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The conventional wisdom is that “this disastrous papacy” lies on a continuum of post-Vatican II ecclesial decline on which Francis represents but the lowest point yet reached.  This is true, but only superficially.  If we look more deeply into the phenomenon that Antonio Socci has dubbed Bergoglianism, we see an actual break with the continuum, a quantum leap into the chaotic realm of the mind of one badly formed Jesuit, fascinated by his own disordered thinking.

Thursday, February 1, 2018

CANDLEMAS DAY (February 2)

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RTV's series "Catholic Saints and Holy Days" explains the history of the Feast of Candlemas, as well as the significance and importance of blessed candles. Every Catholic home should have at least two blessed candles. 

This feast is one of the oldest feasts of the Catholic church, celebrated since the 4th century AD in Jerusalem. To celebrate Candlemas, all the candles in the house should be lit. Tradition also says manger scenes should not be put away until Candlemas, which is the last feast of the Christmas cycle.



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