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Social Justice warriors are at it again, according to this report from CBS:

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) is suing the Trump administration Friday over new rules the Department of Health and Human Services announced that ease the Affordable Care Act requirement that employers and insurers provide contraception coverage. 

Neocathology Doctors Fastiggi and Goldstein Neocathology Doctors Fastiggi and Goldstein
Fastiggi and Goldstein Ignore Reality and Thump on “the Rules”

On the heels of Emmett O’Regan’s blundering attempt in La Stampa to impugn the Filial Correction, La Stampa has trotted out Fastiggi and Goldstein to double down on the ludicrous contention that to object to a Pope’s approval of dissent from the Magisterium is to dissent from the Magisterium.

The headline of their piece declares that
“Critics of Amoris laetitia ignore Ratzinger’s rules for faithful theological discourse.” The authors expend 2,000 words (including footnotes) thumping on “Ratzinger’s rules”—which have no application to the Correctio, as discussed below—while egregiously mispresenting the circumstances that led to the Correctio being published.

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