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QUESTION: What would it look like if priests of the Society of St. Pius X had to get permission from the local bishop in order to offer the Sacrament of Matrimony to their flocks? And if that permission were denied, would SSPX marriages be turned over to the Novus Ordo?  Here's one SSPX adherent’s description of a nightmare we trust will never come true.  MJM

(Reprinted from The Remnant, 04/30/17)

Father Dillon closed his breviary, genuflected, blessed himself and hastily headed for the chapel exit. As he opened it, he very nearly struck the rotund frame of his incoming confrère, Father Cesik, who (despite his large build) dodged the out-swinging door with surprising agility. Surprising, that is, for anyone who did not know that Father Lawrence Cesik had starred for Yale University Intervarsity hockey team before answering the call and entering the Seminary of Winona in 2006.

Father Pat Dillon, who had played hockey with him many a Sunday afternoon during their seven winters of formation together, did not, however, fall into the category of the surprised.


Here's one from the old days: The twelfth child born to Catholic parents has the right to be baptized by the local bishop. 

Not happening too much anymore, of course, in the new & improved Church of Vatican II, but the custom was once standard operating procedure and is, at least in some cases, coming happily back. 

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