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Kathy Clubb | Australian Correspondent


20% of the nation’s population is now under virtual house arrest...covid testing melbourne

Melbourne, Australia is enduring an iron-fisted lockdown, due to the government’s decision to move from management to elimination of the coronavirus and due also to its spectacular mishandling of active cases.

Stage 3 restrictions came back into force only weeks after the state had slowly begun to reawaken from an initial coronavirus lockdown, which was undertaken despite there being very few cases in the community at that time.

Holy Week stopped at 10, resumed at midnight. There were even a few ‘Alleluia’s’ doing the rounds.

Last Tuesday, our highest-ranking Australian prelate was released from a maximum-security prison amid cheers from the other inmates. Cardinal George Pell had spent more than four hundred days behind bars for the ignominious crime of child sexual abuse. The evidence against him had been flimsy at best, but that hadn’t stopped a barrage of hatred from being piled on Pell and the Catholic Church for the past four years by the public, egged on by a coordinated media campaign run by amoral progressives.

It’s refreshing to be able to present an article about something positive happening in the Church, as a change from exposing dissent and heresy. Last weekend, Australia’s largest traditional Catholic event was held in honour of Christ the King. The annual Christus Rex pilgrimage is our answer to the Paris to Chartres pilgrimage and encouragingly, is growing in popularity, especially among young people.

The Christus Rex Pilgrimage (CREX) was established 29 years ago to honour the feast of Christ the King, as promulgated by Pope Pius XI in his encyclical Quas Primas. Pilgrims walk 90 kilometres over three days, finishing at the Bendigo Cathedral on the Feast of Christ the King. The walk is physically demanding, but pilgrims are joyful, offering their pains for the good of Holy Mother Church and their own intentions. This year, in accordance with an appeal from Bishop Schneider, the last leg of the trip was offered as reparation for the sins of idolatry committed in Rome during the Amazon synod.

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