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Tip of the hat to our old friend in London, Graham Morehouse, for this bit of good news…

Whilst the murderous gate keepers of the secular asylum hunt them down to cull them in their mothers' womb, a group of nuns in France have founded the Little Sisters Disciples of the Lamb, a contemplative order made up of women with Down syndrome.   This community was founded in 1985, canonically recognized as a public association by the Archbishop of Tours in 1990.

“Guided by the wisdom of St Benedict, we teach our little disabled sisters the manual labour necessary for their development.  We live poverty in putting ourselves at their disposal.  With them, we share the work of everyday life.  The office, adoration and the praying of the rosary are adapted to their rhythm and their capacities.  In a spirit of silence, our prayer feeds every day on the Eucharist and on the meditation of the Gospel.”

This is a recent photo of Pope Francis' impromptu visit to a workers’ cafeteria near the Vatican. What is depicted herein does not smack of heresy or even heterodoxy. Some will argue that it’s not scandalous at all, and perhaps they’re right. But if such now-routine departures from papal protocol cause some Catholic hearts to grow heavy with sadness…mine included…are we not entitled to cry out to our own father: Peter, quo vadis?

The awesome papacy of history, with its 2000-year-old legacy of loyal service to Christ our Royal King, is apparently fading away before our very eyes. Gone are the papal crowns, the royal robes, the sedia gestatoria, the kingly trappings we remember so fondly from our youth  --  and in their place stands the increasingly democratized, egalitarian “pope of the people”. It’s as if Pope is being transformed into President, and I wonder: Does any serious, practicing Catholic really want to see that happen? Do you?

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