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 On January 25, 1897, Pope Leo XIII released the Apostolic Constitution, Officiorum ac Munerum, clarifying and simplifying the Index Librorum Prohibitorum. Contrary to the claims of some who depict the Holy Father as the first liberal or even first neoconservative pope, in Officiorum His Holiness, while providing a streamlined condemnation of banned books, did not loosen the restrictions of material Catholics might read.

In fact, Pope Leo, well aware of the rising tide of degenerate and evil books that was beginning to overwhelm the reading public in the late nineteenth century, writes of the importance of Catholics, both laymen and clerics, to denounce the ever growing flood of wicked books, stating that “all Catholics, especially the more learned, ought to denounce pernicious books either to the Bishops or to the Holy See…” Calling out to Catholic scholars and journalists for succor, Leo further states that it “is expedient, in denouncing bad books, that not only the title of the Book be expressed, but also, as far as possible, the reasons be explained why the book is considered worthy of censure.”

Sunday, March 17, 2019

RTV: The Snakes Are Back

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'CATHOLIC IRELAND: The Snakes Are Back 

In this Sunday Sermon from South Saint Paul, Father offers a brief history of St. Patrick but then points out that the snakes have returned to Ireland. No....really -- they've actually returned. The physical snakes Patrick drove off the Emerald Isle are back and so are the pagans he helped bring into the fold of Jesus Christ. God help us all, the snakes are back.

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