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Catholic Action

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In this week's Sunday Sermon from South Saint Paul, Father speaks of Christians--now and in apostolic times--preparing to be without Christ for a time.

Alone but not abandoned, Catholics today face the same threat of persecution from their corrupt Church leadership as Jews faced 2000 years ago from the pharisees.

How do we prepare for a time when fidelity to Christ means falling from favor in an increasingly faithless human element of Christ's Church?

Matteo Salvini Matteo Salvini

Europe waking up; Socialists and ‘68ers[1] losing their grip

Very much like the “conservative” Catholics getting unpleasantly shocked out of their 50 years of enchanted Novusordoist sleep by the incredible spectacle of this pope, throughout the secular world people of Europe are also waking up. “There’s a proper reawakening across Europe going on,” a young Dutch politician said after late March elections swept much of the old leftist guard out of his country’s Parliament.

36 year-old Thierry Baudet was especially jubilant at the thought of the anguish of the Eurocrats in Brussels over the political sea change in the Netherlands and across Europe.

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