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I first met Mike Voris at the 2012 Roman Forum Symposium at Lake Garda and then again at the Catholic Identity Conference in September of that year. On both occasions the other participants and I found him to be a regular fellow, an enjoyable companion and an intelligent observer of the current ecclesial scene who had no problem with the traditionalist position on the crisis in the Church even if, perhaps for prudential reasons, he had not embraced it entirely in public (which I can certainly understand).

Quite simply, I liked the guy. We all did. In fact, I thought I had found a new friend, if only a Nicodemus friend, as well as a valuable ally in the lay movement to restore the devastated vineyard. He even had me on his “Mic’d Up” talk show as a featured guest.

C. Ferrara and M. Matt-- 'Enemies of the Church', according to...er...JTC C. Ferrara and M. Matt-- 'Enemies of the Church', according to...er...JTC

The "Blog for Dallas Area Catholics" recently featured an essay regarding a video posted by The Remnant. To that essay came the following contribution from "JTC", followed the next day by a response from another reader. We found this exchange of ideas interesting and we reproduce them here. We believe that this exchange of ideas speaks for itself and we therefore offer no further commentary. We correct one typographical error in the first contribution for the sake of clarity. The entire discussion may be viewed HERE

First, JTC Says...

Since “out of communion” seems to be subject to mushy definitions, how about introducing some precision able to more objectively evaluated:

“Being in communion with the Church means, AT LEAST, that one is part of and within the divinely ordered hierarchical structure of the Church.”

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