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Kathy Clubb | Australian Correspondent

The admonition to bishops that they are in serious danger of meriting hell as their eternal reward is attributed to a multitude of well-known saints. Saints John Eudes, John Chrysostom and Athanasius were at pains to remind both prelates and faithful that more is expected of one to whom more is given, and the Church teaches that bishops, specifically, have an enormous responsibility for the souls entrusted to their care. Thus it is always disappointing to see the lack of seriousness shown by the majority of bishops about their role and in some cases, deliberate attempts by bishops to subvert the Church in Her human element.

As reported at The Remnant (here and here), the progressive Archbishop of Perth, Timothy Costelloe, has had the Latin Mass parish of St. Anne’s in his sights for some time. Rector of St. Anne’s, Fr. Michael Rowe, has been embroiled in legal action with the Archdiocese since 2019, when he moved to stop his parish property from being sold by the Archbishop without his consent. With the failure of his final legal attempt in the Supreme Court of Western Australia, Fr. Rowe has been ordered to pay substantial costs.

Smoking ceremonies are not ‘inculturation’ … and it is irresponsible to suggest otherwise. A July 13 article from Pillar Catholic, which was presented as an ‘explainer’ of indigenous smoking ceremonies, completely missed the mark by failing to look behind the sympathetic facade to see the real harms being perpetrated by the use of pagan rituals. Particularly disappointing was the manner in which commentary from the emeritus Archbishop of Philadelphia, Archbishop Chaput, was used to sanction anti-Catholic ‘inculturation’.

Imagine a world, not so different from our own, wherein body parts were used to create life-saving medicines. Unlike our world, however, it was not from pre-born babies that the organs were harvested, but instead it was from the bodies of religious elders.

In a dangerous precedent, with all the hallmarks of Marxist hostility, the government of the Australian Capital Territory has announced it will take over a pro-life Catholic hospital which refuses to provide abortion or euthanasia. The decision was made without consultation and without informing either the Archdiocese or the hospital’s administration and the takeover is to be completed within a mere two months.

Many home-educating parents tell of a series of signs that led them to take the plunge and begin to school their children. It is my hope that this article will be one such ‘sign’ for families who are hovering on the brink of making that life-changing, life-enhancing decision.

We Australians have been dealt a double-blow with the passing of George Cardinal Pell only a week after the death of the Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI. The news from Rome was completely unexpected: that His Eminence had died from complications due to a routine hip replacement.

Given the chain of disappointments Australians of good will have experienced when trying to work for real change, there is a temptation to walk away from politics entirely. The incessant gloom of globalism, its ascendancy confirmed by prophecies from credible mystics, urges us to turn inwards and hunker down before the next barrage of evil. Yet, that is not the Christian way. Instead, the approach of the Christian has always been, and always will be, to stand and fight.

The parish of St. Anne’s is a thriving centre of traditional Catholicism in Perth, Western Australia and would be the envy of many Novus Ordo priests who are struggling to persuade their congregations to attend Mass at Christmas and Easter. The St Anne’s weekly bulletin is packed full of information about the various social activities, homeschooling support, prayer groups and fundraising initiatives running in the parish. This is a church at which Catholics need to be reminded to make room for others at Sunday Masses as there is standing room only. In times when the hierarchy was interested in preserving Catholic faith and culture, St Anne’s would have been a model for the entire country.

This is the story of Our Lady’s intervention in the life of an Australian man who had been brought up to worship the spirits of his ancestors. It is a testament to the power of the Rosary and to the love of Our Lady for her lost children. The story has been edited for clarity and brevity - Kathy.

Background of false pagan worship

I was born in southern Vietnam and in the midst of the dreadful Vietnam war. The war was initiated wrongly by the evil elites. So many souls were sacrificed including  5 million Vietnamese as well as allies. Communism had been somewhat held off for more than a decade but the loss of the Republic allowed it to spread across the entire region and beyond. This outcome is related to the message of Fatima with our Holy Mother’s warning of the error of Russia.

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