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Michael J. Matt | Editor

At the end of January, Brazilian Msgr Ilson de Jesus Montanari – the 54 year-old secretary to the Congregation for Bishops – was asked by Pope Francis to assume double duty as the all-powerful secretary of the College of Cardinals.

Somehow I don’t think he’ll turn out to be a big friend of the TLM.

“We can see how many Euro-Atlantic countries are rejecting their roots, the Christian values that form the basis of Western civilization. They are reneging on moral principles and their traditional identity: national, cultural, religious and even sexual.”

Vladimir Putin, President of Russia


Even if Putin is puttin’ us on, would that be all bad? What the world rather desperately needs just now is a reminder of how God-fearing leaders used to talk, not long before our 'global village' decided to embrace universal Christophobia and raise moral depravity to the level of virtue.

Even if Putin is using pro-God, pro-morality sentiment merely as a rhetorical tool to put distance between his country and her rivals, there’s obviously good reason for it. He would not be doing this if it did not facilitate the advancement of Russia’s political agenda, whatever that might include.

And it is in this incontrovertible fact that God-fearing Christians at home and abroad can perhaps allow themselves some modicum of hope in an otherwise hopeless world, because what it means is that Mother Russia sees millions growing tired of the global Dictatorship of Relativism, millions hungering for a return to sanity, millions fed up with our Godless new world order in the making. What it means is that Putin is responding to a fatigue factor (with the agenda of the globalists) that has political firepower behind it.