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Friday, September 11, 2020

Nebraska Governor Cancels COVID Restrictions

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Gov. Pete Ricketts Gov. Pete Ricketts

Nebraska Gov. Pete Ricketts has had enough of the COVID nonsense. At a news conference yesterday, Gov. Ricketts stated he will end nearly all of his state’s social-distancing restrictions on Monday, September 14.

Small businesses such as bars, restaurants, churches, gyms and hair salons will be allowed to operate with no formal restrictions, while large gathering venues are raised to 75% capacity, up from 50%.

None of the remaining COVID guidelines will be enforceable.

Mainstream news outlets immediately began attacking Nebraska and surrounding states for “spiking numbers of COVID cases!” To which those with functioning brains in their heads should respond, “Testing shows that Nebraska and surrounding states have achieved herd immunity!”

May Gov. Ricketts inspire a few more governors to ease up on the nonsensical COVID restrictions.

And, God help us, may America never suffer another case-demic again.

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Last modified on Sunday, September 13, 2020
Tess Mullins | Staff Writer

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