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Monday, March 25, 2019

Annunciation & the Golden Legend

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Rarely mentioned concerning the normal date of the Annunciation, March 25, is the Golden Legend.

Archbishop Jacobus de Voragine wrote about the Legend in 1275 where on this day occurred, but in different years:

  • Annunciation
  • Adam was created and fell into original sin
  • Cain slew Abel
  • Melchisedech made offering to God of bread and wine
  • Abraham offered up his son Isaac
  • St. John Baptist was beheaded and St. Peter left prison
  • St. James the More was beheaded by Herod
  • And it is the day on which Jesus Christ was crucified.

It's only legend, but it's beautiful and will we really be all that surprised to find out that it is absolutely true?

On June 8, 793, the terrible, berserk men of the north, later to be called “Vikings,” disembarked from their dragon-prow ships upon the island of Lindisfarne, located near England’s Northumbrian coast, sacking the Church of St. Cuthbert and beginning what would become the nearly complete domination of England.

While the Viking in presence in England was brief—merely a couple hundred years—it lasted long enough to significantly alter the linguistic, genetic, and even religious landscape of Great Britain. The words gifted to English such as “club,” “ransack,” “scathe,” and “slaughter” reflected the ferocious preoccupations of these sea-traveling marauders. Moreover, the fact that many Scottish and English people, especially those from the northwestern part of Britain, known under Viking rule as “Danelaw,” find “Scandinavian DNA” in their 23andMe results further indicates that the Vikings took many British women as wives and lovers—whether by will or force.

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