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Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Catholic New American Bible Butchers Scriptural Text

Written by  Steve Jost
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What's up with the Catholic New American Bible? Compare Matthew 28:17 from several Bible versions:


New American Bible
“When they saw him (Jesus), they worshipped, but they doubted.”


Jerusalem Bible
“When the saw him they fell down before him, but some hesitated.”


“And seeing him they adored; but some doubted.”


Novum Testamentum Graece et Latine  (D. Eberhard Nestle)  1962
“Et videntes eum adoraverunt: quidam autem dubitaverunt.”


RSV Copyright 1946
“And when they saw him they worshipped him; butsomedoubted.”


Greek New Testament  (Nestle)
καὶ ἰδόντες αὐτὸν προσεκύνησαν, οἱ δὲ ἐδίστασαν.


The Catholic New American Bible has manifestly mistranslated this important verse:

If THEY DOUBTED ( ALL OF THEM) how could they worship Him?

cc Bishop Matano, Rochester NY
    Cardinal Dloan, NY, NY
    His Holiness Pope Francis


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