he finds Viganò’s allegations credible. 

archbishop cordilenone- Archbishop Cordileone of San Francisco, CA, in an open letter to his faithful, “can attest that [Archbishop Viganò] is a man who served his mission with selfless dedication, who fulfilled well the Petrine mission entrusted to him.”

Bishop Olmsted- Bishop Thomas Olmsted of Phoenix, AZ, issued a statement affirming that he has known Viganò for 39 years, has “always known and respected him as a man of truthfulness, faith and integrity” and that his testimony should “be taken seriously by all…”

Archbishop Vigneron- Archbishop Allen Vigneron of Detroit, MI, issued a statement calling Viganò’s account “another daunting challenge to our confidence in the reliability of the Church’s leadership, during a summer of devastating news regarding clergy sexual abuse and infidelity.” (The statement has since apparently been scrubbed from the diocesan website.)

schnneider 2- Bishop Athanasius Schneider declares: “Archbishop Viganò confirmed his statement by a sacred oath invoking the name of God. There is, therefore, no reasonable and plausible cause to doubt the truth content of the document of Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò.”

cardinal burke- Cardinal Raymond Burke’s statement declares: “The declarations made by a prelate of the authority of Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò must be totally taken to heart by those responsible in the Church.”

The Remnant established the #StopTheSynod2018 some weeks ago more as a provocation than anything. But now that even prominent archbishops are also calling on the Vatican to do the right thing and knock it off, momentum for this effort is sure to increase. 

So let's go here! Please, sign the petition below, send it to your friends and family, post the link on your Facebook page---and let's send a clear message to the Vatican: Stay away from the kids! 

Stop synod banner 2

God protect Archbishop Viganò God protect Archbishop Viganò


BIG NEWS: Christopher Ferrara covers Archbishop Viganò's Testimony and the Pope's "response".


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pope of the worldEveryone's favorite "Humble Pope"...

CIC ad screenshot

Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone

Yet another prelate has risen up to defend Archbishop Viganò—the Most Rev. Salvatore J. Cordileone of San Francisco. Good, holy priests and bishops remain, and this letter is another example of how faithful sons of the Church should react to the current climate of scandal and heartbreak:

The Archdiocese of San Francisco
Office of the Archbishop
1 Peter Yorke Way
San Francisco, CA

August 29, 2018

Dear Faithful of the Archdiocese,

Last Sunday witnessed what many are calling a “bombshell” in the Church: the publication of Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò’s “Testimony,” alleging corruption and coverup at all levels of the Church based on his long and extensive personal knowledge.

I came to know Archbishop Viganò well during the years he served as Apostolic Nuncio here in the United States.  I can attest that he is a man who served his mission with selfless dedication, who fulfilled well the Petrine mission entrusted to him by the Holy Father to “strengthen his brothers in the faith,” and who would do so at great personal sacrifice and with absolutely no consideration given to furthering his “career” – all of which speaks to his integrity and sincere love of the Church.  Moreover, while having no privileged information about the Archbishop McCarrick situation, from information I do have about a very few of the other statements Archbishop Viganò makes, I can confirm that they are true.  His statements, therefore, must be taken seriously.  To dismiss them lightly would continue a culture of denial and obfuscation.  Of course, to validate his statements in detail a formal investigation will have to be conducted, one that is thorough and objective.  I am therefore grateful to Cardinal DiNardo for recognizing the merit of finding answers that are “conclusive and based on evidence,” and I join my voice to that of other bishops in calling for such an investigation and for taking any corrective action that may be necessary in light of its findings.

vigano and salvatoreArchbishops Viganò and Cordileone

I was named a bishop on July 5, 2002, three weeks after the USCCB meeting in Dallas that approved the Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People, and still at the height of the drama of revelations of sex abuse of minors by clergy.

At that time, I was asked to conduct a prayer service at the conclusion of a conference on family life hosted by the diocese that attracted participants from around the world.  I met there an Australian priest with whom I was acquainted during our years of study in Rome, and he congratulated me on my appointment.  I replied, “Thank you, but this is not a good time to become a bishop.”  I will never forget his response to me: “But it is a good time to be a great bishop.” 

What he said to me then can be said to every Catholic at this time.  The Church is in need of purification.  Purification is always painful.  My dear victims: you know this more than anyone; please know of our prayers and love for you, and that we continue to be here for you, to support you and help you to heal with the resources we have available.   

I believe God is beginning this painful process of purification for us now, but for it to work, we must cooperate.  God has always raised up great saints in similar times of turmoil in the Church.  I call on all of us to rededicate ourselves to prayer, penance and adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, so that God will bless us with this grace.

CIC 2018 banner ad

Please know of my gratitude to you all: to you our priests, who remain close by your people, lending them support and pastoral care in this time of crisis; to you our deacons, who assist priests in this responsibility and bring the Gospel to those for whom it would otherwise be inaccessible; to you our victims assistance coordinators and to all who support victims on the painful path toward healing; to the faculty and administration of St. Patrick’s Seminary for your hard work in providing deep and healthy formation for our future priests for the renewal of the Church in our corner of the Lord’s vineyard, and to our seminarians for your fervor and generosity in responding to the Lord’s call of priestly service; and last but not least, to you, our people, for your prayer, for your love and concern for the Church, which now moves you to demand change that is effective and decisive, and for your support of our priests.

May God grant us all the grace to be the agents of change and purification that He is calling us to be at this time.

Sincerely yours in our Lord,

Most Rev. Salvatore J. Cordileone
Archbishop of San Francisco


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