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Catholic Action

I woke up last Sunday morning with two things on my mind: my son who had just undergone surgery and the World Cup Soccer finale, but just as we were getting ready to leave for our thirty-minute trip to our Traditional parish, my wife alerted me that our son showed signs of possible complications from the surgery and needed to get to urgent care.

I knew that by taking him in we’d miss attending our beloved Traditional Latin Mass, but our son’s health did require attention and so I drove him over to the hospital. Our time there was long and all turned out well, but having been unable to enact Mass Plan A for the day my wife entertained Plan B and scoured the Internet for a later Extraordinary Form (EF) Mass in the morning that we could try to get to on time.
"Really, Karl?" "Really, Karl?"

Karl Keating is alarmed. “That way madness lies,” shouts the title of one of his recent Facebook posts in a borrowing from King Lear.

What madness does Keating have in view? Could it be the madness at work in the “destruction of the Roman Rite” (Monsignor Gamber) or the “continuing of process of decay” (Cardinal Ratzinger) that has afflicted the Church since Vatican II? Could it be the madness at work in Cardinal Kasper’s insane proposal, praised by Pope Francis, to admit divorced and “remarried” Catholics to Holy Communion in defiance of the constant teaching of the Church, affirmed by John Paul II, that couples in such adulterous unions must commit to continence? Or could it be the madness that has swept the Church at large over the past fifty years, breeding homosexual predators in the priesthood, the “collapse of the liturgy (Cardinal Ratzinger), “silent apostasy” (John Paul II) and “diabolical disorientation” (Sister Lucia of Fatima) among the hierarchy.

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