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Wednesday, January 19, 2022

GOOD COP FILES: Hancock Family Update

Written by  Jeff Hancock
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GOOD COP FILES: Hancock Family Update

Editor's Note: The following message is from Jeff Hancock, a police officer interviewed by Remnant columnist, Jason Morgan, for "The Good Cop Files".

Since the publication of the interview, Remnant readers have been reaching out to the Hancock family with offers of prayer and assistance, while The Remnant received many requests for an update on the family's situation. We're now pleased to offer the following update from Officer Hancock as an encouraging reminder to trust in God's Providence. MJM

Good morning,

I thought I would give you a firsthand update. 

Right off the bat I would like to say thank you to my daughter, MontaMaria!  Our family loves reading the Remnant; especially Monta. She took the initiative to contact you and as a result our family has received so many graces from heaven. 

All of the prayers and support we have received from Remnant readers has been so encouraging and greatly appreciated.  We trusted Our Lord and left my job, left our home, our family, and the State we were born and raised in, to move to a place half way across the country we had only visited for 16 hours a month before.  God is never out-done in generosity though.  He has led us to an amazing TLM parish.  It is the Mass that matters and we have the pearl of great price!  As if that was not enough, God saw to it that I was able to find a job with a local Police Department, so I am still able to serve people in that role. I would humbly ask the Remnant readers to keep all of those who have and will lose their jobs and security as a result of following our Lord Jesus Christ in their prayers.  Please pray and offer sacrifice for your brothers and sisters during this assault on our Faith.  God bless and thank you!

God bless, and Our Lady of Akita pray for the Morgans! 

Jeff Hancock

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Last modified on Thursday, March 24, 2022