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Tuesday, April 14, 2020

St. Cecilia: Model of Faith, Hope in Persecution

Written by  Frederick Patz
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The Remnant's Lives of the Saints...

THE LOMBARDY REGION of Italy is today the site of great devastation and death by the coronavirus. This area has a long Catholic heritage. The Lombards were fierce barbarians who invaded the region of Italy after the fall of the Roman Empire. They, as other invaders, were converted to the Catholic Faith.

St. Cecilia has a connection with both Italy and the Lombards. St. Cecilia was a Second Century virgin and martyr. She is also the patron of church music. Her representations in church art often give no hint of the fact that she lived and died in the turbulent times of the bloody Roman persecution, and even her church in the Trastevere section of Rome and her tomb were subject to disruption. It is because of this that she is a saint that we can turn to in the dangers, turbulence and uncertainty of today.

St. Cecilia was born into the family of a Roman senator. She was a Catholic from birth and she took a vow of virginity.

Nevertheless, she was given in marriage to Valerianus, a pagan Roman. When Cecilia told him that she had a vow of virginity and was protected by an angel who would kill anyone who violated her, Valerianus asked to see the angel. She told him that he must first be baptized, and he could achieve this by going to the third milestone of the Appian Way.

Valerian was baptized there by Bishop Urban, the future pope. When Valerianus returned home, he saw the angel. The angel crowned them both with roses and lilies... [Continued in the April 15th Remnant Newspaper]

guatiers St. Cecilia

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