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Thursday, March 28, 2019

AND JUSSIE FOR ALL: A Review of News

Written by
Jussie Smollett Jussie Smollett

No Deal with Rocket Man

It is hard to fathom that North Korea’s Kim Jong-un will ever eliminate his nuclear arsenal.  Kim is also no more concerned with North Korea’s best interests than Nicolas Maduro is with Venezuela’s.  Take away Kim Jong-un’s nukes and nobody knows his name – most especially the United States.  Without nukes, North Korea is Albania, but with a worse climate.  Trump’s summit with Kim Jong-Un may have ended without a nuclear arms treaty, but no deal is better than a poor one. 

Dems in White Blouses

How about all those Democratic Congresswomen who sat together during the State of the Union Speech all geared up in white trying to look pure and innocent because after all, the good gals always wear white, right?  However, after a second glance and a rewind of history, the only time Democrats would get together to wear white always came with a hood and a burning a cross.  Fast forward to today’s contemporary Democratic Party where abortion and infanticide is all the rage, but getting caught wearing black face from the 1980s, and you’re a pariah.  Chuck Stroup tells me that shoe polish manufacturers have now added warning labels for any of their products sold to Democrats: “Do not apply to face.” 

ladies in white

It’s the Democrats who accuse Republicans of racism, yet they can’t bring themselves to pass a resolution condemning anti-Semitism or censuring Rep. Ilhan Omar.  Democrats still deny that there is an immigration problem as Secretary of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen recently reported to a congressional committee that Mexicans have been smuggling enough Fentanyl into the U.S. to kill every American twice over.

UnplannedMovieAbbyJohnsonKids Can Get Actual Abortion But Can't Watch Movie About One 

The movie “Unplanned” was rated R by The Motion Picture Association of America much to the initial chagrin of the movie’s producers.  The film has no nudity or profanity, but it does show the horrific act of aborting a child and thus got tagged with the restricted rating.   The film centers on Abby Johnson, a former Planned Parenthood director, who is now a steadfast pro-life advocate.  The irony of the R rating was not lost on the producers who underscored that a teenage girl must obtain parental permission to watch a movie that involves an abortion, but yet in many states throughout our fruited plain a girl does not need parental permission to have an actual abortion. 

The producers were quoted in Movieguide.org saying, “Maybe it’s for the best.” “…every mother of a teenage girl needs to take her by the hand and go see (the film) with her.” As far as they are concerned, R means recommended. 

"We're the Clintons, and we want your money."

The Clintons’ 14-city speaking tour will be coming to The Met in Philadelphia on April 13.  According to vividseats.com, the cheapest seat will cost you $31 and the most expensive that was still available, $406.  Imagine how much the Clintons would charge if they were not “share the wealth” socialists who condemn capitalism.clintons

Let's Tax Selfies

According to The Wall Street Journal, the California Public Utilities Commission will no longer levy a tax on texting as the FCC said text messaging is an information service and not a telecommunications service.  From the gate the Golden State was barking up the wrong redwood.  Provided California is so tax happy, they should instead levy a tax on selfies.  Considering the narcissism of Californians, the state would wipe out their state pension deficits and balance their budget within a month. 

Soon Dems'll Need a Wall to Keep Rich People In

Provided another “Green New Deal” is ever drawn up by Democrats Rep. A.O.C. and Senator Ed Markey’s the only thing it will ever accomplish is to greatly increase taxation.  Then, Democrats will finally have to approve Trump’s wall to keep all the rich folks in the country.

Jussie Smollett and Black Gay Privilege

Jussie Smollett is the gay O.J., who hopes to Kaepernick himself.  With all criminal charges dismissed (gay-black privilege, anyone?), Smollett remains a hero to Leftists because he framed the narrative they want desperately to be true: that white America is racist, homophobic and violent. 

jussie smolletJussie Smollet on his way to court

March Madness

To underscore how the 2017 tax overhaul is progressive and unchanged is the fact that the top one-fifth of taxpayers will still pay the bulk of federal taxes rising from 84 percent to 87 percent. 

In my March Madness bracket from the opening tipoff I had the IRS and the PA Dept. of Revenue in the finals with the IRS besting the state 60-40.

How about you?

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Wednesday, March 27, 2019

THIS THURSDAY: Catholic Laity Rally in DC

Written by

What: Rally
When: Thursday, March 28, 2019, at 2:00 pm
Where: Papal Nunciature, Massachusetts Avenue and 34th St., N.W., Washington, D.C.
Who: Catholic Laity for Orthodox Bishops and Reform
Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Catholic Laity for Orthodox Bishops and Reform (Catholic Laity) will rally at the Papal Nunciature on Thursday, March 28, at 2:00 pm.

The Catholic Identity Conference will be back in November 2019!

This year’s theme: TRADITIONAL CATHOLIC RESTORATION: The World’s Last Chance

In anticipation of a record-setting turnout, we’ve moved to a larger venue, a Pittsburgh airport hotel, and we’ve already locked in Bishop Athanasius Schneider, Chorbishop Anthony Spinosa, LifeSite’s Rome reporter, Diane Montagna, as well as our priestly brother in arms, Father Gregory Pendergraft as speakers. (The full roster for the CIC 2019 will be announced in the next issue of The Remnant.)

In the meantime, mark your calendars for November 1-3, 2019. For more information, or to register online, visit CatholicIdentityConference.org

We hope to see you there!

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PUBLICATION NOTICE: The March 31st issue of The Remnant Newspaper is in the mail.

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New look, new writers, new issue...

all the lines

The March 31st Remnant Newspaper includes brilliant new writers and barnburner contribuitions from some of your favorite bylines:

Michael J. Matt...
                            Destroying the Church on Purpose

Roberto de Mattei...
                            The Miracle of the Palazzo Massimo, Then and Now

Hilary White... 
                            Learning to Pray with Tears (Part II)

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Christopher Ferrara... 
                           Thank God for Francis! (What We've Learned from Jorge Bergoglio)

Elizabeth Yore...
                           The Unsustainable Papacy

Robert Lazu... 
                            Catholic, Martyr, Aristocrat: Monsignor Vladimir Ghika (1873 - 1954)

Clare Wilson... 
                           Charity for the Whole Man: Reflections on the Works of Mercy

Chris Jackson... 
                           LOOKING DOWN THE ROAD: How Will This Crisis End?

Paul De Marco... 
                           FATIMA: The Message from Heaven that Could Still Save the World

Father Celatus... 
                           Brer Bergoglio and the Briar Patch Gospel

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Taylor Marshall's interview of Michael Matt, "Traditional Catholics Uniting the Clans",  has been posted!

Among the topics discussed:

 > History of the traitional movement

 > Francis didn't start this fire

 > Vatican II itself is the problem

 > Archbishop Lefebvre: Catholic hero? 

 > Catholic restoration and rebuilding a Catholic culture


Watch the interview below:


Remnants Roots

From a Remnant Reader in New Zealand:

I wondered if you would like a comment on today's events in NZ. The prime minister, Jacinda Ardern, has called for two minutes of silence to be observed to recognise the victims of last weeks' mosque massacre. 

Interestingly, we are all being invited to join the commemoration which will be broadcast nationally.  It will begin with the Muslim call to prayer, then will conclude with nearly 30 minutes of Muslim prayer during which we are all requested to remain silent.  There has also been a nationwide show of sympathy by wearing a hijab (head scarf) for the day! 

Naturally, we will not be joining this official ceremony.  We will visit our local parish church and recite the Rosary. 

Here is a video about the 2-minute - silence... 


Would love to hear some comments by people outside New Zealand about what they think of all this.  

REMNANT COMMENT: Due to the horrific nature of this tragedy, we would invite comments which are sensitive to the families of the victims. Muslim or Christian, such acts of atrocity are an abomination in the eyes of God and Man.

We are curious to know, however, if our readers agree that the New Zealand PM's national call to silence Christian prayer and amplify that of their Muslim neighbors would fall within the realm of a legitimate ecumenical overture during a time of crisis.

In any case, our prayers are raised to the God of Christianity—the one and only True God—on behalf of the Muslim victims of this act of senseless violence.

Muslim or Christian, we can all agree that the perpetrators of such heinous acts of terrorism surely deserve to burn in hell should they depart from this earth unrepentant. 



Proving the Dems will play dirty in their efforts to run Trump out of the White House, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez just got busted for failing to report $1 million of campaign cash with which she secured her win in the midterm elections.

From LawEnforecmentToday.com:

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her Chief of Staff were just quietly removed from their role as board members on the PAC Justice Democrats, reported the Daily Caller.

The action comes shortly after a complaint was filed with the FEC alleging that she and Saikat Chakrabarti committed campaign finance violations that helped her win the 2018 midterm elections.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her Chief of Staff could be facing multiple civil penalties or even jail time due to an investigation into whether she hid control of an outside PAC that helped solidify her win in the 2018 midterm elections.

According to the Daily Caller, Ocasio-Cortez and Saikat Chakrabarti gained majority control of the Justice Democrats PAC in late 2017. Ocasio-Cortez and Chakrabarti were officially taken off the Justice Democrats’ board on March 15, according to a corporate document to the Washington, D.C. Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs, The Daily Caller stated.

REMNANT COMMENT: "It appears Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her associates ran an off-the-books operation to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars, thus violating the foundation of all campaign finance laws: transparency." - Tom Anderson, Director of the National Legal and Policy Center's Government Integrity Project

Well, yes, but let's not forget how this little performer got her gig in the first place: she literally tried out for the part...


The March 15th issue of The Remnant Newspaper is in the mail.

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The March 15th issue includes exciting coverage of the Vatican’s recent Summit on the sex abuse crisis:

  • Michael Matt’s exposé of the Vatican’s Green New Deal: Resisting Francis To His Face
  • Hilary White explores the life of prayer: Learning to Pray With Tears
  • Fr. Celatus asks of the Church’s hierarchy: What Came First: Lavender Mafia or Apostasy?
  • Enthusiastic newcomer Damien Peterson coaches us on: How to Survive the Coming War


Plus, Michael Davies at his finest in “Remnants from the Past” breaks it down for us: On the Present Position of the Traditionalist Movement: Ten Years After Summorum Pontificum

Also included: Another installment of Jason Moragn’s “Letters from Screwtape U”, A WWII story within an all-women’s concentration camp, and a surprise connection from a Remnant reader to the WWII heroine, Sophie Scholl.

sophie schollSophia Magdalena Scholl, a girl who challenged the Nazi Regime (9 May 1921 – 22 February 1943)

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The St. Gallen Group lost a member today. Cardinal Danneels, whom Pope Francis describes as “a zealous pastor who served the church with dedication,” died this morning at age 85.

statement on the website of the Belgian Church said: “Cardinal Jozef De Kesel, archbishop of Mechelen-Brussels and chairman of the Belgian bishops’ conference, has the sad duty to inform you that Cardinal Godfried Danneels, emeritus archbishop of Mechelen-Brussels, died this morning, Thursday March 14 2019, in his hometown in Mechelen.” 

Although his later years were marred by the abuse crisis—he was recorded telling a man who had been abused by his uncle, Bishop Roger Vangheluwe, that it would be better to remain silent until the bishop had retired—he nevertheless somehow found himself honored to be selected to stand alongside Pope Francis the night he was introduced to the world on the loggia.

May God have mercy on his soul.

danneels loggia

When the magisterium of the Church becomes useless and compromised, it is vital for individual members of the hierarchy to find other ways and means to defend the brethren.

Athanasius Schneider, O.R.C. is a Kazakhstani Roman Catholic bishop, the auxiliary bishop of Astana, Kazakhstan. He is a member of the Canons Regular of the Holy Cross of Coimbra.

He now has a website called Gloria Dei where he posts articles and sermons in order to encourage and connect with faithful Catholics throughout the world. 

Please visit his website and send him a message in gratitude for this initatiative on behalf of his flock. 

May God bless and keep Bishop Athanasius Schneider.

schneider web

Wow, Man! Wow, Man!

When can we all agree that the hippie dippie schtick is old, tired, and quite frankly, the stupidest “cause” the Vatican has yet championed? Light shows on St. Peter’s weren’t enough; the Pope’s still at it. Can someone please remind him that he’s head of the Catholic Church, and we’d like some theology up in here? On second thought, maybe not...

Vatican City, Mar 8, 2019 / 10:25 am (CNA).- Pope Francis said Friday that global development goals need to be supported by ethical objectives stemming from personal conversion and recognition of one’s failures.

“The economic and political objectives must be supported by ethical objectives, which presuppose a change of attitude, the Bible would say a change of heart,” the pope said March 8 at the Vatican's Clementine Hall.

“Already St. John Paul II spoke about the need to ‘encourage and sustain an ecological conversion,’” he said, referencing a 2001 catechesis of one of his predecessors. “Religions have a key role to play here.”

Francis emphasized that “for a correct transition to a sustainable future, it is necessary to recognize ‘one’s own mistakes, sins, vices or negligence,’ ‘to repent of heart, to change from within,’ to be reconciled with others, with creation and with the Creator,” as he wrote in his 2015 encyclical on the environment, Laudato si'.

“Indeed, we should all commit ourselves to promoting and implementing the development goals that are supported by our deepest religious and ethical values,” he urged. “Human development is not only an economic question or concerns only experts, but is above all a vocation, a call that requires a free and responsible response.”

The pope addressed Vatican officials, religious representatives, and members of international organizations participating in a March 7-9 conference on “Religions and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): Listening to the cry of the earth and the poor.”

…In his speech to conference participants Friday, Pope Francis praised the SDGs and 2030 Agenda as “a great step forward for global dialogue, in the sign of a necessary ‘new universal solidarity.’”

REMNANT COMMENT: This man is becoming insufferable!  And the thing is, the world is not nearly as interested in what he has to say as he thinks they are. Take, for example, his stupid movie--Pope Francis: A Man of His Word, which Nick Allen of RogerEbert.com called "a non-denominational sermon" by a "Francis fanboy".  It was a box office disaster.  It cost more to make than it's earned so far--a whopping $8 million, which is far less than the top 100 movies of 2018 grossed on their opening weekends.

In other words, nobody cares!  Pope Francis is a superstar in his own mind, but that's really about it. And now his God complex has got him convinced he has to save the planet. 

May God save us all from this increasingly delusional human being.  

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