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Catholic Action

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Confessions of a Catholic Cop

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 A Letter from a Catholic Cop. . .

Pace the Swiss Guard, I’m quite fond of the uniform I don every day when I report for duty at my respective law enforcement agency. My sky blue shirt evokes our protectress. The shoulder patches each bear an image of the front and reverse sides of the Immaculate medal. As I button it up over my vest, I tuck in the brown scapular my classmates and I were invested in at our graduation ceremony - the local musicians’ joyous Te Deum still ringing in our ears. I enter a room full of similarly-attired men and ladies - my colleagues on the department’s new Freemasonry Suppression Task Force. The local ordinary had asked our chief to form the team when some volunteer firemen were d iscovered to have joined the nefarious organization. 

Fr. James Martin Fr. James Martin

Imagine living rent-free in Fr. James Martin’s head.

Well, that is exactly what Church Militant, Life Site News, and Tradition, Family, Property are able to do.

On May 19, Fr. James Martin unleashed a lengthy Twitter thread in which he let the three pro-life and pro-family organizations know that he cares so little about their attempts to block his efforts to promote and endorse degeneracy that he spent a total of 18 Tweets to air his lack of concern in front of his over 240, 000 followers.

The fact that he openly stated for the entire world to see that the “articles, petitions, and protests” do not “bother” him is testament to the fact that they do bother him.

And the good father’s pledge that he has “ceased to care about the articles, the petitions and the protests” is simply a circuitous way of saying that even though he doesn’t want to, he will continue to “hate read” the articles written about him—perhaps even with a glass of rainbow adorned Absolute Vodka.

As a word to the wise, the smartest thing to do when one has a larger platform and much more money and power than one’s adversary is to ignore that adversary.

However, more important than Fr. James Martin’s confession that his critics really get under his skin, is his revelation of his entire modus operandi.

In a weird tangent with the planned “Catholic Spring” proposed by Democrat strategist John Podesta in the notorious Wikileaks Podesta emails, Fr. James Martin has become the strongest force for normalization of homosexuality as well as the strange process of genital mutilation and hormone manipulation known as “transgenderism.”

However, learning from the more brazen and ultimately self-destructive open defiance of Church teaching by Old Liberals like Fr. Charles “Charlie” Curran, Fr. Martin has always veiled his disobedience to the perennial teachings of the Catholic Church in regard to marriage and family behind protests of “obedience” to Church teaching.

In addition to supporting the faux migrant crisis that has completely destroyed not only major European cities, turning in them into open air refugee camps, but is in the process of slowly replacing the indigenous European population, Fr. James has become a master of gas lighting Catholics into believing that homosexuality is morally licit without ever explicitly saying so.

At the same time, in his recent 18 Tweet thread, Fr. Martin has revealed what he truly thinks.

Fr. James Martin envisions himself as a Dr. Phil-tier traveling therapist who gets a dopamine high from emotional affirmation by highly emotional and confused people who “share their stories,” cry in front of him, give him a gift, and show him “a photo of their LGBT child (or brother or sister).”

Bragging about his celebrity life of book signing and speaking engagements, Fr. Martin further expresses his love of the idea of being adored and praised—especially by large crowds—something he lets his detractors know by repeatedly saying so as well as posting a photo of the large size of Xavier University’s graduating class in front of whom he was invited to seek.

In his cat lady-style Twitter rant, he further taunts his adversaries as a small minority of “angry” bumpkins and rednecks who persecute him with “lies and misleading information.”

In short, Fr. Martin reveals himself to be little different than the narcissistic and arrogant crowd of secular leftists who, despite feigning otherwise, are outraged that the rank and file would dare to disagree with them.

However, while Fr. James Martin and  the “coastal elites” and servants of the new and terrible juggernaut of tremendous corporate and leftwing political power, known on the internet as “Globohomo,” like to project an image of themselves as invincible Olympian gods standing at the vanguard of history, deep down inside these people are terrified of the fact that the majority of the world’s citizens are either oblivious to them or, in fact, are contemptuous of the degenerate and immoral lifestyles these so-called elites are social engineering upon the world’s population.

There is strength in numbers as well as in the power and spirit of Catholics around the world but especially in the United States.

As the 2016 election as well as the most recent restrictions on abortion in many Southern and Midwestern States has proven, Catholics and other conservatives can exercise real political power.

All that is needed is the will to act.


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