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(SOUTH BEND, Indiana: 3/2/20) -- Bishop Athanasius Schneider has assumed the role of Episcopal Advisor to the U.S.-based nonprofit TRADIVOX, in their landmark new catechism restoration project .

For the first time in history, dozens of long-forgotten official Catholic catechisms are coming back into print, freshly reformatted as a multi-volume series. This series includes texts that span from the 1200s  to  the  mid-1900s,  issued  and  endorsed  by  bishops  throughout  the  world  - a powerful demonstration of the continuity of Church teaching across time and space.

Tradivox is also designing a digital learning platform to harness the doctrinal content of these venerable texts; a tool able to give instant and reliable answers on matters of faith and morals, according to the approved catechisms through the centuries. This promises to be an invaluable resource for anyone seeking to learn or teach the Catholic Faith in the digital age.

Tradivox is seeking corporate sponsors, regular donors, and additional volunteers for the completion of their publication phase. Please support this timely and much-needed project, aimed at the restoration of integrally Catholic faith and practice ­­­today.schneider for tradivox

"I invite the faithful of the entire world to support this historic effort, as we seek to restore the perennial Catechism of the Church."  + Athanasius Schneider



About Tradivox, Inc.

Begun in 2013 as an international research effort, T radivox incorporated in 2019 to grow their mission of "Giving Voice to Tradition." Based in South Bend, Indiana, they develop faith-based educational resources for the cause of Catholic restoration worldwide.

Saturday, February 29, 2020

REMNANT NEWSPAPER: New Issue Available Now

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The February 29th issue of The Remnant Newspaper shipped last week.

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Germany's Federal Constitutional Court rules that the right to die includes the freedom to “rely on the voluntary help of another person.”  Germany's Federal Constitutional Court rules that the right to die includes the freedom to “rely on the voluntary help of another person.” 


So, here we go again. Germany’s highest court has overturned a ban on medically assisted suicide. This means that Germans wanting to end their own lives, or help someone else end theirs, will no longer have to leave the country to get the job done.

Isn't that great! 

According to a New York Times report, Hermann Gröhe, a former health minister who helped create the original ban on assisted suide, told reporters he believes the decision "would pave the way toward the normalization of suicide as a treatment option.”

Beatrix von Storch, a member of the far-right Alternative for Germany party, said the decision would have wide-ranging consequences and would create “a cult of death.”

Ya think? So where certain evil political parties in Germany just 70 years ago got comfortable with the idea of putting Germans to death on a mass scale, a new evil political party is now going to let German put themselves to death on a mass scale. And this they call "progress". 

Welcome to the New World Order. 

We’re pleased that the fine, young editors of the Allium-Cepa (the Latin scientific word for ONION) News Network (A-CNN) have agreed to bring back their satirical offerings.

We share their opinion that one thing the Left -- inside the Vatican and out -- cannot stand is mockery, and we find that, as the nice lady said, "in a time when you can either laugh or cry, laughing at least feels better."

Readers may recall the A-CNN crowd-pleaser by Remnant columnist, Chris Jackson, Converted Trump Now Running for Pope, which was read almost 63,000 times after it appeared back in February of 2016.

Here in February 2020, new offerings include Peter Kwasniewski’s Vatican Announces Beatification of Man Who Rearranged Deckchairs on the Titanic and Matthew Michael’s Hard hearts cannot paint with colors of the wind, Pope says.

With the current Vatican situation such as it is, we here at The Remnant challenge our readers to check these new A-CNN articles out tell us: Is it satire, or not? 

It's getting so difficult to tell the difference. 

We can't recommend A-CNN highly enough, and we hope you'll help us spread the word that the Allium Cepa (again, the Latin scientific word for ONION) News Network is back and funnier than ever. 

ROME, February 19, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) — In a new in-depth analysis of the apostolic exhortation Querida Amazonia, Bishop Athanasius Schneider has praised what he views as Pope Francis’ decision not to weaken priestly celibacy or open the door to a female “diaconate.” But he has also criticized the “lamentable doctrinal ambiguities and errors” that he says the document contains.

The auxiliary bishop of St. Mary in Astana, Kazakhstan, maintains that Querida Amazonia’s stance on priestly celibacy and female “deacons” represents “a glimmer of hope amid the ongoing confusion,” despite the document’s “theological limitations and errors.”  Read the rest HERE

Remnant Comment:  We very much agree with His Excellency's analysis. Of course, Team Francis still wants feathers and tom-toms at Mass, but that's only to be expected from these men; it's really not the story here. 

The takeaway from Francis’ Exhortation Querida Amazonia ("Beloved Amazon") is that it fell well short of the mark when it came to the promised ordination of women and married priests in the new and improved Church of Accompaniment. 

That's it. The threatened act of brazen revolution fizzled into a flurry of feathers. 

Is this only a temporary setback for the Francis agenda? No doubt. They'll try again. But let’s not underestimate the extent to which Francis' true agenda at the Amazon Synod was exposed. In the final analysis, he was forced to abandon what was ostensibly the main point and purpose of the Amazon Synod--to bring the Eucharist to the peoples of the Rain Forest on the backs of women deacons and married priests. 

Couple this with the Pachamamas floating down the Tiber, and the Amazon Synod will go down in history as a ridiculous stunt that fell flat on its face and left the Francis pontificate exposed to worldwide ridicule from both friend and foe of Papa Bergoglio. 

Simply put, the totally "woke" Amazon Synod ended in a papal dumpster fire. 

In case you missed it, here's The Remnant’s take on Querida Amazonia (start at minute 13:40):

FOR ANY PROBLEM within the American political landscape, Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren has a solution – albeit a costly one.  Warren’s plan to eliminate student loan debt, while liquidating the middle class was certainly foremost when she was recently questioned by a dad who bankrolled his daughter’s college education.    

Like Obama’s interlude with Joe “The plumber” Wurzelbacher, during his first run for the White House in 2008, his “spread the wealth” comment that quickly went viral revealing what he was really thinking, was off script.  Given the ubiquity of electronic recording devices, the Warren campaign had to know that a similar occasion was bound to occur.  

Columbus, OH: The far-left organization openDemocracy published a thinly veiled “investigative” report in an attempt to smear the work and mission of pro-life pregnancy help centers, maternity homes, adoption agencies and medical clinics.

But the Soros-backed website neither substantiated its claims nor gave adequate time for them to be scrutinized.

What is being presented as an as an investigative report is nothing more than the spreading of misinformation about organizations created for women who desperately need emotional support and practical care during an unexpected pregnancy.

The following may be attributed to Betty McDowell, LSW, Heartbeat International vice president:
Every woman has a right to know all the information before making an abortion decision. Denying women awareness of the emotional, psychological and physical risks that abortion can cause would be neglectful and dangerous.
Science has proven time and again that there are psychological and emotional risks for women involved with abortion, and for those providing care to women, it would be irresponsible to withhold this information.

The following may be attributed to Cindi Boston-Bilotta, Heartbeat International vice president:
Women should have access to comprehensive information regarding all risks associated with any given medical procedure, no matter what that procedure might be. This is absolutely crucial to ensuring informed consent. Pregnancy centers look to scientific studies about the short and long-term effects of abortion in order to ensure that clients are empowered with facts before making a life-altering decision.

Prior attempts to allege that pregnancy centers are remiss in the area of truth in advertising have been unsuccessful, with the pregnancy centers affirmed time and again by the courts. Heartbeat will vigorously defend the good work of our pregnancy centers and our commitment of care. \

The following may be attributed to Ellen Foell, Esq., international specialist for Heartbeat International:
The truth stands, no matter where you are in the world, that abortion ends the life of a developing human baby. While residents of different countries may communicate it in different ways, that is the definition of abortion.

And while different countries have their cultures and varied ways of communicating, the fact remains that abortion carries risks to women.

Heartbeat International’s full response can be found at https://pregnancyhelpnews.com/soros-fundedorg-

About Heartbeat International: Heartbeat International is the largest pro-life pregnancy help network in the world, with over 2,800 affiliated locations in more than 60 countries. Heartbeat's mission is to Reach and Rescue as many lives as possible, around the world, through an effective network of lifeaffirming pregnancy help, to Renew communities for LIFE in order to achieve their vision of making abortion unwanted today and unthinkable for future generations.

The Catholic Herald is reporting that the notorious heretic Reinhard Cardinal Marx is stepping aside as chairman of the German Bishops’ Conference:

The Archbishop of Munich and Freising said in a statement that it was time for the “younger generation” to take charge when the bishops meet for their spring General Assembly early next month.

Cardinal Marx pointed out that if he were to serve a second term, he would be 72 by the time it finished, almost at retirement age.

“I was very happy to hold the office of chairman of the German Bishops’ Conference, but ‘everything has its time’,” the cardinal said.

Marx has been chairman of the German Bishops’ Conference since March 2014, and has served as Archbishop of Munich and Freising since 2008.

Good riddance, Excellency. We trust that Our Lady and the Acies Ordinata played a part in your decision to do the right thing:

As further evidence of our ongoing contention that there's a worldwide awakening going on where Pope Francis is concerned, even the National Review is recognizing the massive infiltration of the Catholic Church that is the Francis pontificate.

The following excerpts come from a National Review article titled, Pope Francis, Wayward Shepherd:

“As the estimable Father Raymond J. de Souza pointed out in the November 28, 2019, issue of the Catholic Herald, Pope Francis has a soft spot for leftist leaders who oppress civil society in the name of social justice and solidarity with the poor...

“The Church is literally becoming secular, obsessed with political and social matters far beyond its competence. As the courageous Kazakh bishop Athanasius Schneider suggests in his new book, Christus Vincit: Christ’s Triumph over the Darkness of the Age, Pope Francis mainly attends to secular issues — climate change, the environment (right down to the proper disposal of plastic), immigration — and does so in an “exaggerated manner.” This “frenzied activism,” as Schneider calls it, crowds out concern for the life of the soul and the “supernatural realities” of grace, prayer, and penance.”

We don’t typically love to send our readers away from this site, but you should probably go read the rest of the article at NationalReview.com right now. 

Within less than a week, America endured for only the third time in our storied history, the impeachment and acquittal of a president while witnessing for the first time a senator from the president’s own political party voting to convict him.  

During the same week, the Democratic Iowa Caucus results were delayed due a faulty app that failed to record the tallies begging the question: Where are the Russians when you need them? 

Following the embarrassing scandal over Robert Cardinal Sarah’s book on priestly celibacy, co-written by Benedict XVI, wherein Archbishop Georg Gänswein denied that Benedict was, in fact, the co-author, the Associated Press is now reporting that Gänswein has been conspicuous by his absence from Pope Francis' protocol team ever since.

In a press release yesterday, the Vatican press office denied that Gänswein, who also serves as secretary for Benedict XVI, has been officially suspended as head of Francis’ papal household by Pope Francis.

So the question is: Where is he? 

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