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Catholic Action -

A very interesting piece came out in the Atlantic yesterday by Paul Elie which can be read in full here. The article focuses on Pope Emeritus Benedict's life now that he has abdicated. However, it also discusses Pope Francis and includes some key interview quotes from Vatican insiders never before seen. It is worth a read. To whet your appetite, take a look at the four quotes below:


“The irony,” a well-placed Jesuit at the Vatican told me, “is that this pope [Francis], great agent of decentralization in the Church, is personally the most centralized pope since Pius the Ninth. Everything has to cross his desk.”


"There, at 6, he [Benedict] says Mass for the household... The chapel might be the chapel at a Catholic high school in Yonkers: beige brick walls, plank pews, standard-issue wooden crucifix. The reforms of Vatican II detached the altar from the back wall in Catholic churches and turned it around so that the priest at Mass faces the people, rather than facing away, as if toward God on their behalf. But here the lace-dressed altar is pushed nearly to the wall, the old-fashioned way. The women, on their knees, contemplate the old man’s back."

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