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Robert Lazu Kmita | Remnant Columnist, Romania

You know what thoughts and feelings can arise in front of a “phenomenon” that defies the laws of our fallen world. As for me, I hadn’t expected for even a minute to witness such a perpetual miracle.

This is why the heroic deeds of the virtuous impress everyone: Because they make an indescribable love visible. Only those who truly love can give their lives for the beloved. That is why there were pagan Roman soldiers who converted instantly upon seeing the patience and serenity with which Christian martyrs endured the most terrible tortures.

Everything is presented as if the Church only begins with the Second Vatican Council. Until then – we are told – the Bible had been marginal, excluded from the “center” of the lives of Catholics.

Nothing surprises us anymore when we see the way in which the Holy Liturgy and sacred symbols have been treated by completely excluding them and replacing the Liturgy of the Ages with a “manufactured” liturgy.

After describing the terrible events of the pedophilia scandals involving priests in major Roman Catholic Archdioceses like Boston, Weigel showed that the substrate of these true networks of sin is linked to what he aptly called the “invisible schism.”

Far from having concrete evidence to support evolutionism, Darwinists have produced one of the greatest deceptions in the history of science by fabricating archaeological evidence, counterfeiting analyses, and creating an absurd chronology.

“Pray as you can, until you can pray as you should.”

“Prayer is a treasure; he who prays most receives most.” This statement, along with the one asserting that without prayer no one can attain salvation, represents a true axiom for Saint Alphonsus Maria de Liguori (1696–1787).[i] The conviction with which he endeavored to spread among the Christian people the teaching about the power of prayer has caused his books to be read and disseminated in hundreds of editions, up to the present day.

One of the deep, serious, but hidden causes of the crisis of great proportions in Christian life and culture is the disappearance of meditation.

This is the heart of the matter. God Himself became man to draw our attention to our absolute priority, His Kingdom. At the same time, He showed us the way by which we can reach it. That way is none other than that confessed by all the Saints and Doctors, by all the true representatives of the Church – Popes, Bishops, or Priests – namely penance.

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