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Greg Maresca | Remnant Columnist

The unprecedented events since November’s election have left many Americans angry, bewildered and disenfranchised.  Millions believe the vote was rigged and such strong sentiments do not bode well for future political bipartisanship. 

In one breath the new president called for “unity and healing” and in another Joe Biden called Trump voters “domestic terrorists.”  Moreover, nothing says “unity and healing” like the Democrat controlled House of Representatives conducting a second impeachment only days before a presidential inauguration.   

Biden also said the events at the Capitol “do not reflect true America, do not represent who we are.”  Since 1973, over 62 million lives of the most innocent among us were killed through abortion.  We have codified into law that a women’s right to an abortion is greater than the unborn’s right to life.  Riotous behavior is very much its cause and effect and the reflection it produces, like it or not, is indeed who we are.

Our founding documents profess “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” Liberty, and the pursuit of anything, is impossible when your life is taken from you.  In an ironic twist of presidential proportion, Biden’s inauguration is just two days before the 48th anniversary of the Supreme Court decision that legalized abortion in Roe v. Wade. maresca biden 1

Abortion has corrupted our entire political and judicial systems and its poisonous fruit continues to wreak havoc and liability across our fruited plain.  Like the appalling Dred Scott decision in 1857 regarding slavery, Roe v. Wade deals with the very heart of what it means to be human.  And in both decisions the Supreme Court got it terribly wrong.

Many Americans abandoned biblical morality decades ago and our political and judicial systems have followed suit by conceding to abortion, redefining marriage and gender that has nothing to do with the Constitution.    


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Under a Biden/Harris administration expect more of the same with the longstanding Hyde Amendment clearly in their crosshairs.  Since 1976, the Hyde Amendment blocked federal tax dollars from paying for abortions. 

Anyone is free to support abortion providers, but forcing those with the First Amendment protected freedom of religion to pay for something that is in direct violation of their faith was a bridge too far, even for Democrats.  Tragically, this is no longer the case for Biden, a "practicing" Catholic who once supported the Hyde Amendment, or for the political party he leads.    

Former Democrat congressman Dan Lipinski, who lost his March 2020 primary after serving for 16 years in Illinois’ Third Congressional District and was one of only two pro-life Democrats in the House, said his party would be committing a “terrible political mistake” by trying to enact taxpayer-funded abortion by repealing the Hyde Amendment.  Once upon a time in America, Joe Biden was pro-life, but over the last generation, “pro-life and Democrat” became a definitive oxymoron.  New House Appropriations chair Democrat Rosa DeLauro is advocating for Hyde’s repeal, and with new Vice President Kamala Harris being the deciding vote in the Senate, things remain most favorable.  maresca biden 2

Democrats claim to “follow the science” but as bestselling author, George Neumayr, writing in American Spectator underscored, Democrats “can stare at a sonogram of an unborn child and deny the child’s existence, while presenting the most conjectural climate change reports as ironclad fact.”

If Biden means business about being “a president for all Americans” and that includes those in their mother’s womb, he should leave the Hyde Amendment alone and tell the impeachers to stand down. On the eve of a presidential inauguration, impeachment only deepens the divide in an already intensely polarized nation. 

Biden should heed a lesson from history when President Gerald Ford in 1974 pardoned his predecessor, Richard Nixon, which spared the nation a drawn-out trial over Watergate.  In retrospect, the decision probably cost Ford the presidential election two years later, but history has looked favorably on Ford’s clemency that at that time was unpopular, but the right course of action.  As president, one would think Biden would want to resolve any fraud about the electoral process and ballot manipulation to ensure honest future elections.      

What’s needed is the political will to get it done. 

It is called leadership and it’s Biden’s ball.   

During New Year’s Eve, many stayed up not to see the emergence of 2021, but to make sure 2020 made its way out.   

At the dawning of 2020, who would have imagined a flock of black swans circling the American landscape that included an unprecedented pandemic, an economic roller coaster, widespread civil unrest, a longstanding contested presidential election and where science has been politicized by a dishonest academic, political and media triumvirate. 

The departing year also highlighted how prescient George Orwell’s “1984” and “Animal Farm” now parallels 21st century America. covid 1984 icon

The incompetence of big government was magnified again as the post office continues to add billions in debt, while being unable to deliver on time, the CDC’s inferior COVID testing, and their suspect vaccines.

Washington’s elite teamed with academia, the media and Hollywood are pulling away from Middle America where the majority seems content to ride along.      

In uncertain times, ample sarcasm cannot do it alone, but here goes.  

Biden and his politicos are warring against COVID, despite not having articulated one original idea about what they would do differently from the Trump administration.  On cue, the media will play along telling us how awful the virus is, but once Biden is inaugurated, things will improve greatly. 

If Biden’s health does not get to him first, Hunter Biden’s computer hard drive may, as it will become a source of contention announcing the arrival that Kamala Harris’ time has come. wheres Hunter

Before the next election, law firms across our fruited plain will take to the airwaves advertising that if you had one of the initial COVID vaccines, you may be entitled to compensation.

Vaccinations will be required especially by industries like the airlines. Those who don’t immunize will be considered second-class citizens, and subjected to ridicule.

Forget that 9 to 5 gig as working from home is expected around the clock.  Going out for lunch means moving from your bedroom to your kitchen table.  The water cooler has transformed into the washing machine as you try to squeeze in another load in between Zoom meetings.  A once twelve second office exchange turns into a never ending reply all e-mail.  The silver lining is you can remain anchored in your pajama bottoms and slippers all day, while imbibing on wine tucked away in your oversized coffee mug with your feet propped up on your La-Z-Boy taking in a conference call.     

When ailing, masks will do a MacArthur and fade away, but quarantining will last longer, however, that 14-day minimum will be history. 


EDITOR'S NOTE: Dear Friends, social media is cracking down on Conservative content. Many of you have complained that you stopped seeing our content in your news feeds. We hear you, and we have a way of staying connected in the fight — subscribe to my FREE weekly eblast. Click here.  - MJM 

On the large screen, Argus Hamilton says “Murder She Wrote,” the popular detective series that ran for twelve years, will be brought back with a new cast. The story line will follow a seventy-three year-old woman who kills wherever she goes.  It will star Hillary Clinton.  Another series will be produced about the Trump Administration, and cast Chaz Bono as Kim Jong Un.

The final chapter of the Indiana Jones series will be released this summer strictly through drive-in theaters.  Drive-ins were one enterprise that has actually made a comeback thanks to updated audio technology that has brought surround sound to your hooptie.  The story has Indiana Jones searching for an ancient text, which turns out to be Joe Biden’s freshman yearbook.

The statue of Abraham Lincoln that was torn down in the leftist mecca of San Francisco will be replaced by one of John Wilkes Booth.    

Rather than build his own media empire, President Trump will instead take to the road as a president in exile. miss me yet trump

The size and scope of all government will grow faster than you can say “another trillion dollar stimulus” as bureaucrats of all stripes anxiously await to exercise their authority during the next pandemic all in the name of “safety” taking our individual autonomy with it.

Without a Republican administration working through the FCC, Big Tech amplify their censorship against conservatives resulting in nearly all major conservative media being exiled from Facebook and Twitter.

Who knew the good old days were just two years ago when AOC was dictating how plastic straws were destroying our earthly home that only had thirteen years remaining?      

God who created us with so much fascinating complexity has a plan, even in our brokenness.

Some scholarly soul observed that 2020 began as 1974 with a presidential impeachment.  Then it turned into 1918 with a global pandemic that quickly morphed into 1929 with the March stock market crash, followed by 2008 with a recession, and finally 1968 with civil rights protests. 

American religiosity has been in decline for more than a generation and with the added fear of COVID-19, many Christian leaders have deserted their flocks.   

Welcome to Christmas 2020, where the biggest crisis is not a virus but a lack of faith.  Church leaders have conceded to government diktats in this era of COVID-19 in a doleful attempt to brand themselves as benevolent.

The $1.6 trillion in outstanding student loans held by the federal government is something “President-elect” Joe Biden is apparently considering cancelling; at least up to $50,000 for each borrower by executive order. 

Georgia was pivotal during November’s presidential election as one of a handful of swing states that made Joe Biden, President-elect.  The Peach State will again take center stage on Jan. 5 with its scheduled runoff of two Senate seats whose importance cannot be exaggerated. 

Georgia’s anticipated January election for Republicans could very well serve as a last stand against the emerging Democrat socialistic wave that is anxiously awaiting to swallow up the American Republic.  

Joe Biden’s “time for healing” and to “stop treating our opponents as our enemies” speech was anything but Lincolnesque as the most divisive, volatile election since the Civil War has put many in doubt.   

One teacher’s union has already demanded that Biden oppose any charter school expansion, while putting an end to school choice for Washington D.C.’s low-income families.  This is the same city that Biden won 93 percent of the vote.  With such gaudy numbers, Democrats must believe that everyone is as easily manipulated. 

From 1980 through 2016, 19 of the nation’s more than 3,000 counties voted for the presidential winner in every election.  In 2020, only one of them backed Joe Biden.  Is this a statistical anomaly, or is something seriously amiss? 

Americans are entitled to an honest election and President Trump has every right to challenge its results given the debasing treatment he has received over the past four years.  Trump’s campaign has filed multiple legal challenges regarding ballot-counting fraud in several swing states, including Pennsylvania.

There are some news stories that have been buried under the avalanche of media coverage during this most contentious and controversial of presidential elections, but it certainly doesn’t diminish their newsworthiness and importance.  

Fulton v. City of Philadelphia is one of them, where the Supreme Court recently heard oral arguments in what will be a historic First Amendment ruling sometime early in 2021, regardless of who lives in the White House.    

In 2018, Catholic Social Services of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia (CSS) was prohibited by the same city that provided cover for infamous abortionist Dr. Kermit Gosnell from finding homes for foster children – unless CSS accepted gay unions. This occurred while Philadelphia declared a city emergency with 300 children in need of foster care.   

Although the presidential campaign was long and all-consuming, the nation remains at a crossroads.  While 2020 has been a tumultuous year with zealous partisanship driving both sides of the political spectrum, it came as no revelation that Election Day would not see a clear winner. 

This most contentious of presidential elections and its ensuing legal challenges will test the foundation of our American constitutional republic to its core.

Once again, Donald Trump outperformed the pollsters’ predictions of a Biden landslide, making them appear more like partisan hacks than political scientists.