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Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Christmas Trumps Newsom's Nightmare

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Christmas Trumps Newsom's Nightmare

Dear Remnant: I’ve been watching your YouTube channel for several years, and the news has been so dismal. But I think this will give everyone a little hope.

Deep in Gavin Newsom’s mask dictatorship of California, a group of young, homeschooled traditional Catholics were out singing in the streets yesterday:

The location is San Diego, the Little Italy section.  The date is December 22., 2021. Notice Californians wearing masks outside!  But not the singers.  They walked through the streets of Little Italy with their parents and younger siblings in tow, singing in English and Latin.  Notice the performance of “Gaudete” at about 1:18.

Canticle is unique in Southern California and perhaps the US.  Founder Mary Ann Carr Wilson trains these young people in traditional Catholic chant, the Latin mass, and the Renaissance polyphony of Palestrina and Victoria, among others.  They sing masses at traditional services and also in private homes.  

A few days before the caroling, the Canticle choirs were singing for a private concert:

I actually traveled with the group as they caroled yesterday.  Just the act of singing Christmas carols in the city streets was liberating and very uplifting.  I came home feeling more hopeful than I have in a long time.

No news station will cover them, but that didn’t prevent them from having an impact yesterday.  Even the masked San Diegans clapped.

Please pray for this group.  And you might want to let your audience know that they exist and ask for their prayers as well. Their website is here.

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Last modified on Wednesday, December 29, 2021