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Greg Maresca | Remnant Columnist

In between Veteran’s Day and trying to find a Thanksgiving Day turkey under $50, the 8th billion resident on this third rock from the sun was born.  Many claim this unprecedented number that has been on the horizon is proof that time is setting rather than rising on humanity.

As the fallout from the 2022 midterm election is being sliced and diced, another day on the November calendar just as significant is upon us – Veteran’s Day.

It was a heretical political “Hail Mary” in the first-degree for our ersatz Catholic president in a desperate attempt to motivate the Democrat base in the November midterm election.

“The court got Roe right nearly 50 years ago and I believe the Congress should codify Roe, once and for all,” President Biden informed the Democratic National Committee.  There is nothing like killing babies that rouses Democrats, which Biden believes will turn the red wave into a blue sea of victory. 

All 435 seats in the U.S. House and 35 seats in the U.S. Senate will be contested Tuesday, including two-thirds of all state governors and hundreds of state seats.

Proof that the woke devour their own was evident in the case of Maitland Jones, a nationally recognized chemist, professor, and author of the standard collegiate textbook on organic chemistry. The tenured Jones was charged with requiring excellence from his students. Such lofty expectations did not sit well with his class as a student petition was circulated alleging that his organic chemistry course was just too demanding and called for his head.

Military recruiting from the enlisted ranks to the service academies are down and so is retention. Such problems are a self-inflicted wound that need not be. Moreover, an annual poll by the Reagan Institute revealed 45% of Americans have a “great deal” of confidence in the armed forces – down 25% in just three years.

It was a first-degree miscarriage of justice that could be straight out of 1917 Bolshevik Russia or 1930s Nazi Germany. Rather, this most newsworthy story in late September 2022 from suburban Bucks County, Pennsylvania received modest national coverage.

Before venturing deeper into the November midterm election and its many issues, the news’ ledger had plenty of contrasts that may have been overlooked, ignored, or simply dismissed. The good news for Democrats is despite Queen Elizabeth’s death, it won’t prohibit her from voting in November.

Provided this tyranny suits you, keep voting Democrat.

After several months of great anticipation, President Biden pulled the trigger cancelling up to $20,000 of college debt for nearly 40 million Americans worth $330 billion – conveniently before the November midterm election. Biden is also extending loan forbearance for another four months even as unemployment among college graduates is at two percent.