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Out of the catacombs, Michael catches up with Chris Ferrara moments before his debate with a professor from St. Thomas University on the question of Evolution at the latest Argument of the Month in St. Paul, Minnesota. Yeah, but theistic evolution is cool, right? Yeah, right!

A Remnant 70s Retro Special...

Michael Novak, the grandfather of the Catholic neocons, is best known for his 1982 tome The Spirit of Democratic Capitalism, with which the son of Slovak peasants was able to craft a lucrative career as a salesman of free market economics to American Catholics. However, prior to The Spirit of Democratic Capitalism, Novak was largely known in American culture as the feisty working class Catholic Democrat who authored The Rise of the Unmeltable Ethnics: The New Political Force of the 1970s.

This work, written ten years before The Spirit of Democratic Capitalism, more than an argument for ethnic Catholic political power, was an attack on the WASP establishment that had ruled America since the 17th century, which Novak lampooned as a boorish, desiccated, and arrogant ruling class that was at the end of its tether.

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