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Toni McCarthy: Evolution of Deceit and the Vengeance of the God of Genesis...

"Thanks to the unprecedented upheaval in Church teaching which occurred as a result of the Vatican II Council, the Genesis account has been relegated to the status of a story and as mere poetry by theologians who favor the theory of “theistic” evolution and who religiously proclaim the wonders of modern science. The result is a devastation. A devastation that has culminated with the situation we endure today: A Pope who openly misrepresents and insults our Lord and His Word. “Outrages, sacrileges and indifferences” as described by the holy angel to the children of Fatima.--Toni McCarthy


This issue also includes: 

Michael J. Matt: The Remnant League of the Sacred Heart Goes Worldwide

David Sonnier:  Cultural Genocide or Suicide? A Clarification

Hilary White: ACEDIA: The Noonday Devil and Civilizational Despair 

Michael Massey: Breaking the Seal (of Confession, by law, in Australia)  Here it comes! 


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Besties: Pope and Wuerl Besties: Pope and Wuerl

After weeks of doing nothing to address what John Allen calls the most serious crisis in the Catholic Church since the Protestant Revolt, Pope Francis took a few moments off from dinking around at the Synod and demonizing Archbishop Vigano to finally accept the resignation of Donald Cardinal Wuerl--the embattled Cardinal Archbishop of Washington, D.C..

The Cardinal passed the retirement age already two years ago, but it took the unprecedented sex scandal for Francis to finally get around to accepting his resignation, if reluctantly. 

The Holy Father used the opportunity "not to praise Wuerl but to bury him,” positively gushing over the Wuerl's great service, even despite mounting evidence of improprieties including complicity in sexual abuse cover-ups in Pennsylvania, which Francis, incredibly, suggested was "justified".  Indeed it must have been, since Francis will allow Wuerl to retain his Vatican offices and remain in the Archdiocese of Washington as caretaker until a successor can be appointed (which could take years).  

Mother Cecilia Mother Cecilia
History in the Making... 
The Abbey of Our Lady of Ephesus in Gower, MO, made history last month.

Click HERE to see stunning photos taken on the day of the Dedication of the Abbey church and the Consecration of Mother Cecilia as First Abbess of Our Lady of Ephesus. 

She is the first to receive the traditional Benedictine Abbatial Consecration in the history of the United States.
congregationThe whole community, with Bishops Morlino and Johnston. 
mass for the nunsCelebrant: Bishop Morlino
crosier(Photo cred: Tracy Dunne)

If ever there was a sign from heaven that God is still in charge of His poor Church under siege, this is it.

In the past, Catholic monks and contemplative nuns were credited with having been a vital component of the success of the greatest missionary endeavors in history, of having kept the light of Faith and learning alive in periods of near total barbaric darkness, of having saved entire civilizations, not on the battlefields of the holy Christendom, but rather from behind the cloistered walls of Christendom. 

Well, here we go again. The Catholic contemplative Soldiers and Brides of Christ are rising again, proving anew that cooperation with God’s grace will crush any and every antichrist that dares to raise its ugly head.  

Here in our post-conciliar Dark Age--when the religious life has been under incessant attack for well over a half-century, even from within the Church herself -- the cloister walls are rising again and the daughters of St. Benedict are preparing to give God the last word. 

The brides of Christ have survived the dark night...the Revolution is doomed. 

How did these beautiful young women manage to hear the voice of God over the shrieks of hedonism, the satanic black noise, the sex-saturated culture? There's only one answer, obviously--with God nothing is impossible. For them, His voice silences the whole world. 

By the way, The Remnant takes plenty of heat for insisting that men such as Bishop Robert Morlino must be regarded as vital allies to the cause of Tradition and Catholic restoration—even if they've not yet come all the way over to our camp.

Please God, may an inspirational story such as this serve to illustrate why we have every intention of continuing to support these men who, despite the post-conciliar Catholic ruins in which they find themselves, are nevertheless trying to lead their flocks out of the darkness of Modernism and into the light of Tradition.  

By the way, Bishop Morlino has invited these traditional Benedictines to set up a house in his own diocese of Madison, Wisconsin. No surprise here. So stay tuned for more good news. 
God bless you, Your Excellency. And Mary keep you. 


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