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Greg Maresca | Remnant Columnist

What was blatantly missing in action during this much anticipated primary polling season was my time-honored conversation with my old Marine Polish paisan, the Jazzman – Robert Jasinski. During his six-decade run on this third post from the sun, he was an avid historian and a political sage who never hesitated to engage with anyone on any topic.

Of all the columns this space has hosted through the years, abortion has received plenty of ink.


Abortion gnaws at the American conscience because Roe v. Wade, which codified this horrific procedure into law, was the most egregious decision ever rendered by the U.S. Supreme Court. As a result, 65 million lives have been lost and counting.  If leftists were honest, they would admit abortion is unconstitutional and a legal abomination – a result of judicial activism – that must be undone. 

 With the Pennsylvania primary election upon us, the clarity of the November midterm elections will begin to emerge and loom even larger. With good reasons, expectations of a republican rout are running from sea to shining sea.

There is, however, one element, like hydrogen, that remains incessantly present – this incredible penchant for the GOP to create, among themselves, a circular firing squad. When republican incumbent State Rep. Kurt Masser announced that he would not seek reelection in November representing the 107th Pennsylvania Legislative District, it underscored such a political paradigm.

Given President Biden’s slumping approval numbers, CNN+s sudden termination, increasing crime rates, record inflation, a nonexistent border, transgender education being foisted upon kindergarten children, Democrats are doubling down with their four candidates for the open U.S. senate seat in Pennsylvania’s May 17th primary election.

It is easier to win an open seat than to defeat an incumbent. Retiring Republican Sen. Pat Toomey’s senate seat is a prime opportunity for Democrats to add to their senate number in a pivotal state that Biden carried in 2020.  

Candidate Malcom Kenyatta’s senate website opens with a video of the 31-year-old state representative from Philadelphia kissing his gay lover.

Many argue there are only three seasons: summer, winter, and road construction. Essentially, there are five. If you are a business, tax season is always in bloom – a perennial All-American weed. Provided your taxes are filed and you are not working on the dreaded tax-extension, here is an examination at a fundamental tax change for 2022.

The Federal Reserve has created a financial Frankenstein by printing money nonstop that has led to unchecked inflation.  Too often the political answer to any problem is more spending and to make it appear “free.”

The proof can be found in the nation’s $30 trillion debt and widespread inflation that in March witnessed an increase of 8.5% in consumer prices – a record four-decade high. Increasing prices says a recession is looming. The era of “free” money via stimulus checks and guaranteed bailouts must go the way of the rotary telephone – easier said than done.

As the holiest week on the Christian calendar concludes, plenty of headlines from sea to shining sea should give pause. In a marked sign of the times, Americans are sedated to stories that include how Colorado’s governor signed into law legalizing abortions up to birth with no limits, while bills pending in Maryland and California would legalize infanticide.

With celebrated fanfare, President Biden nominated a Black woman for the Supreme Court based on her race and gender, yet she would not define what a woman is for fear of offending. Former Vice President Mike Pence’s visit to The University of Virginia was criticized by the student newspaper claiming Pence’s beliefs threatened “the well-being and safety of students.”

This is just a brief sampling underscoring how pathetically fallen society is.

The New York Times’ time-honored maxim: “All the news that is fit to print” finally conceded that Hunter Biden’s laptop’s emails are newsworthy as first reported by the New York Post in October 2020 – 16 months after the presidential election. 

The conservative New York Post founded by Alexander Hamilton deserved a Pulitzer but will never see it.

The Times has relished their bloated reputation for decades while perfecting the art of falsehood and being left-wing. Some 90 years ago, their Moscow correspondent was Walter Duranty.  While Stalin was executing his political opponents and starving millions of Ukrainians, Duranty’s dispatches rendered Stalin’s homeland a worker’s paradise. Duranty was double-dipping collecting from the Times and Stalin, who bribed him with money, booze, drugs, and prostitutes while being awarded a Pulitzer Prize in 1932.

The television audience for the 2022 Beijing Olympic Winter Games resembled a Joe Biden rally. This is no surprise as the Tokyo Summer Olympic Games made for the worst ratings since NBC first began broadcasting them in 1988.   

Running counter to the Olympic spirit, the games have been politically hijacked.  The Olympics lost its way after the 1972 Summer Games in Munich, West Germany with the Israeli massacre. The governing body is corruption personified, while half the competing countries use their doped-up athletes as nothing more than public relations fodder.

Joe Rogan’s anti-vaccine opinions created a censorship dumpster fire when singer Neil Young pulled his music from Spotify, the same platform that offers Rogan’s podcasts. In the aftermath, those under the age of 40 were wondering who Young is, while those 40 to 65 are amazed that Young still breathes, and everyone over 65 are questioning what exactly is Spotify.

neil young fans

On occasion, I have tuned into Rogan, the longtime former host of “Fear Factor,” and question if Young, or any other “outraged” leftists ever actually listened to “The Joe Rogan Experience” minus an edited thirty-second soundbite.

Rogan is nothing like the arrogant Young that self-lobotomized years ago as another hippie burnout from the ‘60s counterculture who thinks nothing of attacking the First Amendment – the foundation of the nation. Ironically, Young who once sang, “Rockin’ in the Free World,” now spearheads the cancellation brigade. Those once incredulous of government now trusts a government that fears dissenting attitudes.