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Greg Maresca | Remnant Columnist

On a recent mild January evening in the City of Brotherly Love, the affection of one home team NHL player was anything but mild. A firestorm of disgruntled wrath erupted upon Ivan Provorov, a Russian native and a defenseman for the Philadelphia Flyers, compliments of the LGTBQ+ agenda and their woke confederates of the diversity, inclusion and equity crowd (DIE).

The left wants you driving an electric car and now cooking on an electric stove, as they want to ban gas stoves. Richard Trumka of the Biden administration’s Consumer Product Safety Commission said gas stoves should be banned under the guise of public-health.

For a brief respite on a Monday evening early in the new year, an NFL play took center stage from sea to shining sea.  After making a routine tackle, second-year player, 24-year-old Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin, suffered cardiac arrest needing immediate CPR.

With the stock market and Biden’s disgruntled economic policies playing tag with the devil, a recession will settle in from sea to shining sea before the year sees its twilight. Perhaps after such economic hardships, the American electorate will finally realize printing money to finance gratuitous government handouts is anything but a sound economic strategy and those responsible must be exiled from ever occupying elected office.

The year 2022 will be defined by record inflation, polarized politics, a sunken stock market and an overwhelmed southern border.  Yet, accolades abound and this is admittedly an incomplete list given the space presented.

In Charles Dickens’ Victorian epic, A Christmas Carol, Ebenezer Scrooge was visited by three Christmas ghosts: Past, Present and Yet to Come. The most intimidating of the three was the final spirit – Christmas Yet to Come – the grim reaper personified.

Throughout the years, I must have watched every televised Christmas special ever made several times. Leading the list was “A Charlie Brown Christmas” always an annual watch. Two questions with Charlie Brown persist: One, did he ever pitch a winning game of baseball, and secondly did he ever get any attention from that red-haired girl?

Being in the midst of the Christmas shopping season and being the informed shopper that you are it is important to realize what exactly is lurking in corporate America.

Growing up, the only “mart” box store I was familiar with was Kmart. The rise of Walmart, which opened its first store in Arkansas in 1962 with a business credo of “low prices every day,” is truly one of the greatest success stories in American history.  So much so that when George H.W. Bush was president, he awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom to Walmart founder, Sam Walton.

In between Veteran’s Day and trying to find a Thanksgiving Day turkey under $50, the 8th billion resident on this third rock from the sun was born.  Many claim this unprecedented number that has been on the horizon is proof that time is setting rather than rising on humanity.

As the fallout from the 2022 midterm election is being sliced and diced, another day on the November calendar just as significant is upon us – Veteran’s Day.

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