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Ann Barnhardt

Editor’s Note: In their May 2016 edition, our friends over at the New Oxford Review enlist the services of a guest columnist to launch an attack on The Remnant for, of all things, posting an Ann Barnhardt article here on this blog some months ago. Ironically enough, our able critic—an old friend, a big fan of Pope Francis and an avowed evolutionist who considers much of what we Catholics believe to be based in myth—finds Miss Barnhardt’s treatment of Pope Francis to be uncatholic. Though there are any number of reasons for why our critic would enlist his considerable talents in this unprovoked attack, he cites the appearance of Ann Barnhardt’s by-line as Exhibit A in his case against The Remnant. As luck would have it, this is just fine by me since I’d take one Barnhardt raising her alarms in protest over an entire army of neo-Catholics raising their arms in surrender. Too bad our oh-so-sophisticated critics aren’t as inclined to read and prayerfully consider the message as they are to shoot the messenger, but c’est la vie. (No hard feelings, John Médaille. Smoke ‘em if you got ‘em.) Carry on Miss Barnhardt, and with my compliments. MJM

A question that I have always asked myself is, “Who are the people who would dedicate their lives to a Church that they clearly hold in contempt at best, and hate at worst?  What would drive a man or woman to a life driven by and revolving around such pure, focused spite?”

Who are they?  They are Diabolical Narcissists. 
Seemingly every news item and controversy today, both secular and in the Church, comes down to the topic of this essay.  People today are engaging in all manner of hand-wringing and self-delusion, trying desperately to reconcile what they are told are “necessary contradictions” in every facet of life: interpersonal, secular governmental and Ecclesial.
-Sexual activity behind closed doors doesn’t matter
-A woman who solicits and physically cooperates in the premeditated murder of her own child is a victim and should not be punished
-If “love fails”, then adultery is acceptable and not sinful
-Failure to not only tolerate, but accept and even participate in the cult of sodomy will be punished by the state
-Refusal to deny the objective reality of gender will be punished by the state
-Failure to actively participate in the culture of death by supplying sterilization and abortifacients will be punished by the state  
"Protestant fundamentalism thrives on the fortress mentality. The little group gets together and builds walls and peers over them at al the “sinners” who are outside the enclave. Catholic fundamentalists practice the same ghetto mentality. “We few, we faithful few!” We are the Remnant of faithful ones who remain."  - Fr. Dwight Longenecker, Ten Traits of Catholic Fundamentalism

Let’s begin with a definition.

This is the definition of “fundamental”:
Adjective form: forming a necessary base or core; of central importance; affecting or relating to the essential nature of something or the crucial point about an issue; so basic as to be hard to alter, resolve, or overcome.

Noun form: a central or primary rule or principle on which something is based.

The root is the Latin “fundare”, meaning “to found”.

Jorge Bergoglio, Pope Francis, must be deposed.  And here is why.

As I have said of Bergoglio from the earliest days of this pontificate, the damage to souls caused by this Diabolical Narcissist Peronist-Fascist is terrifying in its scale and speed, completely unprecedented, and its enormity is known only to God.  Satan’s plan with Bergoglio with regards to The Church is simple: discredit EVERYTHING with the simple yet nebulous words of Bergoglio.  This includes the entirety of the Decalogue, the Most Holy Rosary of the Blessed Virgin, the existence of Hell, the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and the Real Presence of Jesus Christ in the Eucharist, and the entire notion of Immutable Objective Truth. In other words, complete chaos.  Hagan lio, as the man himself said.

I have had this piece in the back of my mind for some time, and have even run the title and general gist of it past a few people, all of whose eyes sparkled like the transporter beam of the Enterprise-A upon hearing it. I am pleased to publish it here, as my first, of hopefully many columns (depending on the litigation and settlement deal this piece generates) for The Remnant.

Long, long ago in a galaxy far, far away, I lived in a large, shared house built in the 1920s with a male friend.  I had the master bedroom suite, and thus my own private bathroom, and everything was completely on the up-and-up.  Fear not, gentle readers.  I shall not be scandalizing you with tales of ribaldry – no “accompanying body-to-body” going on, to use one of FrancisChurch’s creepier turns of phrase.  It was an excellent use of the property, and very frugal and affordable.  And, yes, I certainly preferred to live with males, from both the security as well as a domestic tranquility standpoint.