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Remnant Rome Report

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The Remnent Newspaper traveled to Rome for coverage of the Conclave.

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Tradition Remembered

Tradition Remembered (3)

The Remnant Will Never Forget

The Remnant devotes this section of our exclusively to testimonies by those who lived through the revolution of the Second Vatican Council.

This page is reserved for those who saw what happened, or heard what happened from those who did,  and who truly understand how Catholic families were blown apart. Visitors who have personal reflections, or memories of traditionalists pioneers, or reminicences of the revolution are encouraged to tell their stories and share their pictures here. . . so that we will never forget.

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Vatican Sex Abuse Summit in Rome

Vatican Sex Abuse Summit in Rome (0)

RTV Covers Vatican Sex Abuse Summit in Rome

Remnant TV was in Rome this past week covering the Vatican’s clerical sexual abuse summit on the “protection of minors”. It seemed a dismal assignment, to be sure, but the reason it was necessary for The Remnant to be in the Eternal City was so we could throw in with our traditional Catholic allies in Rome who’d organized an act of formal resistance to the Vatican sham summit.

Going in, we all knew that the ultimate goal of the summit was to establish child abuse—not rampant homosexuality in the priesthood—as the main cause of a crisis in the Catholic Church which now rivals that of the Protestant Revolt. (Remnant TV coverage of this event as well as the Vatican summit itself, can be found on The Remnant’s YouTube channel, and for your convenience is laid out below:

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Remnant Cartoons

Remnant Cartoons (97)

Have you subscribed to The Remnant’s print edition yet? We come out every two weeks, and each issue includes the very latest Remnant Cartoon!


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This from, "With actress Melissa Gilbert withdrawing from Michigan's 8th Congressional race, Democrats are out a candidate just months before the election and face an even tougher uphill climb in what's been a solidly Republican district.

"Late Tuesday evening, Gilbert said head and neck injuries from two accidents in 2012 forced her to drop out of the race against incumbent Rep. Mike Bishop, R-Rochester. Democratic sources said Michigan's Democratic congressional delegation met Tuesday to talk about replacement candidates." READ ARTICLE HERE

REMNANT COMMENT: Gee, that's too bad, Half Pint!

Maybe next time Melissa Gilbert (who played Laura on Little House) will think twice before putting her liberal loser tripe up against a pro-life, pro-family, pro-marriage conservative who actually cares about the common good and the lives of the unborn.

U.S. Rep. Mike Bishop, Gilbert's Republican opponent, is 100% pro-life and with no exceptions.  Melissa "Half Pint" Gilbert, on the other hand, is a radical abortion rights activist whose short-lived political run was supported by some of the fiercest abortion advocates in America.

According to LifeSiteNews, Gilbert even “consulted with radical abortion advocate EMILY's List, which supports only pro-abortion candidates. EMILY's List is infamous for going even farther than most abortion activists by actually advocating for the infanticide procedure known as partial-birth abortion."

It seems like anything and everything Hollywood touches eventually comes to embrace the dark side. ‘Little House on the Prairie’, leaving aside the schmaltz on steroids, was as pro-family as American primetime TV ever got.  It’ll be a cold day in hell, in fact, before we'll ever see the likes of it again. 

But now it seems that even that fleeting spark of televised innocence is under demonic assault, 30 years after Michael Landon blew up Walnut Grove—with its cute little child star now running around advocating for the slaughter of unborn (and partial-born) babies in and out of their mothers’ wombs.

How twisted, demented and sad our 'enlightened' society has become. God help us, what a mess!   

This from "Thousands of people last week discovered that Amazon had quietly removed electronic copies of George Orwell's 1984 from their Kindle e-book readers. In the process, Amazon revealed how easy censorship will be in the Kindle age.

"In this case, the mass e-book removals were motivated by copyright . A company called MobileReference, who did not own the copyrights to the books 1984 and Animal Farm, uploaded both books to the Kindle store and started selling them. When the rights owner heard about this, they contacted Amazon and asked that the e-books be removed. And Amazon decided to erase them not just from the store, but from all the Kindles where they'd been downloaded. Amazon operators used the Kindle wireless network, called WhisperNet, to quietly delete the books from people's devices and refund them the money they'd paid.

"An uproar followed, with outraged customers pointing out the irony that Amazon was deleting copies of a novel about a fascist media state that constantly alters history by changing digital records of what has happened." READ ARTICLE HERE

REMNANT COMMENT: This story was sent to us by a Remnant subscriber who attached the simple note: "Michael: Please keep The Remnant on paper."  Indeed, maintaining The Remnant's print-edition is an extremely costly and time-consuming endeavor. In fact, it is hands down the most expensive arm of our apostolate, and makes little sense from a modern business model point of view.

But, as we see it, The Remnant needs to do two things: Take into account those who as a matter of principle avoid the Internet (especially older readers who prefer newsprint), and also anticipate an uncertain future on the Internet in which all things Christian may well become illegal hate speech. We have no intention of placing our ability to communicate with the worldwide remnant and to defend the Christian family and the Kingship of Christ entirely in the hands of the lords of the Internet, whoever or whatever they might be now or in the future.

Please pray for us, that we will be able to maintain The Remnant in both its print- and e-edition.  And if you have not yet subscribed to The Remnant, please help us by doing so today:

This just in from NCR: "Pope Francis’ visit to Lund, Sweden, to commemorate the 500th anniversary of the Reformation will comprise “two parts” beginning with a “common prayer” service in Lund's Lutheran cathedral and continuing with a public event at Malmö Arena that will be open to wider participation, Vatican and Lutheran leaders have announced.

"In a joint statement issued today by the Lutheran World Federation (LWF) and the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity, they reiterated that the Oct. 31 event will be centered on the themes of “thanksgiving, repentance and commitment to common witness".

It also said the overall aim of the ecumenical event “is to express the gifts of the Reformation and ask forgiveness for division perpetuated by Christians from the two traditions.” READ ARTICLE HERE

REMNANT COMMENT: Ah, yes, the 'gifts of the Reformation' -- such as the tearing in half of holy Christendom. The beginning of the end of the Holy Roman Empire. The destruction of the Catholic state. The loss of millions of souls who fell victim to the vile heresies of Martin Luther.

And let's not forget to ask forgiveness for the great saints who gave their lives in defense of Holy Mother Church under vicious assault of Protestant 'reformers.' Thomas More, for example, used the Greek term “anarchos” to describe the Protestant Revolt. He believed that the “whole great change of European consciousness in the sixteenth century was due to the hatred that they [Protestants] bear to all good order and the great hunger they have to make [everything] disordered.”

You see, poor Thomas More didn't think 'making a mess' was a particularly good idea. He regarded Lutherans as “daemonun satellites” (“agents of demons”), in fact, who had to be stopped before they brought civilized society to ruin.

In his book, The Life of Thomas More, Peter Akroyd explains: "
This was no longer a time for questioning, or innovation, or uncertainty of any kind. He [More] blamed Luther for the Peasants’ Revolt in Germany, and maintained that all its havoc and destruction were the direct result of Luther’s challenge to the authority of the church; under the pretext of “libertas” Luther preached “licentia,” which had in turn led to rape, sacrilege, bloodshed, fire and ruin."

And why not? Of the Mass of his own priestly ordination, beloved liturgy of his fathers and forefathers, saints and martyrs, for a thousand years, Luther hisses: "I declare that all the brothels…all the manslaughters, murders, thefts and adulteries have wrought less abomination than the popish Mass."

This from one who, by his own admission, was “inspired”—while on his toilet, no less—with the certainty that the Church was the great Whore of Babylon, that four of her seven Sacraments were abominations, as were her priesthood, celibacy, papacy and monastic life. On his toilet, Luther figured it out—all that’s needed is Faith alone…and the laws of Christianity be damned!

“Be a sinner and sin on bravely,” said Luther, “but have stronger faith and rejoice in Christ, who is the victory of sin, death, and the world. Do not for a moment imagine that this life is the abiding place of justice: sin must be committed… sin cannot tear you away from Him, even though you commit adultery a hundred times a day and commit as many murders.”
Compare these words to similar ones written by the Satanist Aleister Crowley: "
Are we walking in eternal fear lest some 'sin' should cut us off from 'grace'? By no means…Live as the kings and princes, crowned and uncrowned, of this world, have always lived, as masters always live… make your self-indulgence your religion…When you drink and dance and take delight, you are not being 'immoral,' you are not 'risking your immortal soul'; you are fulfilling the precepts of our holy religion [Satanism]…Is not this better than [to] go oppressed by consciousness of 'sin,' wearily seeking or simulating wearisome and tedious 'virtues'?"

Protestantism, Satanism, Freemasonry—these were but brothers-in-arms in the ancient war against the holy Church, a war fomented by agents of disorder. Even some of Luther’s friends readily admitted that the “Reformation” was anarchistic.

For example, the ex-priest Martin Bucer, who’d benefited from Luther’s moral dispensations where an ex-nun and his vows were concerned, nevertheless admits: "T
he whole Reformation was one grand indulgence for libertinism. The greater part of the people seems only to have embraced the gospel in order to shake off the yoke of discipline and the obligation of fasting and penance, which rested upon them in popery, and that they may live according to their own pleasure, enjoying their lusts and lawless appetites without control. That was the reason they lent a willing ear to the teaching of justification by faith alone and not by good works, for the latter of which they had no relish."

It is no wonder that Erasmus (who also advocated reform) would write: “Lutheranism has but two objects at heart—money and women.”

And now Pope Francis is heading off to Sweden to commemorate what Martin Bucer called 'one grand indulgence for libertinism" and St. Thomas More condemned as the demonic project of the Antichrist himself -- the Protestant Revolt.

God help us, what is the matter with this man!

Bishop Athanasius Schneider 3Bishop Athanasius Schneider

May 26, 2016

Dear Mr. Matt:

Thank you for your greetings. I wrote an answer to The Remnant‘s Open Letter, which I send to you in the attachment and you can publish. God bless abundantly you and your apostolate for the Catholic faith. With cordial greetings in Jesus and Mary,

+ Athanasius Schneider

Dear Mr. Christopher A. Ferrara:
On May 9, 2016 you published on “The Remnant” website an open letter to me regarding the question of the Apostolic Exhortation “Amoris laetitia”.

As a bishop, I am grateful and at the same time encouraged to receive from a Catholic layman such a clear and beautiful manifestation of the “sensus fidei” regarding the Divine truth on marriage and the moral law.

“All the kindly statements made on the Mass from Rome console old folks for whom the reforms of the Council came "too fast" and sometimes with unnecessary "insensitivity – but no one has said the reforms were wrong. They have refused to face the issue, – which is not nostalgia on the part of-those "who feel close to some older liturgical forms," but the shipwreck of the Catholic Church. I mean a new Mass, a new catechism, a new morality, a flagrantly mistranslated Bible, an architecture and music which constitute a thoroughly orchestrated and rehearsed attack on Catholic doctrine and practice.” - John Senior

Editor’s Note: The following is Chapter 5 of the late great Dr. John Senior’s book “The Remnants: The Final Essays of John Senior.” The book is available from The Remnant but this particular chapter seems particularly apropos at this time. May the incomparable Dr. Senior rest in peace, and if our good God has seen fit to lead his faithful servant into paradise already, may John Senior intercede for us all and help us to keep the old Faith he himself defended so well while on this earth. MJM

These hasty notes document a state of mind and soul (in anguish) in the days between the consecrations at Ecône, the threat of excommunication hanging over us who attend Mass at Society of Pius X Chapels, and the Sunday coming up. I am anxious to hear the opinions of those more knowledgeable, especially of Walter Matt, the best Catholic journalist in America, Michael Davies in England, Jean Madiran in France, and Dom Gerard of Le Barroux.

This just in from our friends at the Knights of Columbus Woodlawn Council 2161 Traditional Latin Mass Guild

When? Saturday, 4 June 2016, 11 AM Divine Liturgy followed by

What? Consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary and the Sacred Heart of Jesus

Where? St. George Byzantine Catholic Church 1001 Clinton Street, Aliquippa PA 15001 FULL RELEASE HERE

REMNANT COMMENT: The reason more good things don't happen, and evil is allowed to triumph nearly everywhere today--is that too many good men do nothing. Hats off to our friends in Aliquippa for not doing nothing.

Imagine what would happen if we all arranged ceremonies and TLMs to consecrate our hometowns to the Immaculate Heart of Mary and the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Imagine that!  Well, what are we waiting for?

This just in from LifeSiteNews -- The cardinal tasked by Saint Pope John Paul II 36 years ago with founding an institute to study marriage and the family has criticized Pope Francis’ recent Apostolic Exhortation on the family for lacking clarity and causing confusion among bishops regarding perennial magisterial teaching on marriage, divorce, and reception of Holy Communion. 

“Chapter 8 is, objectively, unclear,” said Cardinal Carlo Caffarra when speaking about Amoris Laetitia, since it causes "'conflict of interpretations' ignited even among bishops." The comments were made last week in an interview the cardinal gave in Italian to the website La Nuova Bussola Quotidiana. READ ARTICLE HERE

REMNANT COMMENT: So yet another member of the hierarchy severs the chains of collegiality in order to break the silence and speak the truth. According to LSN, the cardinal said that despite the conflicting interpretations surrounding the exhortation, it remains the case that it is impossible for civilly divorced and remarried Catholics to receive Holy Communion.

Amen to that!

The 77-year-old Cardinal Caffara, by the way, is perhaps best known for his fierce opposition to contraception over the years.  In 1988, the NY Times quoted Caffara as asserting in regards to the use of condoms that acting in accord with morality outweighed any potential "physical harm": "Even the smallest moral wrong is so much greater than any physical wrong. I know this is hard for some to accept when the dangers are great, but the church is here to combat moral wrongs."

It would seem at this point that the defenders of Amoris Laetitia are more or less willfully blinding themselves to the myriad dangers of this revolutionary document. Hats off to Cardinal Caffara. Let us pray that this is not too little too late.

pope leoWhen I first started investigating what was really going on in the Church, I was surprised to discover that our difficulties dated to well before the 1960s. I read such luminaries as Cardinal Newman writing in the 19th century against “liberalism.” It was a revelation that Catholic leaders had been warning for more than a hundred years against what I was seeing all around me. I was also surprised, given the habitual verbose opacity of modern prelates, to see how simple, forthright and understandable these pre-Conciliar popes were. It is some inspiring, and given our current troubles, comforting and encouraging stuff to read.

Testem Benevolentiae Nostrae is the letter from Pope Leo XIII to James Cardinal Gibbons, archbishop of Baltimore, warning against what the pope called “Americanism,” and certain trends of thought that he feared would undermine Catholic confidence in the Church’s authority. It can be seen now that his fears were well founded, and can at least reassure us that our troubles are not new, and did not appear ex nihilo from Vatican II.

The fact that there were voices within the Catholic Church of the US in the late 19th century calling for the same things that we see Pope Francis and his pals actually installing today, shows you that we’re still on the same path, fighting the same war that has been going on for hundreds of years. And Pope Leo’s responses will give us weapons to fight.

This just in from "Cardinal Robert Sarah made the comments in an exclusive interview with Famille Chrétienne The Vatican’s liturgy chief has called on priests to celebrate Mass facing east.

"In an interview with the French Catholic magazine Famille Chrétienne, Cardinal Robert Sarah said that the Second Vatican Council did not require priests to celebrate Mass facing the people.

This way of celebrating Mass, he said, was 'a possibility, but not an obligation." READ HERE

REMNANT COMMENT: Comparatively speaking, it's little thing, given that we're still talking about the insufferable Novus Ordo.  But it's a step in the right direction. And, obviously, Robert Cardinal Sarah for pope! This goes without saying.

BlueMassStTitus2015 5 620x465
Remnant columnist, Father Ladis Cizik, blesses police vehicles
before the Traditional Latin (Blue) Mass last year

The Knights of Columbus Woodlawn Council 2161Traditional Latin Mass Guild annually holds a Traditional Latin “Blue Mass” to honor the police and law enforcement officers in the Beaver County area of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Police cars are blessed before the Mass and a banquet with speakers is offered after the Holy Sacrifice. Many people attend who are not a part of the Latin Mass community, including judges and elected government officials. It is the Knights hope, through our Traditional Latin Mass events, to bring Novus Ordo Catholics to Tradition; and perhaps even lead non-Catholics to consider our Holy Catholic Faith. The following sermon by Father Cizik was delivered on May 14, 2016 at Saint Titus Church in Aliquippa:

In Nomine Patris, et Filii, et Spiritus Sancti. Amen.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

2016 Blue Mass: The Color is Red Featured