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Kathy Clubb | Australian Correspondent

Question: If you were a globalist overlord who was trying to drum up support for an international digital passport, how would you engage the entire world without giving your game away?

Answer: orchestrate a situation involving trans-national governments, the new fake religion (the COVID-cult), the old fake religion (sport), with a bit of actual religion (Orthodoxy) thrown in.

The Australian government’s ridiculous treatment of tennis champion, Novak Djokovic, shows the extent of its willingness to further the globalist agenda. No matter how absurd, illogical or embarrassing a policy may be for a nation’s reputation, it will be implemented forthwith if it serves the needs of the New World Order.

The Australian government’s ridiculous treatment of tennis champion, Novak Djokovic, shows the extent of its willingness to further the globalist agenda.

FOR AUSTRALIANS, THERE has never been an Advent season like the one being experienced here this year. Despite the tacky tinsel and chirpy carols our secular leaders insist on inflicting on the largely unbelieving populace, it is impossible to miss the frowns and anxiety that accompany people everywhere. Their uncertainty about the future is palpable.

Tens of thousands of workers in my state alone have lost their jobs due to vaccine mandates, with the non-vaccinated now shut out of retail stores and entertainment venues. Many families have been torn apart by disruptions like border closures and differing opinions on vaccines, and won’t be able to join family reunions for Christmas and New Year.

For more than fifty years, Catholics have been encouraged to reimagine the Church as a tool for building a humanist utopia on earth rather than as the means of teaching, governing, sanctifying and saving all men. Freemasonic ideology, assisted by globalist entities such as the United Nations, has fed us dreams of “peace in our time”, and of a “world without borders” and of a Brotherhood of Man whose common destiny is a heaven, based not on our worship of God in faith, hope and charity, but merely on our participation in the human race.

After a turbulent week in Melbourne, Catholics again turned out in force for a public Rosary procession, joining a huge Freedom rally that saw a total of more than 50,000 march against vaccine mandates and COVID tyranny.

For the third week in a row, a group of Catholics from all over Greater Melbourne processed from St. Patrick’s Cathedral to Parliament House, praying the Rosary and singing hymns. The group which began with only 60 members reached ten times that number in the second week, while more than 700 attended last Saturday’s rally.

This is how Catholics fight tyranny: Public Rosaries in Melbourne’s CBD

A small group of Catholics joined thousands of protesters in Melbourne last Saturday to oppose a controversial new bill that has already been passed by one house of Victoria’s Parliament. Likened to the 1933 Enabling Act that facilitated Hitler’s rise to power, the proposed Victorian bill would, in the name of public health, give the Premier a range of sweeping powers, including the authority to detain citizens for up to two years.

“Mum, I have something to tell you and you won’t like it.”

Before 2021, a phone conversation that began that way might have led to a parent being told that their teenager had written off the family car. Or that someone close to them had conceived a child out of wedlock. But this is 2021, and parents must be prepared to hear of alarming new disappointments.

“I went and got the shot and now I have pains in my heart.”

Many thanks to the courageous Monica Smit for agreeing to do this email interview with me for The Remnant.

Monica is an Australian freedom-fighter who was arrested on charges of incitement last month in Melbourne, Victoria. Unable to accept the draconian bail conditions imposed on her by the courts, Monica chose to remain behind bars as a political prisoner. She was released following a successful appeal in the Supreme Court but will return to face her charges in November.

Men and women of my generation were taught to respect police officers: we knew that the police would help if we found ourselves lost or if our homes were broken into. We relied on them to direct traffic after a car accident but we knew we deserved their attention if we drove a little too fast or ran a red light.

Monica Smit has been released from prison after 22 days in isolation. Monica had initially chosen to remain in custody after the courts tried to impose unreasonable bail conditions when she was arrested on charges of incitement. Those charges relate to two anti-lockdown protests which took place in August during Melbourne’s extended lockdown. 

Editor's Note: Full article is forthcoming with more details on the updates below. Many thanks to our Australian correspondent, Kathy Clubb, for her courageous journalism. MJM

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