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Wednesday, July 3, 2024

DEI Henchmen sent to quash conservative school board

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DEI Henchmen sent to quash conservative school board

Dauphin Manitoba, Canada | The Manitoba Education Minister recently held a meeting with the Mountain View School Division, board of trustees, following a recent whirlwind of conservative "non-compliant" actions by the board.

eblast promptIt all began last year when the Canadian education system was allotted some 200 million dollars to implement anit-racism and DEI initiatives within the school system, most specifically for IPOC (indigenous and people of color).  The Canadian government has been throwing money and resources at the Indigenous,  in an effort to appease the masses over wrongly reported mass graves at residential schools, and mistreatment of the aboriginal people.

In January the Education Minister assembled a group of administrators to travel throughout Canada, interviewing various school administrators and boards, to get feedback on how to best implement these initiatives and spend the money.  Following this process, anti-racism procedures were compiled and presented to the school division boards for discussion and implementation if adopted by the boards.

On April 22nd, at a regularly scheduled, Mountain View School Division (MVSD) board meeting in central Manitoba, Trustee Paul Coffey, gave a presentation outlining the history of these initiatives and how, historically, they have failed and only exacerbated the inequality between different cultural demographics and, in fact, contributed to division, animosity and racism.  He highlighted the Canadian Government's continuous disbursement of money, land, assets, and tax free incentives thrown at the indigenous peoples in an effort to make restitution for Europeans settling in Canada.  

As a duly elected member of the board, representing his constituents, Trustee Coffey explained that any anti-racism procedures implemented could not include the terms white privilege, or decolonization as these terms in themselves are racist and would only further divide the students and staff they were meant to protect.  He also explained how the indigenous people of Canada have changed their names numerous times since originally being called Indians by the first European settlers.  Indians, First Nations, Native Americans, Natives, Indigenous and now they have been grouped together with other ethnic groups and reduced to a simple acronym IPOC (Indigenous and People of Color).  This continuous change of identity has only further drawn the Indian people from their heritage and is a form of erasure.  Trustee Coffey explained how most ethnic groups in Canada prefer to be referred to by their ancestry.  Ukrainians, Polish, French, Germans, Italians etc. are all proud of their heritage and therefore want to be called such.  Coffey himself is of Indian descent, is proud of his heritage and prefers to be referred to as Indian rather than any of these other terms.

The presentation was first taken with very little negative feedback and in fact a brief discussion following the meeting resulted in positive reviews from all who attended, however one of the attendees posted something on social media and it went viral.  The press then posted biased, heavily edited versions of the presentation and attempted to paint Trustee Coffey as a racist, misogynist.  The vile comments and hatred by the left towards Trustee Coffey was horrendous however, there was also an incredible outpouring of support, most especially by members of his ward.   

Against all policies, without approval of the board, the school board CAO, Stephen Jaddock, posted a letter on the school division website, rebuking Coffey and stating the views of the board were not consistent with Coffey's presentation..  Shortly thereafter, without consulting their legislative bodies, the Manitoba Teacher Society, RM of Ethelbert, RM of Lakeshore and the City of Dauphin all posted statements on their websites denouncing Coffey's presentation.  Manitoba Chiefs and the Manitoba Metis Federation also made slanderous and derogatory statements which were printed in the papers and on social media.  This lead to further backlash and incredible division within the community.  Provincial legacy media outlets took intertest in the story and posted articles titled, "Deep ignorance...", "Shock and disbelief after Manitoba school trustee's Indigenous comments...", "Mountainview trustee faces calls for removal after 'profoundly racist' presentation...".  

Following the printing and posting of these statements, Coffey requested they be removed or rescinded and apologies be posted as they were obviously creating division and harm to the community and intimidating anyone and everyone who may take interest in voting in favor of  Coffey's proposal: "No mention of white privilege or decolonization in any anti-racism policies".  The MVSD board had meetings and demanded the CAO remove his posting from the MVSD website.  All the entities stood behind their posts and would not take them down.  The CAO was in direct violation of the board's directives and was therefore removed as the CAO.  Immediately following his removal, three other left leaning members of the board, who were obviously overwhelmed and intimidated by the entire situation also resigned.  

The remaining board members were then informed that they would be having a meeting with the Manitoba Education Minister [pictured below]:Manitoba minister Education

At the meeting, the board members entered the room to find the Education Minister & Deputy Minister, the local Member of the Legislative Assembly and 5 other staffers.  They were handed a meeting agenda with one of the items being, the dissolution of the board.  Prior to the commencement of the meeting, several of the board members suggested that if the board was to be dissolved they should go ahead and move forward with it and there was no need for the meeting.  The response from the henchmen was that they had no intention of dissolving the board and that was not going to be done.  This was obviously an intimidation tactic as they had no authority to dissolve the board.  Instead, they were going to send out several "advisors", to include a member of the Manitoba Teacher's Society, the Manitoba Metis Federation's local leader and member of the Manitoba House of Representatives and the Chair of the Brandon school board, to attend the board meetings.  Their intent is to see if they might be able to intimidate and influence the board into falling more in line with their left leaning policies.  

During the meeting, it was stated that Coffey's presentation was racist and divisive.  When asked what was racist or divisive about it, the dictators were unable to answer and instead pushed on with their plan to "guide" the board and hopefully intimidate and threaten them enough to fall back in line with the narrative.  There has yet to be anyone who can point out what was racist about Coffey's presentation and there is yet to be any delegation to present a contradiction or challenge to his proposal.

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Last modified on Wednesday, July 3, 2024