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Chris Jackson | Remnant Columnist

Today’s Vatican bureaucracy is much like the USCCB. It is filled to the brim with political activists from various institutions and think-tanks who care not one whit about Catholic doctrine or the salvation of souls. This can be seen very clearly in the ongoing Amazon Synod. These types of people are constantly presenting and speaking on behalf of the Church at the Synod press conferences. They are clearly only interested in using the structures of the Catholic Church, and whatever influence and power these structures still have, to further their vision of a humanist, globalist, utopian society ruled by left-wing elites.  One element of this vision is to bring about a one world religion, which this synod marches boldly towards by calling for measures that would either weaken or destroy the Catholic priesthood. They surround this poisoned spiritual pill with justifications based on socialism, environmentalism, naturalism and pantheism.

In case we needed any more evidence that the United States media is anti-Christian, National Public Radio (NPR) titled an April 18th headline, Review: ‘Hail Satan?’ Is Devilishly Compelling. (Remember, NPR is partially funded by our tax dollars.)

The article is a movie review of a so-called documentary called “Hail Satan” which covers the goings-on of an organization called The Satanic Temple. NPR also aired an interview with the founder of the Satanic Temple who goes by the name “Lucian Greaves” and the director of the documentary, named “Penny Lane,” on April 27.  “Penny Lane” has won awards from liberal film festivals and previously made a short film in 2005 called “The Abortion Diaries” where she interviewed women about their abortions.

Mr. Greaves founded the Satanic Temple to irritate Christians, but also as an activist group to make a point about the concept of religious freedom. 

Ironically, Mr. Greaves’ point on religious freedom stands as an embarrassment for the Neo-Catholics and Vatican II. For the Council and its promoters, including Fr. John Courtney Murray, helped jettison the centuries-old concept of the Catholic Confessional State and replaced it with religious liberty.

Religious liberty is the idea that the state should make no distinction between the one true religion founded by Jesus Christ and any sort of heretical, schismatic, or pagan sect.

penny lane interviewGreaves and Lane interviewed to promote "Hail Satan?"

In more recent times we have seen every Conciliar Pope as well as Neo-Catholic luminaries such as George Weigel praise the concept.

Well, Mr. Weigel and his ilk can now celebrate the fruits of their labors as the Internal Revenue Service has recently declared the Satanic Temple a “tax-exempt Church” under the tax code.  As the New York Times reports, “The group says the designation will help in religious discrimination legal cases and allow it to pursue faith-based government grants.”

The state’s recognition of “The Satanic Temple” as a religion, is, of course absurd. For a religion, by any meaningful definition of the word, includes the worship of a deity or deities. However, even though Mr. Greaves chose to name his organization after Satan, he admits he is nothing more than an atheist. For neither he nor his organization even believes in the existence of Satan. They simply use him as a metaphor for run-of-the-mill secular humanist ideals. Thus, the state of faith is so poor in the United States that Satanists don’t even believe in Satan anymore.

The entire organization then, is merely a bunch of atheist and anti-Christian activists with no real religion to speak of. They have fun using blasphemy to upset Christians and attempt to attack the religious liberty protections of Christians by obtaining those same protections for their pretend religion.

Yet, what can the Neo-Catholics say against it? For don’t they hold the Vatican II principle that the state is incompetent to intervene in religious affairs.

Even if the “Satanic Temple” truly did worship Satan as a god, how would they convince a state they think should be agnostic, that the Satanic religion should not enjoy the same protections as other religions? They can’t. Thus, in the ideal “Catholic” state of a George Weigel and Vatican II, “The Satanic Temple” would have just as many rights as the Catholic Church.

The God of 'Ultimate Inclusion'

An April 15 article on’s website is entitled, Irish archbishop: A church that marginalizes is a ‘God-less church.’ It states that the Archbishop of Dublin, Diarmuid Martin, “was speaking April 13 during the celebration marking the 175th anniversary of the arrival of the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul in Ireland. According to Crux, “Archbishop Diarmuid Martin said God is not ‘a God just of rules and norms,’ but a God ‘who prizes the freedom that enables each one of us to be the person that we are created to be.’” summarized a recent Pope Francis homily as a reflection on the many different ways in which women are exploited in today’s society:

The Pope reminded his listeners that women are what men on their own lack to be the image and likeness of God.  He explained how Jesus’ words about women were radical and ground-breaking and “changed history.”  This was because up until then, a woman was considered “a second class citizen,” she was “enslaved” and “did not even enjoy complete freedom,” he said.

Jesus changed history

Jesus' doctrine about women changes history. Before Jesus the view about women was one thing but after Jesus they are another. Jesus dignifies women and puts them on the same level as men because he takes that first word of the Creator, both are "the image and likeness of God", both of them; not first the man and then a little lower down the woman, no, both are. And a man without a woman beside him - whether as a mother, as a sister, as a bride, as a working companion, as a friend - that man by himself is not the image of God.

Woman today are objects of desire even in our own societies

This is a sin against God the Creator, rejecting women because without her we men cannot be the image and likeness of God. There is an anger and resentment against women, a nasty anger. Even without saying it... But how many times do young women have to sell themselves as disposable objects in order to get a job? How many times? "Yes, Father, I heard in that country...". Here in Rome. There’s no need to go far away.  

Look around us to see that exploitation

All this happens here in Rome, it happens in every city, anonymous women, women - we can describe as "faceless" because shame covers their faces, women who do not know how to laugh and many of them do not know the joy of breastfeeding their baby and the experience of being a mother.  But, even in our everyday life, without going to those places, there is this ugly way of thinking, of rejecting women or seeing her as a "second class" person.  We need to reflect more deeply about this.  And by doing this or saying this, by entering into this way of thinking, we despise the image of God, who made man and woman together with his image and likeness. This Gospel reading helps us to think about the marketing of women, a trade, yes, trafficking, that exploitation which is visible but also that trade which we can’t see but is taking place out of sight. A woman is trampled underfoot precisely because she is a woman.

COMMENT: Question for His Holiness: Does this include exploiting women for your own political agenda? #LadyDeacons

On September 11, 2017 Edward Pentin penned an article for the National Catholic Register entitled, “Humanae Vitae Comes Under Fire.” In that article he stated, that “recent developments in Rome indicate a campaign is underway to challenge the encyclical’s prohibition against artificial contraception.” Evidence includes the revealing of a formerly secret commission tasked by the Vatican, with the Pope’s approval, to “study” Humanae Vitae. The commission was discovered only through an Italian website obtaining a classified memorandum from the Vatican Secretary of State referring to it.

The memorandum states that the commission is to “promote a comprehensive and authoritative study” of the encyclical to coincide with its fiftieth anniversary this summer. Mr. Pentin then goes on to give observations of the theological bent of the commissions four members which is less than encouraging.

 Vatican City, Jan 29, 2018 / 06:40 am (CNA/EWTN News)

On Monday Pope Francis released a new apostolic constitution calling for a “radical” reform to the nature and curriculum of ecclesiastical universities and institutions.

“The primary need today is for the whole People of God to be ready to embark upon a new stage of Spirit-filled evangelization,” the Pope said in the document, “Vertatis Gaudium.”

This new stage of evangelization, he said, “calls for a resolute process of discernment, purification and reform. In this process, a fitting renewal of the system of ecclesiastical studies plays a strategic role.”

Signed Dec. 8, 2017, and published Jan. 29, 2018, the 87-page document is Francis' is titled “Veritatis Gaudium,” meaning “the joy of truth.”

The document deals specifically with ecclesiastical universities and faculties, which, differing from regular Catholic universities, offer Vatican-approved degrees required to teach in seminaries or at pontifical universities.

It consists of two parts dedicated to general norms and specific norms, and also contains an appendix and norms of application. The document is meant to “update” previous norms, and abrogates any prior rules which contradict the new ones laid out by Pope Francis in Veritatis Gaudium.

The document abrogates any contrary norms established by John Paul II's 1979 Apostolic Constitution “Sapientia Christiana,” issued after a careful study of the Second Vatican Council's decree “Optatam Totius” on ecclesiastical studies. However, John Paul II's 1990 Apostolic Constitution “Ex corde Ecclesiae” is not impacted , as it deals specifically with Catholic colleges and universities, rather than ecclesiastical academic entities.

...Francis noted that the world is currently living not only a time of change, but it is also experiencing “a true epochal shift, marked by a wide-ranging anthropological and environmental crisis,” such as natural, social and financial disasters which are swiftly reaching “a breaking point.”  READ MORE HERE


REMNANT COMMENT: Francis is now injecting his erroneous and harmful personal views on the environment, as well as other errors, info official curricula for pontifical universities; trying to cement the rot for generations to come. Anyone who doubts global warming will not be fit to teach at a pontifical university?