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Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Coronamania Part II: Operant Atheism and Biological Politicization

By:   Dr. Joe Romanoski
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Coronamania Part II: Operant Atheism and Biological Politicization

At the onset, a definition of terms is in order. For the purposes of discussion, operant atheists are defined as people, whilst not actually denying or questioning the existence of God, nonetheless, function in their general activities as if there is no God or Higher Authority to which an account of personal behaviour (or lack thereof), either public or private, must be given.  Moral consciousness in these people is, effectively, non-existent. 

One might say that the actions of these operant atheists are not immoral but amoral.  Effectively, they have the same moral convictions as the ancient Spartans, for whom the only crime was “getting caught.”  Expediency rules supreme.  Operant atheists, therefore, deny justice of any sort (including natural justice) in favour of the “rule of law.”

The recent farcical reaction to COVID-19 is a case in point.  Amidst any current operant atheist political milieu, life and death are considered to be the sole and exclusive province of medical practitioners and their cohorts of biological researchers. A short historical overview is appropriate here.

Like the Mandelbrot and Julia sets in mathematics, the structures of which, upon closer and closer inspection, replicate and re-replicate, ultimately disappearing into an ever deepening void of repetition, so too research into cell structures at the most advanced microscopic levels revealed, by the mid-twentieth century, more and more mind-boggling complexity.  For all practical purposes, strict cellular observational research had reached an inevitable limit.

Fuelled, arguably, by a widespread operant atheism permeating socio-political life in general, the priority in cellular research interest then suddenly and dramatically shifted from cellular investigation (observation of microbe characteristics, behaviour, life cycles, etc.) to cellular manipulation (cloning, IVF, stem cells, DNA alteration or genetic engineering, etc.), at which time ideology—political, economic, or otherwise—entered, for better or for worse, into what had been previously a reasonably neutral, unbiased, and laudable scientific picture.

The nobility of the strictly objective pursuit of biological knowledge via cellular observation for the betterment of human life was, unfortunately, and ultimately to its own detriment, sullied by the introduction of the baser, crasser motivations of biological knowledge acquisition via cellular manipulation for maximization of economic and/or political profit. 

A degrading “expediency” precedent in biological research was set—which precedent was supported by ever increasing political and/or economic “exigencies”.  Humanity and its biological enhancement was effectively “placed on hold” in preference for a more technologically efficient, expeditiously determined pursuit of what might be most accurately termed biological “creature comforts”.  Depravity entered biological science.

Fast forward (or scroll down, if you so prefer) to the most recent circumstances prevailing in our technologized, “worldwide-webbed” society.  The now all-too-familiar COVID-19 has entered the picture.  Nature has quite inconveniently and most insensitively thrown a monkey wrench into the meticulously contrived bio-technological works, or some type of research lab “mistake” has inadvertently and most unfortunately occurred (after all, to err is human), much to our collective dismay.  A media circus has ensued.  All hell has politically broken loose.  The operant atheist politicos themselves must now find a suitably “expeditious” solution to a biological research “mis-prioritizing”, which was, at the onset, expeditiously conceived and subsequently fanatically pursued with all the fleckless financial vigour of a bullish run on Wall Street.

All organisms, micro and macro, follow a life cycle which ultimately culminates in death.  From the point of view of a biological researcher, death is a nuisance, literally. The biological researcher wishes to see the life cycle of the micro organism play out in a “living, surviving” macro organism, so as to have a complete picture of cause and effect, and thereby by to acquire some type of practical, useful knowledge. The life cycle of the micro organism, however, naturally takes time to occur.  It cannot take place at the click of a mouse button or at the swipe of a cell phone—or at the consistent broaching of a biological topic by an inquiring journalist, whose questions are insistently directed towards a helplessly befuddled medical “guru”. There are no “scoops” in biological research.  By and large it is a slow and methodical process—dictated, essentially, by nature itself—requiring careful, meticulous study and rigorous scholarly evaluation.

So what, in the meantime, are those clueless operant atheists who are in positions of political power doing?  They are becoming imperious, increasingly more “expedient’, more draconian, more wittingly or unwittingly barbaric in their violations of natural justice, more increasingly unwise in their public decisions or proclamations, despite their best presumed nobly humane (or possibly out rightly ignobly inhumane) intentions. 

People in politically enslaved populations are more stringently and tyrannically controlled. The rights of people in free populations are ignored and trampled upon.

The world then helplessly and anxiously awaits, with baited breath, for the emergence of some type of hoped-for “solution” to a fabricated catastrophe—a catastrophe of the operant atheists’ own depraved biological, political, and economic making. 

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In our era, as in all previous and future eras, the Wisdom of the Ages has and must always prevail over “expediency” or the “profit motive”.  After all, “absolute power corrupts absolutely” and “the desire of money is the root of all evil.”  The thousands of years of Judeo-Christian tradition on which our Western (and, arguably, the entire world’s) civilization is based must be preserved, fostered, cultivated, protected, and, above all, practised by citizens and their elected representatives or governors of all countries which venture to even call themselves “civilized”.  The alternative is amorality and chaos on the grossest possible scale.  A word of warning to all aspiring operant atheist politicos: “Oh, what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive!”

Sweet Heart of Mary, Be Our Salvation

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