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Friday, March 9, 2018

Youth Fund Closed

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Remnant Tours' Youth Fund is now closed. Thanks to your generous donations, twelve young people are now fully sponsored and looking forward to walking this pilgrimage for your intentions! Please consider sponsoring our chaplains and chaperones. 

Dear Remnant Readers: This ancient tradition, reestablished by Michael Davies and myself in these columns 25 years ago, follows the medieval model whereby Catholics who had the means would send a young person on pilgrimage in their name and would thus receive the grace of pilgrimage as though they’d physically taken part in it. The Pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela, for example, and even the Crusades themselves were often financed through such means.

New from RTV: Sunday Sermons of South St. Paul

First Father makes it clear--"We will not be changing the words of the Our Father...not here, not in this parish."

Then he offers a beautiful reflection on Lent and Christ's forty days in the desert and the efforts of Satan to tempt Christ as he tempted Adam.

Did Satan realize that Christ was God?

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