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Thursday, March 28, 2019

AND JUSSIE FOR ALL: A Review of News

Written by  G. Maresca
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Jussie Smollett Jussie Smollett

No Deal with Rocket Man

It is hard to fathom that North Korea’s Kim Jong-un will ever eliminate his nuclear arsenal.  Kim is also no more concerned with North Korea’s best interests than Nicolas Maduro is with Venezuela’s.  Take away Kim Jong-un’s nukes and nobody knows his name – most especially the United States.  Without nukes, North Korea is Albania, but with a worse climate.  Trump’s summit with Kim Jong-Un may have ended without a nuclear arms treaty, but no deal is better than a poor one. 

Dems in White Blouses

How about all those Democratic Congresswomen who sat together during the State of the Union Speech all geared up in white trying to look pure and innocent because after all, the good gals always wear white, right?  However, after a second glance and a rewind of history, the only time Democrats would get together to wear white always came with a hood and a burning a cross.  Fast forward to today’s contemporary Democratic Party where abortion and infanticide is all the rage, but getting caught wearing black face from the 1980s, and you’re a pariah.  Chuck Stroup tells me that shoe polish manufacturers have now added warning labels for any of their products sold to Democrats: “Do not apply to face.” 

ladies in white

It’s the Democrats who accuse Republicans of racism, yet they can’t bring themselves to pass a resolution condemning anti-Semitism or censuring Rep. Ilhan Omar.  Democrats still deny that there is an immigration problem as Secretary of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen recently reported to a congressional committee that Mexicans have been smuggling enough Fentanyl into the U.S. to kill every American twice over.

UnplannedMovieAbbyJohnsonKids Can Get Actual Abortion But Can't Watch Movie About One 

The movie “Unplanned” was rated R by The Motion Picture Association of America much to the initial chagrin of the movie’s producers.  The film has no nudity or profanity, but it does show the horrific act of aborting a child and thus got tagged with the restricted rating.   The film centers on Abby Johnson, a former Planned Parenthood director, who is now a steadfast pro-life advocate.  The irony of the R rating was not lost on the producers who underscored that a teenage girl must obtain parental permission to watch a movie that involves an abortion, but yet in many states throughout our fruited plain a girl does not need parental permission to have an actual abortion. 

The producers were quoted in saying, “Maybe it’s for the best.” “…every mother of a teenage girl needs to take her by the hand and go see (the film) with her.” As far as they are concerned, R means recommended. 

"We're the Clintons, and we want your money."

The Clintons’ 14-city speaking tour will be coming to The Met in Philadelphia on April 13.  According to, the cheapest seat will cost you $31 and the most expensive that was still available, $406.  Imagine how much the Clintons would charge if they were not “share the wealth” socialists who condemn capitalism.clintons

Let's Tax Selfies

According to The Wall Street Journal, the California Public Utilities Commission will no longer levy a tax on texting as the FCC said text messaging is an information service and not a telecommunications service.  From the gate the Golden State was barking up the wrong redwood.  Provided California is so tax happy, they should instead levy a tax on selfies.  Considering the narcissism of Californians, the state would wipe out their state pension deficits and balance their budget within a month. 

Soon Dems'll Need a Wall to Keep Rich People In

Provided another “Green New Deal” is ever drawn up by Democrats Rep. A.O.C. and Senator Ed Markey’s the only thing it will ever accomplish is to greatly increase taxation.  Then, Democrats will finally have to approve Trump’s wall to keep all the rich folks in the country.

Jussie Smollett and Black Gay Privilege

Jussie Smollett is the gay O.J., who hopes to Kaepernick himself.  With all criminal charges dismissed (gay-black privilege, anyone?), Smollett remains a hero to Leftists because he framed the narrative they want desperately to be true: that white America is racist, homophobic and violent. 

jussie smolletJussie Smollet on his way to court

March Madness

To underscore how the 2017 tax overhaul is progressive and unchanged is the fact that the top one-fifth of taxpayers will still pay the bulk of federal taxes rising from 84 percent to 87 percent. 

In my March Madness bracket from the opening tipoff I had the IRS and the PA Dept. of Revenue in the finals with the IRS besting the state 60-40.

How about you?

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