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Richard John Santorum is a board member of the new initiative at Cathio.com. The former U.S. Senator from Pennsylvania is a devout Catholic and father of seven children.

Cathio provides Catholic organizations with a payments platform that aligns with Catholic values and provides tools to increase donations and connect with both local and global Catholic communities.

Since Cathio has been the victim of negative press in mainstream, leftist news outlets, they reached out to The Remnant for our help in setting the record straight. 

Michael J. Matt Interviews Senator Santorum

MJM: Thanks very much, Senator Santorum, for taking the time to answer a few questions about this new project that could, as I see it, change the way the Church and various Christian action groups do business online and move their money. Can you tell our readers how this initiative got started? 

Santorum: One of Cathio's co-founders, Ryan Thomas, spent many years working in Catholic news and media. What he saw, and what we've all begun to see, is the increasingly hostile nature in which tech platforms have begun to censor the Catholic Church because of our stances on issues like life and marriage. A few years ago, we saw Facebook censor Catholic content, remove our pages and limit our reach. Recently this has begun to happen with Pinterest and even Google. It's only a matter of time before financial institutions are pressured to do the same. Cathio aims to provide Catholics and Catholic institutions an option to move money with a company that shares their values and protects their interests.

MJM: This has garnered some negative mainstream pushback, which has led even to some attacks against you personally. What’s behind this antipathy to what seems to be a perfectly reasonable venture in a free market economy? 

Unfortunately, there are elements of the new media, that have a knee-jerk negative reaction to any activity that I am engaged in because of the positions I have taken throughout my career which are consistent with our Catholic faith. 

MJM: I think many Christian groups are ready to make changes in how they manage e-commerce but they need to know that the technical alternatives will actually work. Dwolla comes to mind. As an alternative to PayPal, it just doesn’t cut it. Technically speaking, can your group’s alternative actually compete with PayPal, for example?

Cathio is being designed with a deep understanding of both domestic and international regulations and the latest technology.  Using blockchain to secure data and an advanced data model we have the ability to provide services to support the needs of the Church to move money quickly, cost effectively and across borders.

MJM: And what about online security? Consumer confidence is so important now. 

Consumer confidence has been shaken by a number of systemic and process issues with some major industry providers.  When there are multitudes of layers comprised of older and newer technologies, the complexity increases and chances for security vulnerabilities compound.

One of the advantages Cathio provides by building from the latest technologies is security at all levels.  Cathio is deploying the latest security at the user level, at our integration points and data storage. The Cathio team started using blockchain and other advanced technologies to address these issues over eighteen months ago.  JP Morgan recently validated this approach by using similar technology for high value transactions.

MJM:  Christian groups have been rightly concerned about unfair treatment from service providers whose philosophy and politics are, let’s face it, antithetical to ours. If this venture is successful, what steps would you take to make Christians see the necessity of establishing the pro-Christian alternative. 

What we are establishing is a safe place for people of faith to be able to efficiently and securely transact business without being persecuted for their beliefs. 

We've also begun conversations with dozens of Catholic organizations, all of which - to date - understand the value Cathio will be offering and are ready to jump to the Cathio platform. So, the community understands the existential risk, they see the signs of the times, it's just been an issue that up until this point, there's been no other payment solution that meets their needs.

MJM: The far-Left Southern Poverty Law Center has been providing advisors for YouTube, Facebook, Twitter etc., ostensibly in order to help them identify and block “hate groups”.  Given their track record and agenda, do you think it would be possible to keep them off your back?  

We fully anticipate the SPLC to be critical of anything related to a biblical worldview. Cathio's blessed to count on a Board of Directors with extensive knowledge and experience in the political world as well as with religious liberty issues. From the early negative press we've received, we know more is coming, but we're prepared to respond and protect this platform to serve the Church.

MJM: What about Internet Service Providers themselves? Do you foresee a time when Christian groups will be so vilified that even just hosting Christian, pro-life, pro-family sites will become problematic, if not outright illegal?  

There are a lot of smart, young Christians working on a variety of tech solutions right now, and we've had the opportunity since the launching of Cathio to be in contact with some of them. I hope that Cathio will inspire others to put the talents and gifts in service of the Church to respond to all of the needs we have.

MJM: Will this be something for everyone, or just larger online businesses? 

Cathio will be rolling out in phases. First, we are working on the larger donor development side, offering tools and a platform to facilitate money movement. Next, we plan to expand to offer the platform for everyday Catholics to donate to parishes and non-profits through desktop and app integrations that will eventually allow Cathio to allow international transfers to support the Church's charitable works across the globe.

MJM: What can our readers do to help promote this project? 

I'd say there are a few things: first, pray for the team that we continue to be faithful to our mission and use our gifts to be able to respond faithfully to what's being asked of us. On a practical level, you can go to the website and sign-up for our newsletter where we'll keep you up-to-date on our rollouts and maybe even be able to participate in some of our beta testing and pilot programs.


Thursday, July 4, 2019

Requiem for a Latin Mass Community

Written by
TLM at St. Anthony's in Witchita TLM at St. Anthony's in Witchita

The Latin Mass Community of the Diocese of Wichita, Kansas, will cease to exist on September 1, 2019. Ending just shy of its twenty-fifth birthday, it will be replaced by a parish community which celebrates both Novus Ordo and Vetus Ordo Masses. The following is an anticipated obituary of the event:

"The Latin Mass Community was born on Sunday, September 6, 1992, when the Vetus Ordo Mass was celebrated in Wichita with episcopal approval for the first time since the advent of the Novus Ordo Mass. The celebrant was the late Bishop of Wichita, his Excellency Eugene J. Gerber. The service was held at St. Anthony's Church.

Since that time, diocesan priests have served as chaplains to the Latin Mass Community, which in turn has supported weekly celebrations of the Vetus Ordo at St. Anthony's. The parish is also home to a community which celebrates the Novus Ordo in Vietnamese and another which celebrates the Novus Ordo in English. These communities are served by the pastor of St. Anthony's. 

The current arrangement will end on September 1, 2019. By direction of the Bishop of Wichita, his Excellency Carl A. Kemme, no chaplains will be assigned to the Latin Mass Community, the name 'Latin Mass Community' will be suppressed, and the Vetus Ordo will no longer be celebrated at St. Anthony's.

Instead, the parochial vicar of another parish, St. Joseph's Church, will celebrate a Vetus Ordo Mass on Sundays as an addition to the Novus Ordo Masses already celebrated there. One feature of the current arrangement will apparently remain:  The Mass at St. Joseph's, like the existing Mass at St. Anthony's, will be the only public Vetus Ordo regularly celebrated on Sundays in the Diocese of Wichita with episcopal approval. 

Bishop Kemme explained his rationale in a letter to St. Anthony parishioners:

Since my arrival here as bishop, I have desired more and more to make Pope Benedict XVI's vision a greater reality in our diocese in which the two forms of the one mass, the Ordinary Form and the Extraordinary Form enrich each other and becoming fully integrated into a parish community rather than one co-existing with the other. This will not happen overnight but it is my conviction that this can happen more deeply with the change I am announcing, providing a possible model for full integration of both forms of the mass.

In line with the bishop's rationale, a priest overseeing the change informed members of the Latin Mass Community that a distinct parish for the Vetus Ordo, such as one staffed by the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter, is not a possibility in the Diocese of Wichita.

The pastor of St. Joseph's has invited members of the Latin Mass Community to register in his parish if they so choose, but he has also assured them that all who attend the Vetus Ordo on Sundays will be treated as members of the parish community. Additional benefits are promised, such as two weekday Masses and other Sacraments in the traditional form. However things turn out, the passing of the Latin Mass Community will mean the Vetus Ordo is no longer a sufficient basis for community formation in the Diocese of Wichita."  

remnant cartoons icebergs

The Catholic situation in China continues to depress. While the Vatican fusses over pagan tribes in the Amazon who don’t want Catholicism (despite being dubbed—incredibly— “the Heart of the Church” by Pope Francis), faithful Chinese Catholics inch closer than ever to all-out persecution under a patently anti-Christ government and their Vatican-approved, state-appointed, window dressed “church”.

Most recently, Catholic shrines are taking a hit. A churchgoer in China described the new crackdown.

May 12 in Ludezhuang, China, is a special day on which tens of thousands flock to its famous Catholic pilgrimage site. This year the government stacked the entrance with over 300 police officers who practically frisked each pilgrim, then capped it off at 10,000. Thousands more arrived only to be denied entrance. These faithful knelt on the ground outside the shrine and prayed there in quiet witness.

catholic shrine china

Also in May, pilgrims along the road to the Sheshan Hill pilgrimage in Shanghai were forced by police to fly the national flag and sing the national anthem, in an attempt to assimilate their religious doctrine and erode their religious faith—else they faced the threat of imprisonment.  As one local pilgrim put it:

“It is an insult to us to sing the national anthem before Mass, but if we resist, the CCP will arrest us.”

And last August, the Mozi Mountain pilgrimage site in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region also fell under government suppression. Checkpoints were stationed on each of the major roads leading to this site, and all without a specific travel pass issued by the Religious Affairs Bureau were denied access. Moreover, the electronic signal at the shrine itself was scattered, which prevented faithful from posting photos and videos of their pilgrimage.

Persecution is coming, and not just in China. Imagine if such a thing happened in France, home of the massively-successful Chartres Pilgrimage?

Let’s pray for our Chinese Catholic brothers, friends, and pray for our Church which is in the hands of demons.

Lastly, a quick request for prayers for the soul the recently deceased Bishop Stefano Li Side of Tianjin. Asia News reported that Bishop Stefano Li Side, the legitimate ordinary of Tianjin, died last month after a long illness. He was 92 and had been living under house arrest since 1992. Since Bishop Li Side never joined the schismatic CCP, the state-backed religious authorities will not permit his body to be buried in a Catholic cemetery.

chinese bishop ripBishop Li Side, RIP

We’d like to thank this good bishop for his faithful service and remember him in our prayers.

For more Remnant China coverage, read THIS article by award-winning Remnant columnist, Theresa Moreau.

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Mark Zuckergberg Mark Zuckergberg

As if we didn’t know where Facebook’s loyalty lies, Mark Zuckerberg now leaves no doubt in our minds that he’s a puppet of CNN and all the rot that they represent.

From WashingtonExaminer.com: “In a last-minute addition to the annual Aspen Ideas Festival hosted by the Aspen Institute, Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg took to the stage to defend his company's decision to leave a controversial altered video of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on the site. He also defended his calls for the government to regulate social media.

He also revealed, possibly for the first time, that during Ireland's recent referendum on abortion, he consulted with Ireland's government (which supported legalizing abortion) about whether Facebook should block pro-life ads originating outside the tiny island nation.”


REMNANT COMMENT: I wonder when we're all going to sit down and have a serious conversation about the morality of any of us continuing to use this Christophobic character's social media platform. Really, Faustian bargains with the Devil are pretty ridiculous.

I realize we can use Facebook to share dieting tips and post riveting cat vids but, as vitally important as all that is, I wonder what else Mark Zuckerberg will have to do before we say enough’ s enough. Livestream himself selling his soul to the Devil on Facebook?  

Honestly, would the Cure of Ars or St. Maximilian Kolbe or St. Thomas More or St Joan of Arc be messing around in Mark Zuckerberg's psychotically anti-Christian playground, or would they tell the man to go pound sand? 

It's something of a moot point for us here at The Remnant, since Facebook is already shadow banning us on a daily basis. But here's the question: If the Remnant can successfully launch a Catholic equivalent to Facebook, how many traditional Catholics would agree that it's time to tell Mr. Zuckerberg to take a long walk off of a short dock? 

We'll see. Look for TradSpace, coming this Fall. 

This time we’re really in for it. The Amazon Synod is primed to change the Church in such a way that it can never be changed back.

LifeSite’s Rome correspondent, Diane Montagna, recently conducted an interview with a Peruvian expert in liberation theology, Julio Loredo, who revealed the scheme behind the Amazon Synod; a “scheme” aimed at “revamping” the Church according to the “most radical versions of liberation theology”:

LifeSite: What in your view should those in the media, and Catholic clergy and faithful more broadly, know about the upcoming meeting? Where should we focus our attention?

JULIO LOREDO: "There is an untold story that has not gotten enough attention in the Western media. Cardinal Pedro Barreto, the vice president of REPAM(Pan-Amazonian Ecclesial Network) said very clearly in recent days that the plan they intend to carry out at the Synod is one they have been working on for almost 50 years. So, there is a whole plan, a whole scheme, behind the Synod, which consists in the introduction of so-called indigenist liberation theology that has been developing over the past 40 or 50 years. Now would be their time to propose it to the entire Church.

amazon 4

"European media are focusing on clerical celibacy and the possible diaconal ‘ordination’ for women, and rightly so. These are both very important aspects of the plan, but there is a whole story behind it. What they want is to change the whole Church according to the most radical versions of liberation theology — the so-called indigenist and ecological theology."

What surprises do think the Pan Amazon Synod holds? 

"If you read the preparatory documents for the synod, especially the Instrumentum laboris, you will see that they want to reinterpret the whole Church from an “Amazonian” perspective. They call it the new Church with “an Amazonian face.” They want to re-interpret the whole Church, and this is a point that I think European media are not stressing enough. It is not simply the problem of relaxing clerical celibacy, as important as that is, or the problem of the ordination of women. It is a whole revamping of the Church from an “Amazonian” point of view, which is nothing else than the culmination of liberation theology. 

amazon 2

"If they get their way, it would be the most pernicious revolution that has ever happened in the history of the Church — if they get their way."


REMNANT COMMENT: In what sense is this not racist? Fly in the pope to take photos with folks in native Amazonian costume, call in the media, and then tell the world that for the sake of the brown and black people who can't possibly comprehend the teachings and disciplines of the Church, the time has come to change the Church's rules. 

This is an outrage on so many levels. And, by the way, can't Francis take a photo or two with Amazonian people dressed like these kids... from the Amazon? Or, is the tradtional, indigenous attire more suited to Francis' agenda where the Amazon Sham is concerned?

Education in Peru 1 530x353

The problem in the Amazon as everywhere in the post-conciliar Church is not the teachings of the traditional Church--it's not the celibate priesthood--but rather the total breakdown in discipline and orthodoxy tolerated and even encouraged and promoted at the highest level of the Church of Vatican II. 

"Are the dwellers of the Amazon more incapable of celibacy" asks Peter M. J. Stravinskas, "than the barbarians of the early centuries of Christianity? Or the pagan Romans, for that matter?"

No, celibacy is not the cause of the lack of priests anywhere. If married clergy were the panacea, one would be hard-pressed to explain why Eastern Orthodoxy has a similar shortage. Indeed, in Greece the shortage is so extreme that close to a majority of parishes have been given over to lay pastoral responsibility. The difficulty is otherwise. It is a sign that basic Christian formation has not been provided for generations. After all, to be an apostle (“one sent”), one must first be a disciple (that is, a committed follower of the Lord Jesus). When that brick has been laid, one can then begin to build – and only then.

It is well known that in the Amazon (and many other places in Latin America), religious syncretism has been countenanced and a full-throated proclamation of Gospel truths has been almost non-existent. That’s where the bishops need to focus their attention and energies.

Do not be deceived. The Vatican is exploiting the people of the Amazon in an obvious attempt to push an agenda which has been at work in places like the Amazon for decades, quite obviously, thus the problem.

The Vatican created the mess in the Amazon, and now they're going use the people of the Amazon who've been fed stones rather than bread for the past half century, to justify the universal implementation of the same failed policies that devastated the Church in South America to begin with. And to accomplish this perverse agenda, Pope Francis will do whatever it takes—including pose in indigenous feathers even as he treats them like the simpletons he apparently thinks they are. 


We're confident the people of the Amazon will see through this ethnic stereotyping and tell the Vatican in no uncertain terms that the proud peoples of this region will not allow themselves to be used as the scapegoats and stooges needed to justify a Vatican Trojan Horse filled with married priests and God knows what else.

For God's sake, Francis, knock it off! 


Carrie Lam Carrie Lam

What is happening in Hong Kong in this troubled first part of the year 2019? It would be easy, perhaps, to put the responsibility on China's shoulders without understanding the profound reasons that lead to this current deadlock.

You know the story: a woman is killed in Taiwan by her Hong Kong boyfriend, who manages to escape to her city where he was arrested for other crimes. This episode had inspired the chief executive of Hong Kong, the Catholic Carrie Lam, to propose an extradition law that allows the delivery of "criminals" not only to Taiwan, but also to Macau and, above all, to mainland China.

Msgr. Ruscitto, Requiescat in Pace Msgr. Ruscitto, Requiescat in Pace

Pioneer traditional Catholic priest, Monsignor Raymond Ruscitto, died on June 17, 2019.

Monsignor Ruscitto was a long-time Remnant subscriber and an occasional contributor to these columns. He suffered a great deal for his commitment to Catholic tradition, the old Latin Mass and his priestly vocation, having ceased offering the Novus Ordo back in 1976 when he was the pastor of Holy Family Church in Kingsburg, California.

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old fashioned newspaper ad

Not that we’re surprised, but. . .

VATICAN CITY — The head of the Knights of Malta [pictured left with Pope Francis], an international religious order that operates in about 120 countries, has formally forbidden the use of the pre-conciliar Latin language Mass in the order's liturgical celebrations worldwide.

In a June 10 letter written to the order's superiors around the world, obtained by NCR, Fra' Giacomo Dalla Torre mandates that all of the community's masses be celebrated according to the ordinary rite, as promulgated in 1969 by Pope Paul VI following the liturgical reforms of the Second Vatican Council.

"I have thus decided … that henceforth all the liturgical ceremonies within the Order must be performed according to the ordinary rite of the Church (rite of St. Paul VI) and not the extraordinary rite (Tridentine rite)," states Dalla Torre.

REMNANT COMMENT: This is precisely why The Remnant has, over the course of the last thirty years, become increasingly less than impressed with what some, for abundantly obvious reasons,  are now calling the Malted Knights.

With several notable exceptions, the Knights of Malta seem to have lost their way a long time ago.   If we reflect on the magnificent history of the knights, we can see that they have moved from being noble men-at-arms who defended the Faith to an Old Boys’ Club of wealthy men in armchairs who possess a mere honorary title, not unlike politicians being given honorary doctorates from a university without ever having opened a book to study the subject. 

Speaking of the leadership and individual knights—as opposed to the medical personnelle who do a lot of good around the world—it seems evident that serious Catholics still involved with an organization so steeped in mediocrity should give serious consideration to resigning.

The ‘Malted Knights’ are good at raising money.  Once a year they wheel sick people around Lourdes. They enjoy dressing up.  Other than that, it’s difficult to see what their point is anymore. And now these play actors are not even in possession of enough intestinal fortitude to stand strong for the Holy Mass of Christendom.  

Bravo, Knights. Thanks for clarifying exactly why it is that y’all carry dulled and harmless swords, if indeed you still carry them at all. 

Ave crux flava!

Seems like the Old Boy doesn’t want the Pilgrimage to Chartres, France, to happen this year. First, the Cathedral of Notre Dame— starting point for the annual Pentecost Pilgrimage—nearly burnt to the ground, sending a rather ominous message to the world that if the Catholic Church is not restored in holy Tradition, she too will burn to the ground.

Undaunted, the organizers of the Chartres Pilgrimage—the most high-profile annual traditional Catholic event in Europe—refused to be deterred. As was reported in this column last issue, with Notre Dame still smoking the French traditionalists managed to secure permission to launch the Pilgrimage to Chartres from Saint-Sulpice, the second largest church in Paris.

As if in reward for their grit and determination, good news came out of Paris just days later: Not only was Notre Dame spared but as Tess Mullins reported last week here at RemnantNewspaper.com, Christendom’s iconic Cathedral of Notre-Dame de Paris will be faithfully restored:

On May 27, 2019, the French Senate voted to approve plans to rebuild Notre Dame Cathedral and added a clause stipulating that it must be restored to how it was before the fire. There has been controversy surrounding the restoration of the centuries old church, which was gutted by a massive fire last month. Some have called for the Notre Dame to be rebuilt exactly as it was, while others have pushed to add more modern elements to the Parisian landmark. The Senate approved the bill Monday which would have the Notre Dame restored before Paris hosts the 2024 summer Olympics, but added that the cathedral must be rebuilt to its “last known visual state.”

Nothing about a glass roof or, my favorite conspiracy theory, a swimming pool on the roof of Notre Dame. And the best part? French President Marcon—who declared the fire a national emergency and then freaked out quite a few Catholics and art history enthusiasts with his overzealous international architects’ competition that seemed open to modern innovations—won’t have power to veto this new legislature even if he wanted to. The rebuild will be completed within the promised five years, and by 2024 Notre Dame will stand exactly as we remember her in 2019. Thank God!

Nevertheless, just when that “fire had been put out”, we received word that Air France had cancelled the flight from New York on which the Remnant chapter had been booked to fly to Paris for the start of the pilgrimage. With less than one week to go, there was a day-long scramble with Delta Airlines here at The Remnant to reroute every single pilgrim from various cities around the country.  Nightmare!

I think—I hope—all 80 Remnant pilgrims will now arrive in time for the June 8th start of the Pentecost Pilgrimage to Chartres. (Please God.)

In your charity, please keep us in your prayers and be assured that the now 28-year-old Remnant Chapter of Our Lady of Guadalupe will remember the readers of The Remnant on the 3-day walk to Chartres.

chartres photoshop 2

By the way, would you like to become a ‘virtual pilgrim’ to Chartres this year?  You can follow along from home with the prayers and meditations by joining the Guardian Angels Chapter. Details can be found at our new website: www.ChartresPilgrimageUSA.com

After the pilgrimage, The Remnant pilgrims will be travelling to the Austrian Marian shrine at Mariazell, where our chaplain will be offering Mass near the miraculous statue of Our Lady for the intentions of the sponsors of this year’s Remnant Tours Youth Fund.  

A Word to Our Sponsors

I want to extend my thanks and assurances that your “investment” is paying off in a big way. After nearly 30 years on the road to Chartres, there are too many success stories to tell—vocations to the religious life and priesthood, marriages that resulted from friendships formed between pilgrims (I think we’re up to 20 now), Catholic activists inspired to take up the Catholic cause.

My own assistant, Tess Mullins, who’s become invaluable to our work here at The Remnant, was thrown headlong into the traditional Catholic cause some thirteen years ago when, as a recent convert to Catholicism, she first walked the road to Chartres.

So much good, so many graces, so many young Catholics that might never have found their way into the Catholic counterrevolution had it not been for the Chartres Pilgrimage and had it not been for you—Remnant readers who, 28 years ago, trusted our assurances that this is NOT a European vacation and that what we’re trying to do with the French pilgrimage is, in fact, to launch an American Catholic restoration movement. And it’s working!  

walt 7

I knew first-hand how this powerful event can transform lives since I had experienced for myself how the grace of pilgrimage is made available in such an intimate and powerful way on the road to Chartres. The pilgrimage inspires soldiers of Christ like nothing I’ve seen before or since. And your trust in that vision has paid off, which is why we’ve dedicated almost thirty years to the near-constant promotion of this authentic Traditional Catholic action.  

Simply put, nothing impacts young people more immediately and with greater spiritual force than the Pilgrimage to Chartres.  And, as I see it, very few things matter more to the future of our world than the successful recruitment of young Catholics into the war for Catholic restoration by swearing allegiance to the Christ the King and promising to keep the old Faith when the evil new world is telling them to abandon it.

What difference do our efforts make if in the end we fail to recruit the next generation in this fight for the preservation of everything that matters.

Please, join us in prayer during the three days of Pentecost pilgrimage. Visit www.ChartresPilgrimageUSA.com and follow along as rookies and veterans post prayer intentions, photos and reactions on the brand-new live blog.  Check back with  www.ChartresPilgrimageUSA.com on a daily or even hourly basis over Pentecost weekend and during the Octave of Pentecost. Help us build an international network in support of this worldwide traditional Catholic rendezvous in France.

Long live Christ the King!

chartres 12

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