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Michael J. Matt | Editor

BREAKING NOW: Archbishop Viganò to make his first on-camera appearance since he went into hiding in Summer 2018.

His Excellency's video is addressed to the Catholic Identity Conference in Pittsburgh this weekend.

Join us via either livestreaming (Wi-Fi permitting) or Video On-Demand. 

Order the CIC video package HERE!

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catholic current interview mike

TODAY'S CATHOLIC CURRENT radio broadcast featured Remnant Editor, Michael J. Matt.

The show’s host, Fr. Robert McTeigue, invited Mr. Matt to the show to talk about the state of the Church and the world, as well as the Catholic Identity Conference 2020 and how can people sign up to virtually attend.

BREAKING: A new IBD/TIPP poll (which was among the few to call Trump's 2016 victory) today has Trump nearly within the margin of error.

For God's sake and the sake of our children and the survival of our country, PLEASE SHARE THIS VIDEO RIGHT NOW.

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From the Editor's Desk, Michael J. Matt takes off the gloves against the COVID scaremongers and Never Trumpers.

  • The People's Republic of Canada: Are you ready for checkpoints, debt relief and isolation camps?
  • Big Tech covers for Biden, the biggest political sandal since Watergate.

(JH) What is your opinon on Fratelli Tutti, particularly its silence regarding abortion, especially in light of what the encyclical defines as the “biggest concerns” for politicans?

(+CMV) Fratelli Tutti, in speaking about the concerns which should motivate the actions of politicians, mentions the “phenomenon of social and economic exclusion, with its baneful consequences: human trafficking, the marketing of human organs and tissues, the sexual exploitation of boys and girls, slave labor, including prostitution, the drug and weapons trade, terrorism and international organized crime.”[1] These are all plagues that need to be denounced, but which I believe are already recognized as such by many people. The focal point, which is much more important from the moral aspect, but not mentioned in the Encyclical, is abortion, which is tragically claimed today as a right.[2]

This deafening silence concerning the most odious crime in the eyes of God – because it is committed upon an innocent and defenseless child depriving it of life – betrays the twisted vision of this ideological manifesto that is in the service of the New World Order. Its slanted vision lays in psychologically prostrated submission to the requests of mainstream thought, while looking at the teachings of the Gospel with the myopic and embarrassed view of those who consider it unthinkable and outdated.

New from RTV. . . 

mprstatue2A statue of Columbus is torn down in Minneapolis 

In this Sunday Sermon from South Saint Paul, Father gives us a brief bio of Christopher Columbus--the brilliant Christian navigator that many historians agree lived the virtuous life of a saint. 

For our grandfathers and their fathers before them, Columbus was a hero well deserving of a national holiday. Now he's condemned as a racist pig by the most ignorant generation in history. Why? Why do so many liberal pundits and their stooges in the mainstream media spit on the memory of Christopher Columbus? Because they hate Christianity, they hate Christians and they hate Christ Himself. 

President Trump makes it official: October 12 is "Columbus Day"




Catch Michael J. Matt on

Bannon's War Room

Monday (Oct 12) at 10am CST

Watch Below (Michael's appearance begins at minute 2:30)


mike on Bannon war room pandemic

New from RTV...cic promo thumb

On the eve of the most critical election in U.S. history, the Catholic Identity Conference 2020 will take place live and in person in Pittsburgh, PA, and it will feature 10 in-person addresses, one Skype address by Bishop Athanasius Schneider and a video conference by Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò (who will appear on camera for the first time in several years).

In person conferences will be delivered by Michael J. Matt, Dr. Steve Mosher, Dr. Peter Kwasniewski, Christopher Ferrara, Dr. John Rao, Fr. James Altman, Fr. Gregory Pendergraft, Bishop Anthony Spinosa, Diane Montagna, Patrick Archbold, the Original Parking Lot Priest (Fr. John Echert), Fr. Hugues Beaugrand; cameo appearance by Elizabeth Yore and a very special Skype message from mystery guest of international acclaim.

pius v rosary

On this great Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary, I’d like to make an eleventh-hour appeal for our readers to join us in storming heaven with prayers, especially the rosary, during the runup to the most critical election in American history. I know—they say that every four years. The difference this time, however, is that it happens to be true.

The COVID-1984 pandemic has shown us the future. We know exactly what the globalists and their Modernist “Catholic” water carriers have in store for the world, and it is the same revolution against the Social Reign of Christ the King that we here at The Remnant have been warring against for the past fifty years. 

In this darkest hour, let us beg Our Lady to intercede for us, so that perhaps God in His mercy will spare our nation by not punishing us in November with the leaders we deserve.

It broke early this morning that our President and First Lady had tested positive for COVID.  The news came in a Twitter message just before 1AM, after a suspenseful evening following reports that Mr. Trump’s close adviser, Hope Hicks, had tested positive.

Since then Mark Meadows, the White House chief of staff, has confirmed that Trump is showing mild cold-like symptoms so far, and Melania tweeted, “I have mild symptoms but overall feeling good.” VP Mike Pence tested negative. 

Our prayers go out to the president and the first lady for a speedy and complete recovery. We also see how God, in His providence, could use this occurrence to help the country understand that even someone who’s in the most vulnerable category still has a very high chance of surviving this thing. Other leaders have had it so far: England’s PM, Boris Johnson, and Jair Bolsonaro of Brazil. Both have recovered.

Of course, Covid is highly contagious, but the good news is that the mortality rate is exceedingly low. As the nation is being brainwashed and traumatized by the media into making Covid and fear of the virus the number one political issue impacting the upcoming election, perhaps, and again in God’s providence, this will work to the advantage of Trump’s reelection bid.

God bless and protect Mr. Trump and the First Lady.melania trump at rnc

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In this week's edition of 'The Editor's Desk', host Michael J. Matt covers the following:

- Latest from the New Normal: Abortion by Mail.
- Big Brother surveillance, facial recognition technology on the horizon.
- Dr. Fauci says, if we all get vaccinated, the pandemic might end by 2022.
- Dr. Fauci says it's a big mistake to open bars and restaurants.
- Michael takes an old woman to church for the first time, after being isolated in solitary confinement for months.
- If we're so worried about Grandma, why are we doing this to her?
- Michael answers critics who say RTV has become "too political".

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