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Wednesday, September 5, 2018

A Trump Moment for Sweden?

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Europe is presently experiencing a reaction to liberal sensibilities, especially generous migration policies. In country after country, so-called populist parties rise in polls and elections, and even gain power, in parallel to the election of Donald Trump as president of the United States in 2016. One can see this simply as a correction of the political elite to what concerns people in general, but it also bears witness to a crisis concerning core principles of liberalism, for example, freedom of expression and the idea of a secular state with religion as a private concern.

Monday, September 3, 2018

V for Vigano

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Even Churchill knew Vigano is right! Even Churchill knew Vigano is right!

With a tip of the hat to my friend, Father John Hunwicke, let's do this:  Let's do whatever we can to keep Archbishop Vigano's damning testimony from being buried by Team Bergoglio. 

Already, Pope Francis is telling the world that the best answer to division and scandal is silence. During his sermon in the Vatican yesterday, Francis said: 

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